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Segal: Justices of the peace are judges for the people

As a candidate for justice of the peace for three prior election cycles, the question that voters typically asked me was: “What is the job of the justice of the peace?” The answer is simple. It is a judicial role for a court of the people. ... Read more»

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Mexico's murder capital: 7 circles of Juarez

If Dante had ever been to Juarez he would have placed it squarely in the seventh circle of hell, the one housing "violence" and "ringed by a river of boiling blood."... Read more»2

The French heiress and the president

Separating fact from fiction has become a national pastime in the case that began as an inheritance dispute between France's wealthiest woman, Liliane Bettencourt, and her daughter but gradually escalated into a full-blown political scandal, embroiling President Nicolas Sarkozy.... Read more»

Interview: Charles Bowden on the violence plaguing Juárez

Probably more than any other author, Southern Arizonan Charles Bowden has revealed the intricacies of the violence haunting Ciudad Juárez. He's swatted at flies swarming fresh bloodstains and reported from a house where bodies were drenched in acid before burial. One wonders if he didn't lose a slice of his sanity with each movement of his hand. (with audio)... Read more»

Uganda: Death toll rises in terror bombings

At least 74 people have been killed in the terror bombings in Uganda on Sunday. Al Shabaab, the Somali ally of Al Qaeda, have claimed responsibility for the deadly explosions, which targetted people watching the World Cup final Sunday night.... Read more»

Border Roundup: SB 1070 suit not on racial profiling

Racial profiling is not a major part of the federal lawsuit challenging SB 1070. Supporters of SB 1070 donated $500,000 to defend the law. Gov. Brewer canceled the Border Governors Conference. Hurricane Alex is causing floods along the Rio Grande. ... Read more»3

Daily Show: 'What the heck's going on in Arizona?'

Not to be outdone by the Colbert Report's take on the immigration situation, the Daily Show knocked out two clips on Arizona's interesting laws.... Read more»

An insider's take on the U.S.-Russia spy swap

The reporter who came in from the cold: Charged as a spy by the KGB in 1986, author Nicholas Daniloff shares his take on the recent spy swap and what it means.... Read more»

Russia-U.S. swap brings spy scandal to a close

Update: The spy scandal of a decade came to a swift close on Thursday, when the 10 suspects plead guilty in a U.S. court to working as undercover agents for Russia. What you need to know about the spy scandal of the decade.... Read more»

Opinion: Scaring up votes in Arizona

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has figured out at least this much: Mexican drug dealers are, to average folks, much scarier than Mexican dishwashers. So Brewer, who is running for election, has decided to make one the face of the other — all Mexicans being interchangeable, after all.... Read more»1

Border Roundup: Feds challenge SB 1070, shootout in Sonora

In national immigration news, the federal government filed a lawsuit against SB 1070, causing mixed reactions in Arizona. South of the border, the gunfight that left 21 people dead in northern Sonora was the result of a feud between drug gangs. ... Read more»3


Britain's low-key attitude on terrorism

Opinion: Mass murders are significant events and their anniversaries are usually a time for reflection and public commemoration. But Wednesday's anniversary of the 7/7 suicide bombings is being marked, well, it's being marked by nothing.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Arizona’s SB 1070 isn’t racist... is it?

Guest opinion: The marching song of the backers of Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070 includes an oft-repeated verse that this law has nothing to do with race. ... Read more»8

Feds sue Arizona over SB 1070

Updated with reactions & legal background: Saying SB 1070 "attempts to second guess federal policies," the Justice Department filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law. Read the brief.... Read more»4

Same as the old boss: Meet the new mayor of Juárez

Cuidad Juárez's mayoral election has Texas' economic leaders intrigued. For residents in the city plagued by cartel violence, little change is expected, and many brace for continued bloodshed.... Read more»

Triano's ex-wife returned to Tucson, faces murder charges

The ex-wife of businessman Gary Triano, who was killed in a 1996 bombing of his car, was returned to Tucson on Friday.... Read more»

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