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Rio what now? Neo, Nuevo, Nuestro, other names floated

The board of Tucson’s downtown development district dithered on a name change Tuesday, but picked six possibilities from among more than 100 submitted by high school students. The options for rebranding Rio Nuevo are: Sentinel Square, Puebla de Vida, Nuestro Centro, Nueva Vista, Nuevo Tucson and Neo Tucson.... Read more»

Rothschild: 'Tucson in transition'

In his annual State of the City speech, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild called upon the city to build on its strengths: what he calls the Five T’s – technology, trade, transportation, tourism and teaching. “We will continue to tighten our belts ... the simple fact of the matter is this: Tucson does not have an expense problem, we have a revenue problem,” he said.... Read more»

Libraries opposing bill to limit hikes by taxing districts

“Pima County can run its own fiscal affairs without being told how to do it by big daddy state government,” said Tucson Democrat Bruce Wheeler, explaining his vote against a measure proceeding through the Legislature that Pima library staffers say would mean cutting staff and hours, and perhaps shuttering libraries.... Read more»

CoLab relaunches workspace, walks from Gangplank

A nonprofit coworking space in Downtown has reorganized, a move the group’s managers will help the organization remain focused on its mission of incubating local entrepreneurs. The Pennington Street offices of Gangplank are now known as CoLab Workspace. Tuesday evening, about 120 people attended CoLab’s launch party.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Why Az economists think 2014 will be better

An interview with Mark Stegeman, TUSD Governing Board member. Also, comet discoverer Dr. David Levy. Then, our monthly segment on animal care with Dr. Douglas A. Rohn of Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson. Plus, we chart the future of the Arizona economy with USU Prof. Dennis Hoffman of the W.P. Carey School of Business.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Can the thick-billed parrot make a comeback in Southern Arizona?

An interview with Terry Bracy, Buckmaster contributor in Washington, D.C. Also, financial planner Shelly Fishman with the Tuesday Money Maker Report. Then, Stephanie Bermudez, community manager of Connect Coworking Tucson. Plus, Chris Biro, executive director of Bird Recovery International.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Speed cameras go dark in Pima County, is city next?

An interview with Richard Miranda, Tucson’s city manager. Then, the Reporters’ Roundtable featured Dan Shearer, editor of The Green Valley News, and Mark B. Evans, editor of Inside Tucson Business. Plus, Matt Russell hosts our Weekend Watch.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Consumer coping strategies for major data breaches

A conversation with Steve Herman, Voice of America Southeast Asia bureau chief. Also, Randy Sooter, Jr., owner of Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy. Plus, Tom Collier, Buckmaster consumer affairs contributor.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson prepares to mark 3rd anniversary of Jan. 8 attack

Ross Zimmerman, father of slain congressional aide Gabe Zimmerman, talked about Saturday’s “Beyond” event. Also, the Tuesday Money Maker Report with financial planner Shelly Fishman. Then, our “Your Meds” segment hosted by former UA College of Medicine Dean Dr. Ray Woosley, and the every other Tuesday Arts Report with Margaret Regan.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Big cuts in retirement benefits for vets under age 62

Monday’s Political Face-Off featured commentators Vince Rabago and John Munger. Then, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. John A. Wickham gave his take on the latest military and foreign issues.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Previewing the 2014 Az Legislature

Our Friday Focus spotlighted state Sen. Steve Farley (D-LD 9). Then, the Reporters’ Roundtable featured Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic and Sarah Garrecht Gassen of the Arizona Daily Star. Plus, Weekend Watch with Matt Russell.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pima County speed cams not gone yet

An interview with Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias (D-District 5), plus the Tuesday Money Maker Report with financial planner Shelly Fishman, and an interview with Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham (D - Ward 2). Plus, attorney Don Loose, the Buckmaster legal contributor.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Arizona's 2014 economic forecast

Dr. George Hammond of the UA Eller College of Management joined Bill and financial planner Shelly Fishman in a discussion of 2014’s financial outlook. Also, we talk about year-end giving with Barbara Brown of the Community Foundation for Southern Az. Plus, a 2014 housing forecast from real estate expert Raj Kohli.... Read more»

Final broadcast: John C. Scott signs off

The last edition of the John C. Scott Show was broadcast on radio Friday, featuring news commentary and kudos to John by ITB’s Mark Evans, Jimmy Zuma and TucsonSentinel.com’s Dylan Smith, thanks from charity organizer Jesse Lugo, and a word from City Hall commentator Richard Studwell. Callers who thanked John for his years on the air included Ray Carroll, Byron Howard, Rick Grinnell, Bill Buckmaster and Joe Higgins.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: TUSD's Grijalva lays out 2014 agenda

Our Friday Focus interview was with Adelita Grijalva, president of the Tucson United School District Governing Board. Then, the Reporters’ Roundtable featured Mark B. Evans, editor of Inside Tucson Business, and Mari Herreras, staff writer at The Tucson Weekly. Weekend Watch was hosted by Matt Russell.... Read more»

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