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4-year university grads flocking to community colleges for job skils

One out of every 14 of the people who attend community colleges has already earned a bachelor’s degree. At some colleges the proportion is as high as one in five.... Read more»

Online-only charter schools show dismal performance. What can be done?

Students who attend online charter schools – and receive no instruction from an in-person teacher – tend to do much worse than their peers in bricks-and-mortar schools. Some students in online-only schools showed academic results in math that were the equivalent of what would be expected if a student skipped 180 days of school – virtually a full year’s worth of classes.... Read more»

Factchecking Carson’s ‘extreme bias’ example

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he would use the Department of Education to monitor “extreme political bias” on college campuses, but the example he has cited isn’t as clear-cut as Carson suggests.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Ranking 49th: The real story of how Az fell to bottom in K-12 spending

Status quo talking points are coalescing around a report from a taxpayer group that gets a lot right but leaves plenty out. Arizona kids became 49ers long before charter schools were a major financial factor and well before Gov. Doug Ducey discovered the figure and decided its time to dig into the State Land Trust to do something about it.... Read more»

UA pharmacy dean charged with sexual assault

The dean of the University of Arizona Collge of Pharmacy has been charged in an alleged sexual assault that took place at his home, authorities said. J. Lyle Bootman was indicted by a grand jury in the Oct. 2 incident, and arraigned in court on Wednesday.... Read more»1

Arizona college grads’ student debt among lowest in nation

Arizona college graduates in the class of 2014 had the fifth-lowest student debt in the nation, finishing their schooling at four-year, non-profit schools with an average bill of $22,609, according to a new report.... Read more»

Finkelstein picked as new PCC Foundation ED

The Pima Community College Foundation has a new executive director: Michael Finkelstein, a nonprofit professional whose resume includes stints with the Primavera Foundation and Center for Biological Diversity.... Read more»

Application process opens for PCC Governing Board appointment

Officials are taking applications from those interested in being appointed to the Pima College Governing Board seat left vacant when David Longoria resigned this week. Those interested in serving on an advisory committee to review candidates can also put their names forward.... Read more»

‘Disillusioned’ Flake tripped up a second time in charity spelling bee

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake was eliminated after the first two rounds of a charity “Politicians vs. the Press” spelling bee Wednesday night.... Read more»

Report: Gains in Hispanic education, business aren’t closing income gap

Increasing college enrollment rates among U.S.-born Hispanics and a surge in Latina entrepreneurship aren’t enough to eliminate wage disparities that prevent Latino families from improving their economic well-being, a new report said.... Read more»

Free bike lights & kids' helmets in Flowing Wells

The "Light the Night" bicycle safety program will roll into Tucson's Northwest Side on Thursday night, offering free bike lights and kids' helmets at the intersection of West Roger Road and North Flowing Wells.... Read more»

Longoria resigns from PCC Board to head to Phoenix

David Longoria has resigned from the PCC Governing Board to become a top staffer for a Phoenix city councilwoman. Although he resigned Monday, effective immediately, the college did not put out a news release and only posted an online notice on Tuesday.... Read more»

Simulation lab allows firefighters to prepare for unthinkable

Kneeling on the floor with only a sheet covering it, firefighter Nathan Phillips stretches a rubber tourniquet as tight as he can around the severed leg of his patient. The patient’s eyes are wide, his face seemingly contorted in fear, but he remains motionless and silent as Phillips manages to stop the flow of blood.... Read more»

Comic: Bermudez Shorts

Losing control

We just saw three school shootings in a week (two of them on the same day) and one of them was a mass shooting. So far this year, there have been 294 mass shootings in the U.S. Guns are an American right so let's not limit access to them — but education and healthcare aren't, so we should limit access to both of those things as much as possible.... Read more»

Thousands attend Sanders rally in Tucson

A crowd of more than 11,000 overwhelmed the Reid Park amphitheater as they gathered Friday night to hear Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders deliver a powerful speech against Wall Street and congressional Republicans. He also promoted comprehensive immigration reform and deferred action. ... Read more»5

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