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Cost of drought: Less water from Lake Mead in 2020, higher rates

Lake Mead's dropping levels mean Arizona could lose its water allotment for the Central Arizona Project, which could lead to higher rates, and even restrictions. Conservation may be key to keeping water in everyone’s taps across the state.... Read more»

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Guest opinion

Opinion: Let’s be reasonable about BP

The administration’s raging against BP is not going to get the oil to stop flowing or get it cleaned up any faster. It is rank populism for political purposes and is not something the president of the United States, or Congress, should provoke.... Read more»

New safety training begins for Gulf cleanup workers

Oil cleanup workers on offshore vessels will begin receiving longer and more thorough safety trainings Tuesday, fulfilling a pledge by OSHA to improve training after it acknowledged that the previous course was inadequate.... Read more»

BP paying less than 30% of oil spill claims

New data from BP shows that payments have been made on only 28 percent of claims for damages from the Gulf oil spill, while the company has determined that more than half lack enough information to be approved.... Read more»

Red Sea: The other oil spill

Thousands of miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the site of BP's massive oil leak, Egypt is struggling with own oil spill. Now, just like most Americans, Egyptians are asking what went wrong in the Red Sea. ... Read more»

Hurricane drowns Mexico's economy

As the waters unleashed by Hurricane Alex and Tropical Storm Bonnie finally receded this week, Mexican officials have begun to measure the scale of the damage. The destruction, they concluded, will set the local economy back by years.... Read more»


Mon-later? Weather Service says dry season will continue

Tired of waiting for the monsoon? Keep your hopes up, but don't bet on a rainy summer. Already dry conditions across parts of Arizona and New Mexico are likely to worsen in coming months, said the National Weather Service.... Read more»

Reina de la noche

Night-blooming cereus flowers are 'unreal'

The night-blooming cereus is a remarkable sight - one revered by those who live in the desert because the bloom is rarely seen. The "Queen of the Night" only flowers on a single night per year.... Read more»

Reina de la noche

Late bloomer cereus set to flower Friday night

The long slow onset of the monsoon has delayed one of Tucson's grandest sights: the flowering of the night-blooming cereus. Friday night, the flower is finally set to show its once-a-year beauty.... Read more»

Rain almost here? Check UA's Monsoon Monitor

Watching the clouds build up around the Rincon and Catalina mountains, Tucsonans spend early July wondering where and when the summer rains will finally fall. Track the rain's progress with the UA's new website, Monsoon Monitor.... Read more»

Huge toxic release from BP refinery just before blowout

Two weeks before the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, the huge, trouble-plagued BP refinery in Texas City, Tex., spewed tens of thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals into the skies. The release began April 6 and lasted 40 days.... Read more»

Opinion: Turn off the oil subsidy spigot

Three weeks ago, the Senate rejected a proposal to eliminate about $35 billion in tax subsidies to oil companies as millions of gallons of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.... Read more»

Norwegians generate power from the sea

When Norwegian researchers started the hunt for new and revolutionary power sources more than a decade ago, they turned to their country's 155,000 miles of coastline. In 2009, Crown Princess Mette-Marit inaugurated the world's first seawater power plant.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Giffords: Don't let the sun set on solar for schools

Those of us who live in Arizona know that if there's one resource we have in abundance, it is sunlight Given this plentiful resource, it only seems natural that we should harness its energy to power our homes, schools and businesses.... Read more»2

Researchers study how Gulf oil spill will affect human health

Medical researchers are this week meeting in New Orleans to discuss how the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect human health.... Read more»

BP document contradicts public claims about oil flow

Read the internal document that contradicts BP’s public claims on how much oil is flowing from the leaking Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico.... Read more»

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