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BP agent's murder trial begins Wednesday

Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Swartz will face trial for second-degree murder, charged with unlawfully killing a Mexican teenager during a 2012 cross-border shooting in Nogales. A jury was chosen Tuesday in the case. ... Read more»

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Greece unrest

Why the Greeks are protesting

The Greek government last week announced a raft of tax increases and a 30 percent cut to the two-months of "bonus" pay Greek civil servants receive each year. But the new measures are unpopular and anger against them is growing. A protest organized by the country's main unions turned violent.... Read more»


Is the pope his brother's keeper?

Pope Benedict's brother Georg has been implicated in a growing physical and sexual abuse scandal in Germany that dates back to the years when the two served the church in their native Bavaria. There is reportedly growing concern in the Vatican that the pope himself may be implicated in this scandal.... Read more»

Protesters, supporters rally over immigration bills

Dozens of demonstrators rallied Monday at the State Capitol against bills that would make it trespassing to be in the country illegally and require local law enforcement to assist in enforcing federal immigration laws.... Read more»

Local expert predicts busy rattlesnake season

This year’s cold, rainy weather may delay rattlesnake season a bit, but it ultimately will mean more snakes when they surface in full force, probably the beginning of April.... Read more»1

Inmates hunger strike for immigration detention reform

Inmates in a South Texas detention facility began a series of hunger strikes in January, hoping for better conditions and fewer transfers, as advocates pleaded for the government to come through on promises to reform the immigrant-detention system. ... Read more»

Gun rights

Tucson 2nd amendment group has anti-gun businesses in their sights

Fledgling organization Boycott Anti-Gunners, or BAG, has started a database of gun-friendly and anti-gun establishments in Tucson.... Read more»1

Comic: Ze Pope

Catholics: Not really our sort of scandal

The Pope is briefed on a scandal involving an Italian government official who serves as a papal usher and has been arrested on corruption charges.... Read more»2


Hit and run kills pedestrian in Midtown

A hit and run driver claimed the life of a Tucson man Thursday night, said a Tucson Police spokeswoman.... Read more»

Az legislature

Senate gives preliminary OK to bill banning texting while driving

The state Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that would outlaw text messaging while driving and hit offenders with a minimum fine of $50.... Read more»

The Troubles

How a dentist helped disarm Northern Ireland

Breaking bread, instead of heads, might help heal old wounds in Ireland.... Read more»

Chilean earthquake

Chile: Locals with guns stand guard in Concepcion

About 3,000 Chilean troops now have a tight hold on the center of the country's second-largest city, located 70 miles from the epicenter of Saturday's earthquake that devastated much of central Chile.... Read more»1

DNA deception

Infant blood in Texas given to feds without parental OK

When Texas health officials were sued last year for storing infant blood samples without consent, they said it was for medical research. They never said they were turning over samples to the federal government to help build a vast DNA database. ... Read more»1


Man charged in two Monday shooting deaths

A man has been charged with 2 counts of first degree murder in the Monday shootings of two men standing in a Midtown front yard, said a Tucson Police spokesman.... Read more»


Woman shot while walking dog on far East Side

A woman out walking her dog was shot Monday on the far East Side, according to a Sheriff's Department spokeswoman.... Read more»

Border crime

Illegal crossers reportedly beat robbers, killing one

A group of illegal border crossers, frustrated at being robbed a second time, say they beat two men, killing one, deputies say.... Read more»

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