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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

You can't sit here

I'm not sure which is more of an eyesore: birds and their guano or nails/spikes designed to prevent birds from landing and leaving their guano.... Read more»


High winds increase fire danger

High winds will increase the fire danger throughout Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.... Read more»

Stewart Udall, former Interior secretary, dies at 90

Stewart Udall, former Arizona congressman and Interior Secretary under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, has died. He was 90.... Read more»


John Nance: A reporter who covered the human soul

For a shot of faith in what's good about humanity, in the face of so much that isn't, consider John Nance, who died this week in Ohio. Nance understood that "news" was about people — individuals and societies — not grand events. That made him an uncommonly good reporter. But that was not the half of it.... Read more»

Local expert predicts busy rattlesnake season

This year’s cold, rainy weather may delay rattlesnake season a bit, but it ultimately will mean more snakes when they surface in full force, probably the beginning of April.... Read more»1

Scholars make 9,000 corrections to James Joyce classic

After 30 years of detective work and eye-strain, two Dubliners have produced a corrected version of "Finnegans Wake." Their new edition of James Joyce's most difficult work is being launched in Dublin on March 11. It is naturally the literary event of the year in Ireland.... Read more»2


In Buenos Aires, a brave few go veggie

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Agostina Senese is a vegetarian in a country where cooking beef on the grill is considered a sacred rite.... Read more»

Comic: National People's Congress

Risky business in Tiananmen Square

At China's National People's Congress, security – of the top officials – is taken very seriously. But worrying about land mines in Tiananmen Square, we think, goes too far.... Read more»

Arizona State Parks

Senate OKs bill to allow local gov'ts, businesses state parks

The state Senate approved a bill Wednesday that would allow local governments, private companies and American Indian tribes to temporarily take over operations and management of state parks.... Read more»

Water conservation

Calif. couple charged after removing lawn

An Orange, Calif., couple was charged with misdemeanor for not having enough plants in their yard.... Read more»3


Heads up for Friday fighter jet basing meeting

A Friday meeting will be the final opportunity to have the Air Force respond in writing to questions on basing the new F-35 at TIA.... Read more»1

Chilean earthquake

Chile: Locals with guns stand guard in Concepcion

About 3,000 Chilean troops now have a tight hold on the center of the country's second-largest city, located 70 miles from the epicenter of Saturday's earthquake that devastated much of central Chile.... Read more»1

Chilean earthquake

Quake shifted Earth's axis, shortened our day, NASA says

The Feb. 27 earthquake that shook Chile and killed 700 was so powerful it actually shifted the earth's axis and shortened our days.... Read more»2


Chile quake: Looting and hoarding on the streets

Three days after the quake, there's looting and hoarding on Chile's streets as residents wait for basic necessities to be restored.... Read more»

Chilean earthquake

Tsunami: Pacific nations wait, and exhale

TOKYO, Japan – Dozens of countries in the Pacific region spent an anxious 24 hours bracing for massive waves after Saturday’s magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile sent a tsunami coursing halfway around the world.... Read more»5

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