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Updated: Judge blocks SB 1070 enforcement

SB 1070 will not take effect Thursday after a federal judge blocked the new law • Rep. Raúl Grijalva backed off calls for a boycott of Arizona • Police say decision doesn't change immigration enforcement much... Read more»1

Border Roundup: SB 1070 ruling; drug violence pushing some north

Controversial SB 1070 provisions blocked by judge • Drug violence is pushing some Sonorans to move across the border • Climate change may increase immigration... Read more»

Brewer seeks dismissal of feds' challenge to SB 1070

Gov. Jan Brewer asked a court to dismiss the federal government's challenge to Arizona's SB 1070 on Monday.... Read more»1

Lance's last Tour de France as feds move in

Lance Armstrong rode into Paris on Sunday, ending his historic run in the Tour de France with a whimper, not a bang. And that may have been a good thing too. Because the way Lance's 2010 Tour has gone, the most likely bang would have been a headfirst crash into the Arc de Triomphe.... Read more»

In Juarez car bomb, a ruthless trap for police

Raids on American-owned explosives could be behind sophisticated car bomb set off in Ciudad Juarez. ... Read more»

Border Roundup: Feds present case vs. SB 1070

• The federal government presented its case against SB 1070 • The Utah letters investigation led back to a state agency • The Senate killed $700 million in funding for border enforcement • More.... Read more»

SB 1070's fate up in air after court hearing

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton adjourned court Thursday without giving any hint as to how she will rule on two separate motions seeking to prevent SB 1070 from becoming effective July 29.... Read more»1

Soft focus on hidden-camera video of illegal aliens

A online video showing hidden-camera footage of groups of illegal immigrants walking through the Arizona desert is creating a stir online and in the media. But there's been little focus on the producer, an anti-immigration group from Washington, D.C.... Read more»4

Journalist assassinated in Athens

Fears are growing that Greece is on a path of destabilization after an investigative journalist was gunned down Monday in the latest of a series of high profile terror strikes.... Read more»

Border & immigration

State Dep't renews Mexico travel warning

The U.S. State Department has renewed its warning for Americans to avoid unnecessary travel to northern Mexico. The state of Sonora is not in the list of areas to avoid travel but Nogales, Son., is mentioned as a city where firefights have broken out.... Read more»2

Afghanistan: U.S. steps up prisoner releases

Afghan detainees are kept in the dark about their arrests, even as they are set free. Throughout the process, the detainees have no access to a lawyer, nor are they allowed to see what reports or proof the international forces are using as grounds for their detention. ... Read more»

Recreational rioting: Youth fad in Northern Ireland

A different strain of sectarianism plagues North Belfast today, more than a decade after Northern Ireland's peace agreement. Stemming not from political ambition but still falling along the Protestant-Catholic fault line, daily skirmishes now have a catchy name: recreational rioting.... Read more»

Rioting in Ireland has sinister edge

The world has seen dramatic pictures of violent street disturbances in Northern Ireland in recent weeks. But it would be a mistake to assume that Belfast and Derry are returning to the bad old days of the Troubles of 1968-1998.... Read more»1

Brewer asks court to let SB 1070 take effect

Gov. Jan Brewer asked a federal court Tuesday to allow Arizona's SB 1070 to take effect July 29.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Utah 'alien' letters a mystery, Guard deploying to Az

• The source of a list of accused illegal immigrants that was sent to news outlets in Utah is still unknown. • The show must go on as the Border Governors Conference is relocated to Santa Fe. • The National Guard is deploying to Arizona next month.... Read more»

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