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DVD reviews

Celluloid for the couch potato

An Oscar favorite, a confection of a documentary, and a 90s indie classic provide powerful weekend film fare. ... Read more»

Arts & Culture

Andy Warhol weekend in Tucson

Dig out your black turtleneck. Starting this weekend, the visual art of Warhol, the Factory era itself and the films and music from the period will be celebrated by some of Tucson's best arts, music and film venues. ... Read more»


Eric Firestone Gallery salutes Warhol era

On Saturday, the Eric Firestone Gallery opens "Warhol: From Dylan to Duchamp," its exhibition of photos documenting the Factory era, with a reception that promises to deliver much more than photos on the walls.... Read more»


Powhaus does Warhol's Factory

This Friday, the Rialto Theatre and Powhaus Productions celebrate the life and works of Andy Warhol's Factory and The Velvet Underground. The evening starts with a live tribute to the Velvets, which will give way to another circus of a Powhaus party.... Read more»

Film review

Scorsese's 'Shutter Island' shamelessly manipulates audience

"Shutter Island" adapts Dennis Lehane's novel into Scorsese's version of a Hitchcockian psychological thriller. Sadly, Hitchcock would not be proud of this hollow cinematic trickery.... Read more»

DVD reviews

Celluloid for the couch potato

Looking for a good rental this weekend? The Sentinel staff has some recommendations. ... Read more»

Film review

'The Wolfman' fails utterly as monster movie, tragic tale

What "The Wolfman" really amounts to is a sloppy mishmash of Gothic romance and classic creature feature, and because it doesn’t handle either side of that equation deftly enough, the whole thing just lands with a thud.... Read more»

Friendly skies

Southwest–Kevin Smith PR battle takes off

On Saturday, director and actor Kevin Smith, otherwise known as "Silent Bob," was pulled from a Southwest fight for "security reasons." But Smith says he is not a shoe-bomber; he's just a bigger-than-average guy.... Read more»


Terminators could soon fight our wars

The spectre of artificial intelligence brings to mind cinematic doomsday scenarios such as "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the "Terminator" franchise. So how close are we?... Read more»

Valentine's Day

Sweet films for the stay-in valentine

Staying in? Whether you’re stuck on the couch with a sedentary spouse, or alone and in need of a good cry about your last breakup, the Sentinel staff recommends these romantic movies, available on DVD, for V-day.... Read more»

Film review

'The Kids Are All Right:' post-nuclear domestic drama debuts at Sundance

"The Kids Are All Right" is an understated yet entirely apt title for Lisa Cholodenko’s family drama, one of the highlights of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. ... Read more»1

Film Awards

Nominees announced for 82nd Academy Awards

At 5:30 AM PST, Academy President Tom Sherak and actress Anne Hathaway announced the nominees for all major awards at a press conference in Hollywood. ... Read more»3


Coen brothers' 'A Serious Man' defines a people, an era

The latest picture from brothers Ethan and Joel Coen, "A Serious Man," tenaciously insists on the specificity of its setting, a Jewish home during the Summer of Love.... Read more»

Rock & roll dance party

Powhaus arts collective catalyzes Tucson dance scene

Local artists the Powhaus collective saw an opportunity to bring together all the talented people they knew to throw a series of rock and roll dance parties at various venues. What followed was the hottest ticket Tucson has seen in years.... Read more»1


Golden Globes: Because actors are the most important people on the planet is pleased to bring you the first in a series of television liveblogs. Stay tuned for liveblogs of the State of the Union, an American Idol episode or two, the Oscars, the Lost premiere and any other random television offerings we see fit.... Read more»4

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