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Obamacare subsidies for 155K in Az depend on Supreme Court ruling

The ruling in King v. Burwell could be a "game-changer" for the Affordable Care Act, said experts in Arizona. The suit challenges the federal subsidies that help individuals pay their insurance premiums, assistance that is extended to more than 155,000 people in Arizona. ... Read more»1

UA hospital tapped as Ebola treament center

The UA Health Network's hospital on the South Side will be home to a biocontainment unit, ready for the treatment of Ebola and other infectious diseases. The UA system was named by the CDC as one of 55 Ebola treatment centers in the country.... Read more»


Biden resurrects bogus talking points

Factcheck: Vice President Joe Biden resurrected years-old, Democratic talking points on the Affordable Care Act and U.S. oil production during a recent speech in New Hampshire.... Read more»

Executive action won't solve issue of uninsured immigrants

The president’s proposed immigration action could give millions of unauthorized immigrants the right to stay in the country and work, but it won’t solve their lack of health insurance. ... Read more»

Melanoma survivor urges lawmakers to bar minors from tanning beds

Christine Nelson said there’s a reason a tanning bed looks like a coffin. A melanoma survivor, Nelson said she has had numerous surgeries and takes eight doses of a chemotherapy drug every day. And she said it’s all because she decided to add a little color to her skin with indoor tanning sessions 30 years ago.... Read more»

Tucson soldier dies in South Korea

A soldier from Tucson died last week of an illness in Seoul, South Korea, officials said Monday. Sgt. Jason Luong, 36, was a public affairs specialist with the Headquarters Support Company, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, III Corps, deployed from Fort Hood, Texas.... Read more»

Tax-time reprieve for Obamacare procrastinators

The Obama administration said Friday it will allow a special health law enrollment period from March 15 to April 30 for consumers who realize while filling out their taxes that they owe a fee for not signing up for coverage last year.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Immunity from citations would encourage underage drinkers to seek help

A Republican lawmaker's bill would allow those under 21 to call for emergency services without fear of being cited for underage drinking. It also would apply to those who provide alcohol to someone else who is under the legal drinking age. ... Read more»

Capitol roundup: Elections switch, underage drinkers, service dogs

The Legislature didn’t take Monday off for Presidents Day and worked through Arizona’s post-birthday week as drama continued over the “firing” of two top Board of Education officials. ... Read more»

Obamacare enrollment tops 204,000 in Arizona

The 204,000 Arizonans who signed up for health insurance in the just-ended open enrollment period was a sharp increase from last year. At least 11.4 million Americans are now enrolled. ... Read more»

Wealthy, charter-school parents opting kids out of vaccinations

The rising number of parents opting out of vaccinating their children is a concern around the state, but particularly in Yavapai County, which has Arizona's second-lowest rate of measles, mumps and rubella vaccination among kindergartners. ... Read more»1

Missing Green Valley man found at Nogales border crossing

An 80-year-old man with memory issues was found at the Nogales Port of Entry after he drove away from his Green Valley home earlier Tuesday, authorities said.... Read more»

Obamacare premiums low in Az – depending on where you live

Arizonans may have some of the nation's lowest premiums under Obamacare, but costs vary widely depending on where people live in the state. Urban areas, with lots of doctors and hospitals competing for business, tend to have lower rates.... Read more»

Arizona's latest abortion bill seeks ban on health exchange coverage

A new bill would prohibit any health care exchange in Arizona from providing coverage for elective abortions.... Read more»2

Feds: Az day-care inspections need improvement

In two reports this month, the Department of Health and Human Services said that Arizona officials may not have ensured “that each provider complied with one or more State licensing requirements to ensure the health and safety of children.” But advocates who had seen the reports questioned the size of the federal audits.... Read more»

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