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Tourism tension in Instagram age: $1 billion in Az taxes, challenges to preservation

Tourism continues to expand in Arizona, a boon for jobs, development and tax revenue, but the growth presents challenges to preserving the natural beauty drawing visitors to the state.... Read more»

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The other BP catastrophe

The beleaguered BP Texas City refinery faces two lawsuits: "BP collects... fines like speeding tickets," says an attorney who's represented BP workers. "A million dollars doesn't register on the BP corporate books... They look at a million-dollar fine as a nuisance and the cost of doing business."... Read more»

Security concerns as Pakistan floods persist

Raging floodwaters have inundated almost one-fourth of Pakistan, forcing the country’s military to switch its focus from fighting the Taliban in the country’s restive northern tribal belt to a massive rescue and relief effort.... Read more»

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Giffords: Arizona’s solar future starts today

Having the largest solar power plant in the world in our backyard is not just a reminder of solar's limitless potential. It is a testament to the fact that solar is a technology and economic driver that doesn't need to wait for tomorrow. It already is here, bringing benefits to our state and nation.... Read more»3

Russian fires scorch wheat crop

The deadly forest fires ravaging the Russian countryside have wiped out a quarter of Russia's grain crop, prompting the country to ban all wheat exports as of Sunday and inflaming worries of a global food crisis.... Read more»

Regulators' deepwater drilling document is 'at war with itself'

A decade-old environmental assessment by offshore drilling regulators called for more research on Corexit dispersant, warned that deepwater spills were difficult to stop, and cautioned that such spills could "permanently cover water bottoms and wetlands."... Read more»

Green options for the back-to-school shopper

Some sustainable savvy can turn the back-to-school frenzy into an educational opportunity.... Read more»

BP leaves many damage claims waiting in limbo

BP appears to be delaying decisions about the validity of many claims for damages from the Gulf oil spill, leaving claimants frustrated by bureaucratic obstacles and confusing requests for more documentation.... Read more»

On Day 101 of BP disaster, U.S. has two new spills to deal with

It's Day 101 of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf, and you might be feeling pretty hopeful that soon enough, you won't have to think about oil spills for a while. Not so fast. On Tuesday, another spill was detected in the Gulf - the result of a boat's colliding with an out-of-use wellhead in Barataria Bay.... Read more»

Undersea oil plumes 'definitively connected' to BP leak

Scientists from the University of South Florida announced on Friday that they have "definitively connected" the underwater oil plumes to BP's ruptured and still slightly leaking well in the Gulf.... Read more»

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Opinion: Let’s be reasonable about BP

The administration’s raging against BP is not going to get the oil to stop flowing or get it cleaned up any faster. It is rank populism for political purposes and is not something the president of the United States, or Congress, should provoke.... Read more»

New safety training begins for Gulf cleanup workers

Oil cleanup workers on offshore vessels will begin receiving longer and more thorough safety trainings Tuesday, fulfilling a pledge by OSHA to improve training after it acknowledged that the previous course was inadequate.... Read more»

BP paying less than 30% of oil spill claims

New data from BP shows that payments have been made on only 28 percent of claims for damages from the Gulf oil spill, while the company has determined that more than half lack enough information to be approved.... Read more»

Red Sea: The other oil spill

Thousands of miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the site of BP's massive oil leak, Egypt is struggling with own oil spill. Now, just like most Americans, Egyptians are asking what went wrong in the Red Sea. ... Read more»

Hurricane drowns Mexico's economy

As the waters unleashed by Hurricane Alex and Tropical Storm Bonnie finally receded this week, Mexican officials have begun to measure the scale of the damage. The destruction, they concluded, will set the local economy back by years.... Read more»


Mon-later? Weather Service says dry season will continue

Tired of waiting for the monsoon? Keep your hopes up, but don't bet on a rainy summer. Already dry conditions across parts of Arizona and New Mexico are likely to worsen in coming months, said the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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