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Volcanic soil, old artillery shells challenge crews managing Flagstaff wildfire

Amidst the sweet-smelling smoke of ponderosa pine, firefighters are laboring to maintain – not extinguish – a 8,600-acre blaze in the Coconino National Forest northeast of Flagstaff.... Read more»

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New ICE age: Crackdown on employers who hire undocumented

The federal government could begin cracking down on employers who hire undocumented workers and on residents with expired visas, according to a copy of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's new strategic plan.... Read more»


Will Bloody Sunday report help Derry move on?

Moving on has never been a part of life in Ulster. Those who could understand the concept "move on" — Protestant and Catholic — did precisely that and over the centuries left Ireland altogether. Cameron can only hope that his unprecedented words will create an unprecedented degree of acceptance.... Read more»

Bloody Sunday victims can 'rest in peace'

Cheers erupt in Derry as British government releases report on the 1972 killings: There was silence as Cameron announced to the House of Commons that the killings of civil rights demonstrators by members of Britain's elite First Parachute Regiment on Jan. 30, 1972, were "unjustified and unjustifiable."... Read more»

Immigration & SB 1070

Immigration cases could clog Arizona court system

Attorneys in Arizona fear legal battles over the legality of the state's new immigration law could overwhelm the court system.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Goddard: Payday lenders out of town after sunset

Arizona's law authorizing high-interest payday loans is scheduled to expire on June 30. In anticipation of this date, I have set up "Operation Sunset" to pursue and prosecute payday lenders who attempt to evade the ban on payday loans.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Jan Brewer’s 'Southern Strategy'

Smart v. Stupid: A media narrative has emerged about immigration, something to the tune of “everybody agrees that 'Washington hasn’t done its job.'” Republicans like the narrative. Immigration-reform advocates like it. Gov. Jan Brewer likes it. The trouble is, it's just not true.... Read more»

Eagles in Ireland face extinction - again

Conall was found dead on Truskmore Mountain in the northwest of Ireland recently, and "Dr Poison" of Ballintrillick is the chief suspect. But the killer doesn't give a damn, it seems, and he is pretty much beyond the law. ... Read more»

2 killed when plane crashes into school in Eagar, Az

Two people are dead after their plane crashed into a high school on Friday in Eager, near the New Mexico border, according to authorities. ... Read more»

19 fatally shot in Mexico drug rehab clinic

Gunmen stormed a drug rehabilitation center in Chihuahua, killing 19 men and wounding several others. ... Read more»

Immigration & SB 1070

Sunnyside district joins lawsuit challenging state's immigration law

The Sunnyside School District is the state's first to join a lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law.... Read more»1

Militia founder Simcox ordered to turn over his guns

Chris Simcox, co-founder of the Minutemen border militia and former adviser to J.D. Hayworth, has been ordered to surrender his guns after his wife accused him of threatening to kill his family and himself.... Read more»

Can Britain put cork in binge-drinking crisis?

Britain has a blithely accepted culture of accelerated alcohol consumption, sometimes to the point of oblivion, that is unmatched by few other counties in Europe. As the country prepares for the obligatory drinking marathon that accompanies the World Cup, new measures are being urged amid warnings that alcohol consumption is reaching crisis levels.... Read more»

Polish plane crash mystery deepens

Dramatic recordings from the black box of the doomed Polish government airliner that crashed April 10, killing Polish president Lech Kaczynski and 95 others, indicate that the main cause of the catastrophe was pilot error.... Read more»2

Factcheck: SB 1070 allows for some racial profiling

Factcheck.org examines Arizona's SB 1070 and finds that it's not just a mirror image of federal law, and allows some profiling. But, in theory, no more than what the courts permit already.... Read more»4

SB 1070 supporters brave heat at Capitol rally

Supporters of Arizona's strict SB 1070 immigration law rallied at the State Capitol on Saturday, despite temperatures of 107 degrees.... Read more»3

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