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Ducey: Fly flags at half-mast for Navajo officer killed in crash

Gov. Doug Ducey has called for flags to be flown at half-staff on Wednesday to honor Navajo Police Officer Leander Frank, who was killed in a car crash.... Read more»

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County shelter offering $10 pet adoptions due to serious overcrowding

Due to "critical" overcrowding at the shelter, the Pima Animal Care Center will be offering $10 adoption fees for all pets — including puppies and kittens — through September 11.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

By Joe Arpaio's logic, it's time to make an example of him

Federal Judge Murray Snow ordered Sheriff Joe Arpaio to cease and desist racial profiling. Arpaio refused. He broke the law. Snow has referred the case for criminal prosecution. By Arpaio's own reasoning, he's a criminal and needs to be made an example of, so kids can see.... Read more»1

Foster care children aging out of Arizona system need transitional help

There are state programs and charitable agencies aimed at helping youth as they age out of foster care, but only about one-quarter of them take advantage, according to Beverlee Kroll, an independent living and youth services manager for the Department of Child Safety. “... Read more»1

Sheriff Arpaio’s criminal contempt of court referral sparks contemplation, rage

When Daniel Magos learned that a judge referred Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for criminal contempt of court prosecution, he felt a flood of relief and elation. And then he wept. Magos, 71, is a plaintiff in an ongoing class action federal lawsuit in which Arpaio and his department were found to have racially profiled Latino drivers. ... Read more»

Fort Worth judge blocks Obama transgender guidelines

As millions of children head back to school, a federal judge in Fort Worth has temporarily blocked Obama administration guidelines directing the nation’s public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and other facilities that align with their gender identity.... Read more»

Obamacare marketplace shakeout rocks Arizona, Southeast

Some of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces are in turmoil as the fourth open enrollment season approaches this fall, but what’s ahead for consumers very much depends on where they live.... Read more»

Az earns praise for teacher training database, despite pay concerns

Arizona won praise in a recent report for its program linking preschool teachers with training and scholarships, even as the report said low wages for those teachers could make such systems an exercise in futility.... Read more»

Tail-waggers of the week: Frankie & Cassius

Meet a couple of the many great companions available at our local animal rescue groups: Frankie and Cassius.... Read more»

Advocates call conditions inside Border Patrol cells 'inhumane and punitive'

Newly released still images, pulled from videos taken inside Border Patrol stations in Arizona, show that apprehended immigrants, including women and children, were regularly held more than 24 hours in cells that were often dirty and overcrowded, leading to conditions that advocates call "inhumane, punitive, and unconstitutional." ... Read more»1

UA grad swims, bikes, runs his way to first Olympic triathlon

Ben Kenute, a 23-year-old University of Arizona graduate, is in Rio to compete in his first-ever Olympic Games.... Read more»

New election laws and the suits challenging them

There are 15 states with new voting laws that have never before been used during a presidential election, including restrictions in Arizona. Many are making their way through the courts, which have already called a halt to two laws in the past month — one in North Carolina and one in North Dakota.... Read more»1

‘Latinx is me’: How one letter links controversy, community

Just one letter – “x”– has spurred death threats, sparked arguments and reverberated through a community. Latinx — marking the intersection where masculine and feminine are dropped in the Latino/Latina culture, rolling out a new, controversial label for those who don’t identify as masculine or feminine.... Read more»1

Tail-waggers of the week: Abbot & Costello

Meet a couple of the many great companions available at our local animal rescue groups: Abbot and Costello... Read more»

Khizr Khan calls on McCain, other GOP leaders to stand up to Trump

The last book Khizr Khan sent his son Humayun, an Army captain who was killed in a 2004 car bombing in Iraq, was Sen. John McCain’s “Why Courage Matters.” It’s his admiration for the Arizona Republican that led Khan to call on McCain and other GOP leaders this week to withdraw their support of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.... Read more»

For Log Cabin Republicans, 'gay conservative' is not a contradiction

Matthew Shuman looks forward to voting for Donald Trump this fall and said he agrees with the Republican Party on most everything, including its policies on national security, gun rights and economic liberalism.... Read more»

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