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Update: Finger Rock Fire burns 750 acres in Catalinas, little activity Thurs.

The Finger Rock Fire in the Catalinas has burned 750 acres since flaring up Wednesday. Officials are monitoring the blaze, saying that there was little activity Thursday, but that more accurate mapping increased the estimate of the already burned area. Higher humidity, lighter winds and a few sprinkles dampened the fire, which "is performing its natural role in the ecosystem."... Read more»

Fighting fire with fire: Prescribed burns take aim at wildfire threats

As bureaucrats in Washington were complaining about growing costs of wildfires Wednesday, forest officials in Arizona were lighting a forest fire – but the two groups are working toward the same goal. The “prescribed burn” that was set in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest was put out Wednesday evening after burning 73 acres of scrub.... Read more»

Forest Service says wildfire growth threatens to consume agency budget

Costs to battle wildfires will consume almost all of the U.S. Forest Service budget in 10 years unless Congress changes the way firefighting efforts are funded, the agency warned Wednesday.... Read more»

UA digs into mining law with new center

A Global Mining Law Center is being set up at the University of Arizona's law school as "an interdisciplinary unit that will educate lawyers, miners and others involved with the huge and complex global mining industry."... Read more»

Sick camel closes Reid Park rides

Reid Park Zoo announced Tuesday that it has temporarily closed its camel ride operation as the result of one of the camels being diagnosed with a bacterial infection.... Read more»

Arizona enviros cheer EPA Clean Power Plan, utilities wary

Arizona environmental groups cheered the final version of the Clean Power Plan unveiled Monday, a first-ever national standard that aims to cut power plant emissions by a third by 2030. But Arizona utilities and state officials both were more cautious, saying they need to study the plan that has been more than a year in the making.... Read more»1

Al Melvin wants to run for Corporation Commission

Out of the state Senate and snubbed by GOP donors in last year's gubernatorial contest, Al Melvin filed Monday to fun for a seat on the Corporation Commission — the state agency that regulates utilities, including the nuclear industry the right-wing Republican has frequently boosted.... Read more»2

Huckabee's hot air on volcanoes

Mike Huckabee claimed that a single volcanic eruption “will contribute more than 100 years of human activity” toward global warming. This is far from accurate. Humans actually pump upward of 100 times as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year than all the world’s volcanoes combined.... Read more»


Amid drought, California experiments with leasing water rights

The state’s cities need water. Its farmers have it. Could leasing rights to it solve the crisis responsibly? ... Read more»2

Safari Club that suspended lion-killing hunter donates to top politicians

A Tucson-based hunting club that suspended a Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has given money to the campaigns of numerous U.S. politicians, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner, a watchdog group's records show.... Read more»

Weather Service warns of 60 mph thunderstorm winds

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Tucson metro area Saturday afternoon, advising the storm could produce winds of 60 mph, and flood roads and low-lying areas. ... Read more»

Another bighorn dies in the Catalinas

Another bighorn sheep has died in the Santa Catalina Mountains — this one as the result of a fall, state wildlife officials reported Thursday.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Grijalva: Congress must rebuild trust with Native American tribes

Ask any Native American tribe for a story about working with Congress and you'll probably hear a story of frustration. There are too many examples to count of Washington not taking tribal sovereignty seriously, ignoring trust and treaty responsibilities, and failing to protect Native American historical treasures.... Read more»

Drug traffickers are wiping out the jaguar in Central America

The jaguar roams jungles and riverbanks from the Amazon to Mexico, and even into the southwestern United States. It’s a powerful and cunning hunter, and a single cat’s territory can stretch hundreds of miles. But powerful drug cartels are carving up its Central American habitat. In some areas, the big cats are at risk of disappearing entirely.... Read more»1

TEP: About 20k in Tucson without power

About 20,000 customers of Tucson Electric Power have lost power "amid heavy storms" Tuesday, the utility said. ... Read more»

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