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Napolitano touts border crackdown, urges Dream Act support

Calling the nation’s immigration laws “sorely outdated and in need of revision,” Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano pressed Monday for passage of the DREAM Act, saying it is the most-urgently needed change to immigration policy.... Read more»2

More than ton of pot found with stolen SUV

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents found more than a ton of pot and a stolen SUV on Saturday after receiving a tip from an off-duty agent.... Read more»

Mexican ambassador kidnapped, released in Venezuela

The quick kidnap and release of Mexico’s ambassador to Venezuela Sunday night highlights the country’s issues with security. Caracas is often listed amongst the most dangerous cities in the world, ranked alongside war zones.... Read more»

Loophole in nuclear bill may create risk of terrorist bomb

Nuclear experts have told Congress that a loophole in a bill meant to limit the use of bomb-grade uranium in medical isotopes could undo years of work to curb the risk of a terrorist nuclear bomb.... Read more»

Better Business Bureau

BBB: Watch out for tax preparation scams

Consumers expecting a tax refund might be looking forward to filing their taxes early this year, but the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona warns to be cautious of tax preparers who claim they can get larger refunds than their competitors.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Important reforms don’t always require a grand vision

Sometimes important regulatory and tort reforms come in small packages.... Read more»

Overcoming odds, pit bull pup finds a home

Gleason, an 8-month-old pit bull mix, bears the scars of his days spent as a bait dog for fighting, but the trusting and docile pup is ready for a brighter future in a loving home.... Read more»


More factual fouls in latest Fla. GOP debate

The four GOP presidential candidates met for yet another debate. This one, the final debate prior to Florida’s Jan. 31 primary, brought out false claims about immigration, health care, President Obama and terrorists seeking missile bases in Cuba.... Read more»

Mexico's drug war by the numbers

A graphic breaks down Mexico’s drug war by the numbers — the victims, the weapons, the drugs and who controls them — and offers new insight into the dangerous, multi-billion-dollar industry of the drug cartels.... Read more»2

Man gets more than 6 years for being in U.S. illegally

A 44-year-old man from Michoacan, Mexico, was sentenced to more than six years in prison for being in the country illegally.... Read more»1

American Indian leaders ask for support, flexibility to govern

Native American leaders called on the federal government Thursday to honor its responsibility to American Indians with continued financial support, but to grant them greater flexibility in handling their own affairs.... Read more»1

Senate weighs state Supreme Court justice’s federal nomination

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Andrew Hurwitz was subjected to only a few light questions Thursday as the Senate Judiciary Committee considered his nomination to a seat on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.... Read more»

Is the FBI monitoring your Twitter, Facebook?

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is seeking to develop an early-warning system based on material “scraped” from social networks.... Read more»2

Ban on texting while driving advances in state House

The state House Transportation Committee voted 6-2 on Thursday to endorse HB 2512, authored by Rep. Steve Urie, R–Gilbert, which carries a fine of $50 for those caught texting while driving and $200 if a texting driver is involved in an accident.... Read more»

BP agents find nearly a ton of pot in abandoned SUV

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized nearly a ton of marijuana from an abandoned vehicle in the West Desert early Thursday... Read more»

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