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McCain praises Obama speech: 'Still got a long way to go' on race

Sen. John McCain called on lawmakers across the country, including in Arizona, to review the Stand Your Ground law that allowed George Zimmerman to walk free in the days after he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and conceded that the country still has “a long way to go” towards achieving full equality for African Americans.... Read more»

$3.3M helps local orgs assist homeless veterans

Three local organizations have been awarded almost $3.3 million to help fight homelessness among military veterans in Southern Arizona. Seven-year Army vet Bobby Diaz and his family are among those who’ve been helped by the Red Cross. “It was fast, a lot faster than I thought it would be,” he said. “They have services and I got a home within a week.”... Read more»

Obama touts health-care benefits for Az; lawmakers vote for delay

More than 420,000 Arizonans will get health insurance rebates under Obamacare, the White House said Thursday, as President Barack Obama went on the offensive for his beleaguered health-care plan. The announcement came one day after House Republicans and a handful of Democrats – including three from Arizona – voted to delay the law’s mandates until 2015.... Read more»

Drop of doubt: Water’s safe but survey says residents aren’t so sure

Valley health officials insist that it’s safe to drink the water, but area residents don’t appear to be so certain.... Read more»

Pelosi parsing words on ‘employer mandate’

Nancy Pelosi was playing a semantic word game when she claimed there “was not a delay of the mandate for the businesses” in the new health care law. That was in fact the effect of a decision announced recently by the Treasury.... Read more»

Bachmann cries wolf

Rep. Michele Bachmann ginned up a bogus doomsday scenario for Republicans in 2014, falsely warning that President Obama would “wave his magic wand” to grant voting rights to newly legalized immigrants if Congress passes an immigration bill that includes a path to citizenship.... Read more»

D.C.-based groups spent big in special elections

Carpetbagging super PACs and nonprofit groups are dominating this year’s special congressional elections in a potential foreshadowing of the 2014 midterms, where even the sleepiest locales aren’t immune from out-of-state, cash-flush special interests.... Read more»

Got questions for new TUSD Sup't H.T. Sanchez?

If you’ve got questions for the new superintendent of TUSD, H.T. Sanchez, let us know. He’ll be on the Buckmaster Show at noon on Friday, along with TucsonSentinel.com Editor Dylan Smith. Tell us what you’d like to know — about TUSD’s budget, teacher layoffs, the desegregation case and court-mandated culturally-relevant courses, student achievement, etc.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: A new Marriott for downtown Tucson?

We talked with Ward 6 Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik. Also, Dr. Robert Hendricks, the Buckmaster Show contributor on education, and Dr. Elizabeth C. Williams of Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Some pushing to derail Az's Medicaid expansion

Former state Sen. Frank Antenori talked about his effort to derail Arizona’s Medicaid expansion. Also, Kathy Erchull, President of the Tucson Association of Realtors, and Dr. Mark Sykes, head of the Tucson-based Planetary Science Institute.... Read more»

Official cites Az’s water management as model for Colorado River

The director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association told a Senate subcommittee Tuesday that there is no “silver bullet” to the problem of rising demand for water from the Colorado River.... Read more»

GlobalPost investigation: Massacre in Cairo

When security forces killed 51 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi outside a military installation in Cairo on July 8, the army said its troops fired on protesters to defend themselves. But a series of interviews reveals a much darker version of events.... Read more»

Gay marriage becomes legal in England after queen's assent

The same-sex marriage bill was passed by the lower house of the British parliament on Tuesday with support from Prime Minister David Cameron.... Read more»

Death Cab for Colombia

It’s called “the millionaire’s ride” and that’s no exaggeration. It works like this: With passengers in tow, unscrupulous taxi drivers suddenly stop to pick up accomplices who then force their victims, at gun or knife point, to pull out their debit and credit cards and withdraw millions of Colombian pesos from ATMs.... Read more»

The 6 most infamous crimes committed by Mexico's Zetas cartel

Los Zetas, the notorious Mexican drug cartel, is known for committing some of the most brutal crimes in Latin America. The group originated in the 1990s when members of a Mexican special forces unit, assigned to combat the Gulf Cartel, defected to serve as enforcers for the Gulf Cartel’s criminal organization.... Read more»

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