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City hosting urban agriculture meeting Tuesday

The City of Tucson is holding a second public meeting Tuesday about efforts to change local zoning rules to allow for urban agriculture, including farmers markets, community gardens, urban farms, and raising small animals.... Read more»

Study puts a price tag on autism

Autism exacts a heavy toll on families across the country, but what is the financial cost of the disorder? ... Read more»

Dressing up as cowboys and Indians is big in Germany

Inspired by Karl May's pulp novels and the movies they spawned, many Germans are fascinated by the Wild West. But with tens of thousands of German hobbyists donning feathers and camping in teepees on the weekends, real Native Americans have begun to wonder whether some Germans love them just a little too much.... Read more»


LGBT undocumented immigrants face increased risk of violence

A group dedicated to ending all forms of violence against and within lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, and HIV-affected communities recently released its report on hate violence in 2013. These findings show that while 2013 was a pivotal year for same-sex marriage rights—with significant victories at the state level and in the U.S. Supreme Court—homophobia and transphobia still put the safety and lives of LGBT people at risk on a daily basis.... Read more»

Immigrant given sanctuary in Tucson church granted stay by feds

After nearly a month in sanctuary at a South Side Tucson church, Daniel Neyoy Ruiz was granted a stay in his deportation case Monday. Neyoy Ruiz, his wife Karla, and their 13-year old son have been living at Southside Presbyterian Church since May 13, when a removal order issued by Immigration and Custom Enforcement went into effect.... Read more»3

Charles Koch's long history of education funding

The conservative billionaire's massive grant to the United Negro College Fund is nothing new.... Read more»


Skyrocketing salaries for health insurance CEOs

Commentary: If they're making millions, should the rest of us have to pay higher premiums? If health insurance companies announce big premium increases on policies for 2015, I hope regulators, lawmakers and the media will look closely at whether they are justified, especially in light of better-than-expected profits in 2013, rosy outlooks and soaring CEO compensation.... Read more»


U.S. minorities on pace to be majority in months, not decades

The demographic transformation of the United States of America is one of the greatest untold stories of our time. That is thanks in part to widespread underreporting in our mainstream media.... Read more»

In welcome break from headlines, Phoenix gets praise for aid to vets

It’s been a rough couple weeks for Phoenix as far as the news that has been coming out of the city about veterans. But on Wednesday, the White House delivered a welcome bit of good news.... Read more»

Parents of mentally ill adult children frustrated by privacy law

Even if parents are providing health insurance, they often can’t find out about what’s happening when their adult children suffer from severe mental illnesses. ... Read more»

Instructions set for deferred action renewal

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Thursday released official instructions on how to renew the two-year deferred action status for the estimated 560,000 undocumented immigrants enrolled in the program.... Read more»

To protect service members, Defense Dep't plans ban on high-cost loans

Acknowledging that a previous law did not go far enough, Defense Department said it needs to expand rules to protect service members from high-cost lenders. ... Read more»

McCain, Flake back plan to let vets seek non-VA health care

With problem-plagued health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Arizona’s senators joined other lawmakers to back a bill letting vets seek care elsewhere. The bill, and a similar Democratic measure, come in the wake of problems that forced the VA secretary's resignation. ... Read more»

Appeals court upholds injunction against Az abortion law

A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld its decision to block an Arizona law restricting access to a popular abortion drug, a law critics said would unduly burden a woman’s right to an abortion.... Read more»

Outgoing Sunnyside board buys out Isquierdo's contract

After more than seven hours in executive session, the Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board voted 3-2 to buy out the contract of Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo at a special meeting on Monday night.... Read more»

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