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Enviro sees toxic mine danger in Arizona; officials disagree

With Arizona home to thousands of abandoned mines, the head of a state environmental group says an incident similar to the recent toxic spill in Colorado could happen here.... Read more»

Officials: Planning for animal shelter hasn't gone astray

A new center for stray pets may be still more than two years from opening, but officials said Monday that planning for Pima County's replacement animal shelter is well under way. A site plan will be presented next month, with final details and construction plans hammered out over the next year. The new Pima County Animal Care Center is slated to open in late 2017.... Read more»

Toss household hazardous waste at Saturday collection

If you've got piles of junk cluttering up your storage shed or garage, here's a nudge to get some of it cleaned up. Drop off you have used automotive fluids, old computers, or pesticides and more at a free household hazardous waste collection on Saturday morning.... Read more»

Palin off on glaciers and global warming

Sarah Palin says man isn’t to blame for climate change, citing the fact that some glaciers in Alaska are expanding. But an individual glacier’s growth does not disprove the existence or causes of global warming. In fact, the vast majority of glaciers in Alaska and around the world are losing ice rapidly.... Read more»

State files motion to intervene in lawsuit over wolf recovery program

The state has filed a motion to involve itself in a lawsuit in which environmental groups allege that federal officials are failing to abide by the Endangered Species Act and environmental and administrative laws in a recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves.... Read more»

Spring rains boost Lake Mead, postponing water emergency – for now

Unusually high rainfall in the Colorado River basin this spring helped boost Lake Mead water levels, averting a possible water emergency that would have triggered cuts in water allocations next year.... Read more»

10 years later, Katrina memories still fresh for Arizonans who helped

It’s been 10 years since he responded to the devastation that was left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but the memories are still clear for Phoenix Fire Capt. Darrell B. Wiseman, one of hundreds of Arizonans from scores of organizations who went to the Gulf Coast to assist victims of the storm.... Read more»

Groups to feds: Tighten mining rules in light of Colorado spill

Citing the release of millions of gallons of toxic wastewater into a southwestern Colorado river earlier this month, a coalition of conservation groups, two Native American tribes and two county governments in Arizona petitioned federal agencies Tuesday to tighten mining regulation on public lands.... Read more»

Phx mayor: Voter OK of transit tax shows 'belief in our future'

The first benefits of a transit tax increase that was winning approval from Phoenix voters will likely be increased service by Valley Metro’s Dial-a-Ride and more attention to potholes, supporters said.... Read more»

1000px: Summer storm lights up the sky

Lightning pierces through rain clouds hovering over southern Tucson during evening storms Monday night. ... Read more»

Update: Storm warnings; power knocked out for thousands

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for east central Pima County Saturday afternoon, cautioning that thunderstorms could produce damaging winds in excess of 60 mph, large hail, frequent lightening and heavy rain. ... Read more»

Deadly temps: 112-114° possible; 100-year-old record tied Saturday

Tucson and points west will see potentially deadly heat through the weekend, with the Weather Service warning that "unusually dangerous" temperatures could reach 112 degrees in Tucson, and even hotter in the desert. Saturday, a 100-year-old record of 109 degrees was tied.... Read more»

Some like it hot ... A heat wave playlist

It's hot as a blast furnace outside, but here are some songs about high temperatures to help you make it through the tail end of a cruel summer.... Read more»

FactCheck: Harry Reid's 'bear facts'

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has said at least twice that climate change is causing bears in the Sierra Nevada mountains to change their hibernation patterns. There is no evidence that climate change is actually having such an effect.... Read more»

Small UA program produces big results in horse racing industry

The well-dressed horse trainer with the signature white hair and dark sunglasses who was the darling of the sports media this spring got his start in the racing industry in the most unlikely of places. Before Bob Baffert trained the first Triple Crown winner in 47 years, he cultivated his tradecraft in Tucson.... Read more»

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