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Climate change could end life with chocolate

If global warning, drought and polar bear extinction weren’t enough, it now looks like our inability to address climate change adequately might cost us one of the world’s most pure, innocent, and wonderful pleasures: chocolate.... Read more»

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Domincan-born children of illegal immigrants denied citizenship

Thousands — and potentially hundreds of thousands — of people who were born on Dominican soil to illegal immigrants are being told that they aren’t citizens of the Caribbean nation.... Read more»

Bin Laden had lost hearts and minds of Arabs

Uprisings across the Middle East show the al-Qaeda leader had little influence at time of his death. Fists raised against oppressive regimes in the Arab world had already replaced pictures of bin Laden and the slogans of al-Qaeda.... Read more»

Russia celebrates Victory Day with parade, strip shows

Monday is Victory Day in Moscow. The holiday—started during the presidency of Vladimir Putin—has achieved a grandiose level of pageantry, but glosses over the country’s role in WWII.... Read more»

Canadian extradition ruling renews debate on terror suspects' rights

Canadian judges denied an appeal to bring Abdullah Khadr, a Canadian citizen, to Boston to face charges of procuring munitions and explosives to be used by al-Qaeda against U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan.... Read more»

On 60 Minutes, Obama pushes Pakistan on bin Laden

President Obama says there is no doubt Osama bin Laden deserved his fate. In a separate interview, Obama’s national security adviser insisted that Pakistan let the United States interview bin Laden’s three widows, thought to have been living in the compound with him.... Read more»

European Union bailouts, immigration pit country against country

Anti-EU political parties gain momentum with the announcement that taxpayers’ money will be used to aid Portugal.... Read more»

Syrian army fires on country's secret police

The incident could reveal a shift in the military’s loyalties to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime as protests gain momentum across the country.... Read more»

Cinecitta Studios celebrates golden age of Italian cinema

Italian film studio Cinecitta is offering tours of the site where the classics ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘Roman Holiday’ were produced and is hoping to create a permanent museum.... Read more»

U.S. adds 244,000 jobs in April

The numbers appear to show a bit of momentum for jobs in the United States, a key figure for the economy as consumers tend to spend more money when they have paychecks flowing in.... Read more»

How much did bin Laden cost us?

The numbers are murky, but there’s enough information to conclude that the financial toll to the United States is astronomical.... Read more»

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Turkey's prime minister rethinks country's role in Middle East

Uprisings and violent clashes between rebels and government loyalists in neighboring countries are bringing an end to Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ policy.... Read more»

Pentagon releases seized bin Laden home videos

Pentagon officials have released several never-before-seen candid home videos of Osama bin Laden that were seized during a raid on his secret mansion in Pakistan, where he was shot dead last week.... Read more»

Northern Ireland confirms support of power-sharing government

This week’s election for the power-sharing assembly in Northern Ireland shows that the population strongly supports its unique political experiment, which ended decades of conflict. The peaceful vote was notable for its focus on the economy as DUP and Sinn Fein held onto power.... Read more»

Cat sets record for having world's loudest purr

Smokey, a 12-year-old British shorthair tabby, was recognized by Guinness for having a purr as loud as a vacuum cleaner.... Read more»

Japanese device provides virtual makeout session

Tokyo’s Kajimoto Laboratory is working on a “kiss transmission device” that, when you hook it up to the Internet, facilitates a lip-locking experience with someone remotely. Computers would be able to read and store your ‘kissing information,’ then play it back on any given long and lonely night.... Read more»

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