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Arizona among highest in nation for deaths by cops

Arizona was fourth-highest among states for the number of people killed by police over the last two-plus years, with 93 individuals being killed in that time, according to a national database. Despite being the 15th-largest state in terms of population, Arizona trailed only California, Florida and Texas for killings by police.... Read more»

STDs on the rise for Arizona’s aging population

More Arizona seniors are staying sexually active — and catching sexually transmitted diseases.... Read more»

Lawmakers cite Phoenix VA in call for better control of agency, workers

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, joined lawmakers and veterans' advocates to demand greater accountability from the Veterans Affairs Department. They said the VA hasn't fired any workers in the scandal over patient wait times that began with the Phoenix VA.... Read more»

Colombia just legalized euthanasia

Terminally ill adults in Colombia can now ask a physician to end their lives for them, after the South American country’s Health Ministry last week made that right legally binding. It makes Colombia only the fourth nation in the world to allow euthanasia.... Read more»

Key expert in Supreme Court lethal injection case did research on Drugs.com

How the Supreme Court case over lethal injection shows it’s becoming nearly impossible to find experts to defend the practice. ... Read more»

El Rio dental patients exposed to unsterilized equipment

Nearly 60 patients of the dental clinic at El Rio Community Health Center were possibly exposed to instruments that were not properly sterilized last month, officials said. ... Read more»1

American women are binge drinking more

The first study to track drinking patterns at the county level finds that women are driving big increases in heavy drinking.... Read more»


Factcheck: Is marijuana really a 'gateway drug'?

Chris Christie said that marijuana is a “gateway drug” while arguing for enforcement of its federal status as an illegal substance. Though there are correlations between marijuana use and other drugs, there is no conclusive evidence that one actually causes the other. The science on this topic is far from settled.... Read more»2

Hospital IDs man who had seizure in park

UMC is thanking the community for providing leads that helped identify a man who had a seizure Monday. The man, a Tucsonan who remains in serious condition,was taken to the hospital after a bystander called 911. His mother "is very grateful" for the help in IDing her son, a hospital spokeswoman said.... Read more»

Most states list deadly methadone as 'preferred drug'

Methadone far surpasses all other opiates as a cause of overdose deaths. But most state Medicaid agencies continue to list it as a “preferred drug” for chronic pain. ... Read more»

Arizona hospitals get middling scores in nat'l patient survey

Just four Arizona hospitals got the top score in a report on patient satisfaction with U.S. hospitals. Arizona's average of three stars on the five-star scale was 41st in the nation. None of the six Tucson hospitals included in the report received above a three-star rating.... Read more»

Az exec launches effort to provide cheap birth control, support women's health

After his teenage daughters visited Africa and Asia, the head of a Scottsdale-based venture capital firm decided to start offering affordable birth control in the U.S. and putting the proceeds toward reproductive health in the Third World.... Read more»

Rising access to substance abuse treatment faces 'critical' counselor shortage

Changes to health care law in the past year gave millions of Americans access to mental health and substance abuse treatment, but did nothing to address a 'critical' shortage of professionals who can provide that care.... Read more»

App addresses challenges women face trying to quit smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, women may need some extra motivation: "Women are more likely to gain weight than men when they quit smoking, and women have more difficulty losing weight when they gain it." That’s why UA researchers helped develop an app to remind women smokers that their health is more important than being thin.... Read more»

Supreme Court declines Az fish pedicure case

State officials welcomed the decision, which ended six years of legal wrangling over the Board of Cosmetology's ability to regulate fish pedicures. An official with the Goldwater Institute, which had challenged the board, said it will now take its fight to the Legislature. ... Read more»

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