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Civil Rights Comm. hammers immigration authorities on family detention

In a scathing report released Thursday, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said it found evidence that immigration officials were interfering with the constitutional rights of families in detention, and called on Homeland Security to immediately release them. It cited conditions that are "useless, punitive and not necessary."... Read more»

FactChecking the CNN Republican debate

The candidates flubbed claims on vaccines, immigration, Hillary Clinton and more.... Read more»

Officials: Planning for animal shelter hasn't gone astray

A new center for stray pets may be still more than two years from opening, but officials said Monday that planning for Pima County's replacement animal shelter is well under way. A site plan will be presented next month, with final details and construction plans hammered out over the next year. The new Pima County Animal Care Center is slated to open in late 2017.... Read more»

Arizona receives $3.6 million grant to combat drug overdoses

Arizona has received a $3.6 million grant from the CDC to combat prescription drug addictions, part of a federal effort to give states money to prevent overdose deaths.... Read more»

Phoenix man’s nightmare inspires Bloodhound app to locate missing people

William Scot Grey spent nearly 36 hours in panic nearly a year ago. His father, Ray, had not returned home from walking his dog. Minutes turned into hours, which turned into more than a day. Doctors had diagnosed Ray Grey with dementia, and his son predicted the wandering episode would likely occur again. The experience led him to develop a new app: Bloodhound.... Read more»

Franks, abortion opponents attack Planned Parenthood in House hearing

An emotional Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale, accused Planned Parenthood on Wednesday of selling body parts of “innocent babies they’re guilty of killing” in abortion procedures. Critics noted that no officials from Planned Parenthood were invited to testify.... Read more»

To make better policy, states seek better death certificates

If death certificates contain faulty information, we may not know as much about mortality as we think we do. Unfortunately, many certificates are incomplete or inaccurate. When multiplied across thousands of cases, such gaps can translate into an incorrect understanding of mortality in the U.S., and affect how money is spent on research and prevention.... Read more»

State official questions CDC listing Az last for early childhood MMR

Arizona vaccination rates for MMR are lowest in the country, according to the recently released National Immunization Survey. While the state’s top health official noted that the survey has a large margin for error and questioned its methodology, a leading immunization advocate said that over time the state has seen a “downward trend.”... Read more»

Weed Rush

Gov't restrictions, lack of funding hinder MMJ research

Federal health agencies spend millions on pot science. But most money is spent on addiction research, not on the benefits. ... Read more»


Dems exaggerate about GOP 'privatization' plans for Social Security

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims Jeb Bush supported his brother’s Social Security plan that would put “Americans at risk of losing their retirement savings with the ups and downs of Wall Street.”... Read more»


Carly Fiorina's fuzzy claims about vaccines

Carly Fiorina recently said some unnamed vaccine-preventable diseases are “not communicable” and “not contagious,” and some immunizations are not “necessary” for school-age children. The fact is that every immunization recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covers a highly communicable disease.... Read more»


Jeb Bush attacks Planned Parenthood

Jeb Bush claims Planned Parenthood should not receive federal funding because “they’re not actually doing women’s health issues.” ... Read more»

Activists pursue private abortion details using public records laws

Across the country, those who support abortion rights and those who oppose them are feuding in court over how much information should be disclosed about women undergoing abortions.... Read more»

Parents demand marijuana treatment for epileptic kids

An ever-growing lobby of tenacious parents are pushing politicians to legalize medical marijuana for children with epilepsy and other serious conditions. ... Read more»

Federal pot ban leaves states to craft their own MMJ rules

Every state regulates medical marijuana differently. The result is wide disparities across the country, including everything from lab testing to costs. ... Read more»

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