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Monitor local police and fire department radio traffic on our scanner page.... Read more»

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Unlikely alliance pushes legalizing pot

Drugs and violent crime have created an unlikely commonality between a pro-marijuana group and law enforcement officials, both of whom think that legalizing pot would eliminate the driving force behind much of the illicit drug trade along the border.... Read more»1

Border crime

Western Union settles dispute with state on money laundering

Western Union will pay $94 million to fight crime along the border as part of a settlement agreement with the state of Arizona.... Read more»


Marana prison riot injures 13

A private prison in Marana remains locked down after a disturbance involving as many as 150 inmates injured a staff member and 12 prisoners.... Read more»


Police seek man in Peter Piper assault

Tucson police are seeking Joshua C. Estrada, 18, in connection with an assault last month.... Read more»

Missing 2-year-old Tucson girl found in California

A 2-year-old Tucson girl missing since November has been located in California.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

So much hangs in the balance

I'm not sure what disturbs me more: that we, as a society, can execute a person as nonchalantly and matter-of-factly as we do, or that modern board games can often create such stressful, high stakes situations for young players. What a world we live in.... Read more»

Sexual assault

Tucson woman reports ASU rape, bucking national trend

Roughly one in five women who attend college will become the victim of a rape or an attempted rape by the time she graduates, according to a report funded by the Department of Justice.... Read more»2

Sex offenders can be hard to track

In Chicago and its surrounding counties, sex offenders are flouting a law that requires them to register both their home and work addresses with local authorities – and getting away with it, reports the Chicago Tribune.... Read more»

Killer voice

Karaoke can get you beaten, shot, stabbed

Who knew karaoke was so dangerous? Performing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" in the Philippines can get you killed.... Read more»4

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Heading out with the James Gang

For any scofflaw, thug, or desperado, anonymity is key. Unless, of course, you've got a seamstress in the family who's just trying to be nice.... Read more»


Police seek suspect in student abduction

Police are looking for a man suspected of abducting a 15-year-old girl Friday. The victim, who escaped, sustained minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital.... Read more»1

Public safety

Shoes on wire: Urban legend or nuisance?

We've all seen shoes dangling from over power lines and wondered what, if anything, they signify. But Long Beach doesn't care, it just wants them gone.... Read more»2

Haitian earthquake

Haiti: Missionaries charged with child kidnapping

When the American Baptist missionaries came into this small village perched above the destroyed capital, Maggie Moise willingly gave away her 9-year-old twins.... Read more»

Gun control

Proposed Az gun laws would ease concealed weapons requirements

Gun owners will have fewer restrictions in Arizona if state legislators have their way.... Read more»1

Dutch crack down on marijuana tourism

After 30 years of high times, Amsterdam continues to attract waves of tourists eager to smoke a reefer or two without having to look out for the cops. However Dutch attitudes are changing. Restrictions on cannabis sales are tighter, while youngsters seem indifferent to the coffee shops' charms.... Read more»

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