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How Brits actually sound versus how Hollywood thinks they sound

For a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, the United Kingdom has an astonishing wealth of regional accents. ... Read more»

Groundhog Day: Same as it ever was

Every Feb. 2, it's time for the obligatory Groundhog Day story. Here in the Sentinel newsroom, we'd rather watch the same old Youtube videos than check whether some rodent is having a bad hair day. Enjoy!... Read more»

Giffords, Tucsonans recite Gettysburg Address

A Youtube video posted by filmmaker Ken Burns shows former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a series of Southern Arizonans reciting the Gettysburg Address, delivered 150 years ago by President Abraham Lincoln.... Read more»1

Willcox celebrates hometown hero with 62nd annual Rex Allen Days

Rex Allen, dubbed the "Last of the Singing Cowboys," is celebrated by his hometown of Willcox with an annual festival that brings the town together with numerous events including sports tournaments, a rodeo, a car show, and a parade.... Read more»

Pitch Fest to pair local film ideas with expert feedback

The second Pitch Fest Tucson will be a two-day event in which scriptwriters hone their pitches with the advice of film industry professionals. The winning prospective filmmaker gets face-time with a Hollywood producer.... Read more»

Arizona Underground Film Festival

Freaky film festival features strange cinema

Starting Friday the 13th, the nine-day (and night) Arizona Underground Film Festival surveys a startling array of works in its celebration of genre cult movies. This year the festival is concentrated in downtown Tucson, with all films showing at the Screening Room... Read more»

End of an era: Globe’s drive-in theater set to close

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night during the summertime, Bobby Hollis’ Apache Drive-in is one of the main attractions in town. But the Apache, said by Hollis and others to be Arizona’s last single-screen drive-in, is preparing to show its final movie and fade into memory like so many other drive-ins across rural America.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Focusing on Southern Az's film industry

Thomas Collins of the Arizona Clean Elections Commission, Tucson Film Office Director Shelli Hall, actor and producer Jeffery Patterson, director Matthew Gratzner, assistant to the Pima County Administrator Nicole Fyffe, and developer Richard Studwell.... Read more»

Downtown Lowdown

The DL: Tucson's soul seen in Downtown heart

Downtowns are often thought of as the heart of a city, the place where people gather together to create and share experiences. This has always been true for some of us with Tucson's Downtown, and more and more people are starting to take part in it.... Read more»

Court: Tucson man no longer entitled to royalties for Spider-Man toy

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Marvel Enterprises Inc. no longer has to pay royalties to the Tucson inventor of a Spider-Man web-shooter, after the patent on the toy expired. A reluctant panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court‘s ruling against Stephen Kimble in a published opinion.... Read more»1

Dan Buckley wants to Kickstart mariachi documentary

After more than 30 years of reporting on the mariachis of Tucson, Daniel Buckley has seen the traditional music revive a culture that was nearly forgotten and lift a population that was in danger of losing its voice. With his next film he hopes to share the story of how the mariachi movement saved Tucson.... Read more»1


The rise of the American antihero

Edward Snowden’s decision to come forward as the über-leaker behind the latest government abuse scandal has made him into a modern antihero. He and Bradley Manning are shattering traditional concepts of patriotism, loyalty, even legality. A TV series can’t be far behind.... Read more»

Scientists create Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak

Scientists have created a miniature version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, although so far it only works in microwave light.... Read more»

Proposed sequel to film tax credits faces uncertain future

A bill that would revive Arizona's tax credits for film, TV and commercial production is stalled in the state Legislature.... Read more»

Comic: Guns 'n Women

Milk Run

Guns and women, in the news. Conservative activist Gayle Trotter appeared at Senate Judiciary Committee gun control hearings this week to say that women need assault rifles – "scary-looking guns" – because a woman "might have to fight off four or five criminals 'with her children screaming in the background."... Read more»

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