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Report: These are the world’s deadliest cities

A new report ranks the 50 most violent cities on the planet. Here's why Latin America crowds the list.... Read more»

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Ireland prepares for Obama visit

President Obama's imminent arrival to his ancestral home in Ireland is providing a welcome distraction for a population profoundly depressed by financial woes.... Read more»

IMF chief accused in sexual assault

A hotel maid picked Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, out of a lineup Sunday as the man who she claims sexually assaulted her in his $3,000-a-night suite at a New York hotel.... Read more»

After tragedy, Freedom Flotilla to try Gaza trip again

In mid-June, volunteers from 22 different humanitarian groups hailing from Europe, Asia and North America will once more, as part of the Free Gaza movement, load cargo ships with aid and activists and attempt to land in the Gaza Strip.... Read more»

Guatemala massacre leaves 27 decapitated

About 200 gunmen reportedly massacred and decapitated at least 27 people in northern Guatemala on Sunday.... Read more»

Election in Scotland might undo the U.K.

Britons celebrated the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton by hanging out the Union Jack, from the cliffs of Dover to the Scottish highlands. A week later, the Scottish electorate threatened to make the famous tri-colored flag obsolete.... Read more»2

Journalists' detention in Libya drags on

International organizations have condemned the prolonged detention of four journalists by the government of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and have called for their immediate release.... Read more»

Bin Laden's death could be game-changer in Afghan war

Now that bin Laden is gone, will the Pashtun tribal leaders in Afghanistan and their followers lose heart and be more willing to come over to the government side as some, such as Gen. John Campbell, have suggested?... Read more»

Pressures to assimilate killing Colombia's native tongues

With both Atlantic and Pacific coastlines and located close to Caribbean islands, Colombia has long been a crossroads for indigenous groups. In the 1500s, Spanish explorers reported that native peoples here spoke at least 300 distinct languages, many of which are now dying out.... Read more»

Uganda's anti-gay bill fails

Ugandan lawmakers failed to debate a new anti-gay law Friday, proposed by an ambitious evangelical member of Parliament, that calls for the death penalty for some homosexual acts.... Read more»

Extensive damage, radioactive leaks suspected at Fukushima reactors

Serious damage has occurred in fuel cores at two reactors of Japan's Fukushima nuclear complex, said Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), further complicating shutdown efforts.... Read more»

Sex, coffee and nose blowing can trigger a stroke

Coffee, sex, blowing your nose and getting angry can all raise your risk of a type of hemorrhagic stroke by causing blood vessels to burst, say researchers in the Netherlands.... Read more»


Are Special Forces and targeted killings the answer?

Still riding the wave of euphoria over the Abbottabad strike that took down America’s most-wanted enemy, some in the U.S. policy establishment are advocating for an increased use of Special Forces and the strategic operations they conduct.... Read more»

News analysis

Obama's grandmother gets beefed up security in Kenya

Kenya has tightened its security around President Barack Obama's step-grandmother after the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces put the country on alert.... Read more»

Europe fights the death penalty—with drugs

Danish drugmaker cries foul, saying the United States is misusing its anesthetic, pentobabital, to kill American criminals on death row.... Read more»


Gaddafi likely wounded, fled Tripoli

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is likely wounded and not in Tripoli, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said.... Read more»

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