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Facts of the union

We found a few overstatements and cherry-picked numbers among the applause lines and proposals in President Obama’s State of the Union address.... Read more»

Steele: Gun-storage bill would stem injuries to children

A measure proposed by state Rep. Victoria Steele would make it a crime to store a loaded firearm if a minor could gain access to it, and would make it a felony if an improperly stored gun handled by a minor killed or wounded anyone.... Read more»

Nixon's nemesis still kicking: Dick Tuck turns 90

The man whose pranks may have set off the chain of events that ultimately brought down a president celebrated his 90th birthday in Tucson last week. Political trickster Dick Tuck still despises Richard Nixon, whom he dogged for decades. Tuck wants Aug. 9, the date of the 1974 resignation of the 37th president, declared a national holiday: Nixmas.... Read more»

Az ranked among worst for residents’ financial security

More than 40 percent of Arizona households are on the brink of “financial devastation,” according to a report that again ranked the state among the worst in terms of residents’ financial security. Families hit by the economic downturn are “literally living paycheck to paycheck.” Arizona now has the fifth-highest rate of poverty in the country, with 19 percent living below the poverty line.... Read more»

Paul’s ‘head-scratching’ stats

Sen. Rand Paul was wrong when he said that 60 percent of law students and 55 percent of medical students are women. The share of female students at law and medical schools in the United States is 47 percent each and hasn’t varied much in 10 years.... Read more»

Tucson victim of human trafficking shares story in D.C.

For those who think slavery exists only in history books, Tucson resident Beth Jacobs has a message. “Trafficking does not discriminate. It will find you at home, at church, or on the Internet,” said Jacobs, who said she was forced into prostitution as a teenager. “It can find you anywhere.”... Read more»

GOP lawmakers dislike ‘how’ as much as ‘what’ of Obama speech

President Obama’s State of the Union address renewed calls for comprehensive immigration reform and action on economic opportunity, including an increased minimum wage and extended unemployment insurance benefits. But Republicans in Arizona’s congressional delegation quickly attacked the speech not just for what the president wants to do but how he vowed to do it.... Read more»

PCC not fiddlin' around with heritage project

In conjunction with a production of "Fiddler on the Roof," Pima Community College will host a Family Heritage Celebration next month. The public is asked to share photos, poems and stories as part of a multimedia project that will be featured on the opening night of the musical.... Read more»

First lady invites Arizona teen to join her for State of the Union

Joe Hudy is not your average 16-year-old. The self-described “maker” from Anthem has been to the White House to demonstrate one of his inventions, has traveled the world to show off other creations and has landed an internship at Intel. All before graduating high school. But Joe said he was still excited to be back in Washington, invited to joinMichelle Obama to watch the State of the Union address.... Read more»

Grijalva, House Dems call for 'cease fire' on deportations

Calling on the White House to use executive authority to expand a deferment program created in 2012, six congressional Democrats argued Monday that such a measure is necessary to deal with current immigrants and push Congress to action on the immigration reform measure passed by the Senate last year. ... Read more»2

Census: Az population continued steady growth in 2013

Arizona gained more than 230,000 residents in the past three years, again making it one of the faster-growing states in the nation, according to new Census Bureau estimates.... Read more»

ADOT: Those who alter special license plates face big fines

Buying special license plates doesn’t give drivers the right to customize or modify them, yet officials say many still do. Now the Arizona Department of Transportation is spreading the word that those who alter plates are risking fines of at least $300.... Read more»

National pro-life leaders undaunted by failure of Az abortion law

National Right to Life leaders said Tuesday they are not concerned about the Supreme Court’s refusal to reinstate an Arizona law banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, expressing confidence that similar measures will pass in other states.... Read more»

KOLD tops ice cream story with ethnic slur

An unbylined story posted online Thursday by a Tucson TV station used a pejorative reference to people of Romani descent. The word "gypping" - which at first wasn't spelled correctly - was used while telling of a man suing a grocery store over the amount of ice cream in a container. When it was pointed out that the term is offensive, the station "corrected" the spelling, but didn't remove the word until Friday afternoon.... Read more»1

Boys Chorus holding auditions

Intent on turning boys to men, Julian Ackerley and the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus are holding auditions for the group's 75th season. Auditions are open for boys aged 8-12. "We use music as a vehicle for developing social skills. We're called a boys chorus but we try to teach them to be gentleman," Ackerley said.... Read more»

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