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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Hairdressers respond to 'fashion emergency' after Chile quake

In the Chilean town of Curepto, all is void and emptiness. The picturesque rural town was flattened by the 8.8-earthquake in February and almost all its stores are still closed — including its two beauty parlors.... Read more»

Audio report

Blame game bubbling over Gulf oil spill

Lawsuits have already been filed over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, with a range of plaintiffs, from shrimpers to resort owners, seeking damages. Listen to a report of the legal battle ahead... Read more»

Comic: Environment

Communications 101 for Big Oil

Oil's well that ends well? Not for the fish, not for the birds, and not for the fishermen and residents of coastal towns on the Gulf of Mexico.... Read more»

Poll: Independents' support of Democrats slipping

Support for Democrats by independents on several issues has slipped in the past year, according to a poll by a conservative research group.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Oil spill cleanup

Oil spills happen with enough regularity that there's a set protocol in place to deal with them. And what's a few hundred million dead animals when it means the coordinated cooperation of men working toward one united goal?... Read more»

10 worst man-made environmental disasters

As environmental calamity for the Gulf Coast appears imminent, GlobalPost looks at 10 other man-made environmental disasters – both forgotten and infamous – that could have been prevented.... Read more»


10 animals most at risk from Gulf oil spill

Though it's unclear how badly wildlife along the Gulf Coast will suffer, the timing of the spill couldn’t be worse. This is peak spawning and nesting season for many species.... Read more»

Chemicals used on BP oil spill present new environmental concerns

The chemicals BP is now relying on to break up the steady flow of leaking oil from deep below the Gulf of Mexico could create a new set of environmental problems.... Read more»

Jane Goodall to speak at Pima College

World-famous primate researcher and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall will speak at Pima Community College's northwest campus on Wednesday. ... Read more»

Immodest proposal

Did Boobquake actually cause an earthquake?

Boobquakers, are you happy now? According to one cleric, your efforts may have doomed us all. ... Read more»4

Big Bend cross-border park faces twisting path

Border security issues are hampering plans to create an international park by combining Big Bend National Park in Texas with protected areas in Mexico.... Read more»

A river runs through it

Tombstone school grant pairs technology with San Pedro

Teachers in Tombstone will soon bring the San Pedro River to their classrooms in a unique effort to boost the math skills of students.... Read more»

Tucson City Council

City Council talkin' trash, sizes up fees

How much do you chuck out every week? Your garbage bill may depend on how big of a container you fill, if the City Council passes a new "pay as you throw" plan.... Read more»


Feds give $800k for enviro cleanup plans

Tucson and Pima County will each receive $400,000 grants from the Environmental Protection Agency to assess brownfields - environmentally-contaminated sites that could be redeveloped.... Read more»

In Europe, taking the long way home, thanks to volcano

It’s 2:30 in the morning, my Berlin-bound train rattling through the darkness. I take it we’ve just crossed the Austrian-Czech border because a no-nonsense conductor in a red-trimmed blue uniform just yanked open the door of our compartment, flipped on a blinding overhead light and demanded our tickets in Slavic-accented German.... Read more»

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