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Full transcript: Obama's final State of the Union address

Complete text: "So let’s talk about the future, and four big questions that we as a country have to answer – regardless of who the next President is, or who controls the next Congress. "... Read more»

2016 could be a showdown year for reproductive rights

Two potentially sweeping Supreme Court cases set the stage for a seismic shift in the battle over abortion and contraception. ... Read more»

Get moving with Beyond Tucson events Saturday

Commemorate the 5th anniversary of the January 8th shootings by joining members of your community outside for some physical activity at one of the many Beyond Tucson events Saturday. This year's main event, "Exploring the Urban Wild," will be held at Mercado San Agustin, Children's Museum Tucson and Armory Park Senior Center, and there will be other events across the Tucson-area. ... Read more»

Photos: Remembering Jan. 8 — and what followed

For some, the events of Jan. 8, 2011, are seared into their memories. For others, that day and those that follow remain a jumble of images and flashes of emotion. Here are a few photographs that capture the shock we felt upon learning of the shooting of 19 of our friends and neighbors — and the hope and resolve that followed.... Read more»2

As legal marijuana expands, states struggle with drugged driving

As more states make medical and recreational marijuana use legal, they increasingly are grappling with what constitutes DUID, or driving under the influence of drugs, and how to detect and prosecute it. And they’re finding it is more difficult than identifying and convicting drunken drivers.... Read more»

Man shot by deputy stabbed himself last week during U.S. marshals chase

A man who was wounded by a Pima County Sheriff's Department deputy on Wednesday afternoon had fled from U.S. marshals a week ago — that incident ended with him stabbing himself in the neck. ... Read more»

Few consequences for repeat violators of health privacy law

Regulators have logged dozens, even hundreds, of complaints against some health providers for violating federal patient privacy law. Warnings are doled out privately, but sanctions are imposed only rarely. Companies say they take privacy seriously. ... Read more»

Another VA headache: Privacy violations rising at vets’ medical facilities

Deceased vets’ data has been sent to the wrong widows. Employees have snooped on the records of patients who’ve committed suicide. And whistleblowers say their own medical privacy has been violated. In response, the VA says patient privacy is a priority.... Read more»

Factchecking Clinton’s shaky cost-shifting claim

Hillary Clinton claimed in the Dec. 19 debate that private insurance premiums have “gone up so much” in some states that didn’t expand Medicaid because hospitals shifted their costs for providing emergency care for the uninsured. ... Read more»

ER docs: Federal rules could raise patients’ out-of-network bills

Emergency doctors are warning that a new federal rule could lead to higher out-of-pocket costs for consumers when they need emergency care outside their health plan’s network of providers.... Read more»

Nearly 40% of homeless youth identify as gay or transgender

Youth who identify as LGBTQ account for no more than 10 percent of the U.S. population. But they account for 40 percent of homeless youth, and cite difficulties with acceptance from family as one of the most prominent factors in their homelessness.... Read more»

Single-payer health care on 2016 Colorado ballot

The group ColoradoCareYES gathered enough signatures — more than 100,000 — to put a single-payer health system on the ballot next fall. But the price tag is a worry to some. ... Read more»

Cities and states are fighting veteran homelessness

Virginia and 15 municipalities have met a federal goal for ending veteran homelessness by the end of this month. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of veterans still sleeping on their streets.... Read more»

After last-minute extension, Obamacare exchange enrollment hits nearly 6 million

The Obama administration says about 2.4 million of those are new customers who signed up in time to get coverage starting Jan. 1. Enrollment numbers from states running their own marketplaces are still to come.... Read more»

Obamacare enrollment deadline pushed back due to 'unprecedented' demand

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said nearly 1 million people were asked to leave their contact information to hold their spot in line, as the agency tried to handle the wave of last-minute enrollees.... Read more»

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