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Photos: Shelter for asylum-seekers planned for empty county juvenile center

In a spartan, empty concrete yard hemmed in by block walls, Catholic Community Services' Teresa Cavendish sees a space that can be made "light and airy" with a community effort.... Read more»

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Telling Swiss secrets: A banker's betrayal

It's the inner sanctum of Swiss banking — the heavily-guarded nexus between numbered Swiss bank accounts and their owner's good names — and it's the rare American that is allowed entry. A UBS insider blows the whistle on Swiss banking - First of 5 parts.... Read more»

Swiss secrets: UBS obsession with American wealth

Bradley Birkenfeld exuded the confidence that comes with privilege. In his role as a high-flying, cross-border banker with UBS, he moved easily among the world’s wealthiest men and women. And they were precisely who he was targeting as potential clients for UBS. Part 2 of 5.... Read more»

Telling Swiss secrets: The golden goose

"Life from an economic standpoint has been a fairy tale" for Russian immigrant Igor Olenicoff, he is a fixture on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans. He settled an IRS case for $52 million in back taxes related to Swiss bank accounts. Part 3 of 5.... Read more»

Swiss secrets: A reversal of fortune

Bradley Birkenfeld, who went from managing hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, now mops floors in prison. Part 5 of 5.... Read more»

Swiss secrets: A triple-double crossTell

In 2005, high-flying American banker Bradley Birkenfeld abruptly resigned his plum position at a Swiss bank. While it could hardly have come as a surprise to a sophisticated banker that aiding wealthy U.S. residents in shielding billions in offshore accounts skirted the law, to see the bank essentially disown that business in a formal document raised burning concerns. Part 4 of 5.... Read more»

Ex-immigration detention guard tells of rape, torture

The author and former security guard at the Port Isabel detention center for illegal immigrants talks about the torture, sexual abuse and drug smuggling he says he witnessed there.... Read more»

Morocco: Marijuana economy goes up in smoke

Although it is illegal to cultivate cannabis, it remains one of Morocco's most lucrative sources of income. Now farmers claim that their already meager income is being dramatically reduced by authorities who demand bribes to allow the cultivation to continue.... Read more»1

For-profit colleges encouraged fraud, watchdog says

We've been following allegations of enrollment abuses and bogus marketing schemes at for-profit schools for some time now, and a report released by the GAO this week further highlights some of the questionable recruiting tactics of several for-profit colleges across the country.... Read more»

From fine art to rubbish: Stashes of drug traffickers

Under a thick layer of dust in a Bogota warehouse lie goods confiscated from drug traffickers that range from fine art to just plain crap, from elephant tusks to dented bicycles.... Read more»

Comic: Border

Some 'crabby' locals resent Border Patrol presence

Over the past four years, the U.S. Border Patrol has grown by two-thirds, from 12,000 to 20,000 agents. Some rural border residents resent the intrusion into their lives.... Read more»

Police arrest anti-SB 1070 demonstrators Thursday

Tucson police officers arrested anti-SB 1070 demonstrators for disorderly conduct Thursday afternoon.... Read more»

Alien removals increase under Obama

Not only has the Department of Homeland Security referred more immigration-related cases for prosecution under President Obama than under his predecessor, it has also removed more aliens than the Bush Administration did, even in its busiest years.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Looser gun laws don't always mean tighter grasp on liberties

Arizona recently loosened its restrictions on carrying a concealed weapon. But owning and bearing arms, with or without a hall pass, is no substitute for the vigilance required to participate in government.... Read more»

Colombia: Welcome to a drug lord's playground

When he wasn't smuggling cocaine or ordering hit men to gun down his enemies, Pablo Escobar liked to relax at his 7,000-acre ranch, Hacienda Napoles, a personal playground and petting zoo. Now it's a tourist attraction.... Read more»

One year later, little hope for American hikers held in Iran

As relations between the U.S. and Iran sputter, 3 hikers languish in the middle.... Read more»

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