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Where can I find insurance options between open enrollments?

Kaiser Health Network’s consumer columnist answers a question about shopping for marketplace plans when it’s not open enrollment season. ... Read more»

KidsCare freeze, AHCCCS glitch mean health-care struggle

After months of trying, A Tucson family learned that they could enroll in Medicaid to help cover their daughter's lupus.... Read more»

KidsCare freeze puts Az in spotlight

After freezing KidsCare enrollment in 2010, Arizona's children’s health insurance program barely has a pulse. Experts will likely look to Arizona, the only state without an active CHIP program, for clues as programs nationwide come up for renewal next year. ... Read more»

Arizona offers 'sneak peak' at cost of shifting kids off CHIP

Families of Arizona children who were forced to switch from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to private plans sold in the federal marketplace are likely paying more and getting fewer benefits, according to a new study.... Read more»

Think twice before throwing doctors to the wind

In the world of primary care medicine, cheaper alternatives to physicians — most notably nurse practitioners — themselves have a significant level of training. In a growing number of states, nurse practitioners are being allowed to practice independently rather than, as traditionally has been the case, under the supervision of a physician. However, that there really are significant differences in training between physicians and nurse practitioners.... Read more»

Privacy tools: Encrypt what you can

Here are some techniques that anyone can use to protect their privacy online. ... Read more»

U.S. now deporting decorated, even wounded war veterans

At most funerals for U.S. veterans, the flag is presented ‘on behalf of a grateful nation.’ Not so for these former soldiers.... Read more»


Talking to a brick wall: Affordable care woes

Matt Davies applauds how the Affordable Care Act has opened a door for millions of people. But, he says, it hasn’t gotten them all the way.... Read more»

More Arizona kids on Obamacare, but experts aren’t sure why

Experts have several theories about why Arizona has the highest percentage of children among those who have enrolled for health-care coverage through the federal marketplace, but can't say for sure why it happened.... Read more»

Az leads nation in kids on Obamacare

Arizona leads the nation in the share of children who got health care through the federal marketplace, new statistics show. But it trailed in every other age category after the first round of Obamacare - including the desirable 18- to 34-year-olds, where Arizona was ahead of only West Virginia. ... Read more»

Thwarted by Legislature, ride-sharing firms facing fines

Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft contend that their smartphone-based services are more convenient than taxis. But a state official says that if the companies want to continue operating here they will have to abide by the same regulations as taxi companies. ... Read more»

Colibri Center launch puts human faces to border issues

Hoping to put faces to border issues, the launch of the Colibri Center for Human Rights featured an award-winning documentary about one family's loss. The Tucson-based group hopes to establish the most comprehensive data set on missing border crossers and unidentified remains along the U.S.-Mexico border.... Read more»

Role of Az midwives expanding under controversial new rules

With more and more Arizona women giving birth under the care of midwives, new state rules will allow midwives to handle breech births and births after women have had cesarean sections. But some doctors say those changes carry serious risks.... Read more»

Even with Obamacare, many Latinos still seek treatment in Mexico

Patients say they drive across the border because costs are lower, waits are shorter and doctors speak their language.... Read more»

Fast-food fortune teller

You don’t need a fortune teller to know that a business-backed group is twisting its cherry-picked facts in its latest ad attacking any increase in the federal minimum wage. Listen for the tip-off phrase: “up to.”... Read more»

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