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Photos: CSM Barreras laid to rest in Tucson

U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Martin "Gunny" Barreras was laid to rest at South Lawn Cemetery in Tucson on Saturday. “In the end, he was a hero,” his brother said. “Not because he was in uniform, but because of the man he was.” ... Read more»

Brewer: Unite in reverence on Memorial Day

On Monday, Arizonans and Americans will unite in remembrance and reverence of the noble men and women who have served our country, generation after generation, to secure our independence, preserve our values and defend our security.... Read more»

Why World Cup soccer players can’t have sex

Mexico’s soccer team coach may have made heads spin when he said he wanted players to avoid having sex at next month’s World Cup in Brazil. But to coach Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera it made perfect, if not totally scientific, sense: Abstinence will make his men maximize their performance on the field.... Read more»

If there is one image that sums up the World Cup in Brazil, this is it

You don't need to know that much about Brazil to take in this image. ... Read more»

House panel threatens subpoenas of VA officials in Phx probe

WASHINGTON – A congressional committee voted unanimously Thursday to subpoena three Department of Veterans Affairs officials if they do not appear before the committee next week to address issues at the agency’s Phoenix offices.... Read more»

South Tucson, ACLU settle racial profiling claim

South Tucson officials signed a comprehensive agreement Monday, revamping the city's policies on enforcing SB 1070, closing a racial profiling complaint filed last year by the ACLU on behalf of stopped by police.... Read more»

The scary return of a radical, far-right Europe and what it means

Sunday’s elections to the European Parliament may be a big yawn for most voters, but they’re set to provide a dramatic boost to far-right parties across the continent.... Read more»

Record number of students graduate high school

Even for the one in five students who fail to earn a diploma, hope abounds for the future. By listening carefully to those who have fallen along the way, we will hear what it takes to help at-risk students stay the course toward finishing high school.... Read more»

Patients lose when docs can't do good physical exams

Reviving bedside medicine is becoming a new priority at some medical schools after technology has hurt some doctors' abilities to use physical exams to make accurate diagnoses.... Read more»

Record 3,791 eligible for Pima graduation Thursday

Pima Community College will see members of the largest graduating class in the school’s 45-year history accept degrees on Thursday. A total of 3,791 students are candidates for graduation, with the school set to award 6,070 degrees and certificates. ... Read more»

Gaps in kids' dental coverage a trouble spot

New data indicate that difficulties persist despite the health law’s efforts at to expand pediatric dental insurance.... Read more»

Podcast: Gun violence in America

ProPublica reporter Lois Beckett examines how gun violence research has become the "political third rail" - leaving us in the dark on some of the most basic facts about gun injuries in America.... Read more»


A different way of thinking about health care

The Canadian system isn't perfect, but no one up north wants to trade.... Read more»


Video: Minimum wage hike

What would happen if the federal minimum wage were raised to $10.10 per hour? ... Read more»

Fear stifles wage abuse complaints

Violations often are concealed, and regulators hindered, because workers fear what will happen if they speak up.... Read more»

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