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Manzo Elementary's school garden grows sustainable students

Manzo Elementary’s program is the most extensive school garden program in Arizona, and it is the first to have certification from the state for rainwater harvesting, composting and serving garden grown foods in the cafeteria.... Read more»

State schools chief Douglas holding 2 Tucson meetings

Wednesday and Thursday nights, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas will be in the Tucson area to discuss her "Arizona Kids Can't Afford to Wait" plan. ... Read more»

Az student group's retaliation claim strikes nerve at 9th Circuit

The Arizona Students' Association's challenge to a federal judge's dismissal of its retaliation claim against the Arizona Board of Regents over students' support of a sales tax increase for education appeared to find favor with the Ninth Circuit on Tuesday.... Read more»

Grand Canyon U grants benefits to same-sex spouses

A large, private Christian university in Arizona has decided to extend full spousal benefits to the married partners of its gay and lesbian employees despite continued adherence to religious principles reserving marriage solely for heterosexual couples.... Read more»

JTED on 'downward spiral' after funding cuts, advocates warn

JTED educators across the state warn that career and technical education programs could disappear in the next few years because of diminished state funding. One administrator calls the most recent budget cut by the State Legislature “non-survivable.”... Read more»

Artificial trees: How ASU scientists are hoping to reverse global warming

Scientists at ASU are developing new technology capable of capturing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a task they believe is paramount to current efforts to reduce emissions.... Read more»

What's open, what's closed on Veterans Day

As the nation honors its veterans on Wednesday, many government services and private businesses will be closed. Downtown streets will be closed early in preparation for Tucson’s Veterans Day parade. Here’s the lowdown: ... Read more»

Who keeps billions of taxpayer dollars flowing to for-profit colleges?

Accreditation agencies are supposed to make sure that colleges are putting students in a position to succeed. That’s not happening at schools overseen by one accreditor in particular. ... Read more»

Tucson students dub Arizona's only jaguar: 'El Jefe'

The only wild jaguar known to live in the United States prowls the mountains just south of Tucson, and local middle school students have given the big cat a name: "El Jefe."... Read more»1

4-year university grads flocking to community colleges for job skils

One out of every 14 of the people who attend community colleges has already earned a bachelor’s degree. At some colleges the proportion is as high as one in five.... Read more»

Online-only charter schools show dismal performance. What can be done?

Students who attend online charter schools – and receive no instruction from an in-person teacher – tend to do much worse than their peers in bricks-and-mortar schools. Some students in online-only schools showed academic results in math that were the equivalent of what would be expected if a student skipped 180 days of school – virtually a full year’s worth of classes.... Read more»

Factchecking Carson’s ‘extreme bias’ example

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he would use the Department of Education to monitor “extreme political bias” on college campuses, but the example he has cited isn’t as clear-cut as Carson suggests.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Ranking 49th: The real story of how Az fell to bottom in K-12 spending

Status quo talking points are coalescing around a report from a taxpayer group that gets a lot right but leaves plenty out. Arizona kids became 49ers long before charter schools were a major financial factor and well before Gov. Doug Ducey discovered the figure and decided its time to dig into the State Land Trust to do something about it.... Read more»

UA pharmacy dean charged with sexual assault

The dean of the University of Arizona Collge of Pharmacy has been charged in an alleged sexual assault that took place at his home, authorities said. J. Lyle Bootman was indicted by a grand jury in the Oct. 2 incident, and arraigned in court on Wednesday.... Read more»1

Arizona college grads’ student debt among lowest in nation

Arizona college graduates in the class of 2014 had the fifth-lowest student debt in the nation, finishing their schooling at four-year, non-profit schools with an average bill of $22,609, according to a new report.... Read more»

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