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ALEC scraps voter ID, 'Stand Your Ground' task force

The American Legislative Exchange Council — facing pressure for backing voter ID and ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws — has announced it is eliminating the task force that deals with such issues.... Read more»

TPD: Man with dementia missing from Tucson Mall-area home

Tucson Police are asking for help finding a missing elderly man who suffers from dementia.... Read more»

Defense, Homeland Security grilled on border policies

Pentagon and Homeland Security officials assured a House subcommittee Tuesday that they can continue border security despite a reduction in the National Guard.... Read more»

Bodies found near Juarez revive fears of serial killings

An announcement Monday that the remains of 12 young women and girls were found near the Texas-Mexico border revives fears of renewed serial killing in Ciudad Juarez.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Close Protection

What happens in Cartagena stays in Cartagena ... until you decide to stiff the hookers and they complain. Loudly. To (eventually) your boss. The President. Of the United States.... Read more»

Random Border Patrol deployment might aid enforcement

A little randomness in deploying Border Patrol agents might work best to prevent illegal border crossings, according to a study from the RAND Corp.... Read more»

Confessed Norway killer pleads not guilty

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian extremist who confessed to killing 77 people in a combined bombing and shooting rampage last summer, has pleaded not guilty and rejected the authority of the court trying him.... Read more»

In Latin America, 'critical mass' urges end to drug war

When leaders want to revise their drug laws, they go to Ethan Nadelmann for advice. GlobalPost interviewed him about the state of the "legalize it" debate in the Americas.... Read more»

Summit of the Americas

Peru backs the U.S. in the war on drugs

As some Latin American leaders call for legalization of narcotics, Peru — a leading coca grower — remains opposed. A former anti-drug czar-turned-dissident explains why.... Read more»1

Summit of the Americas

Obama: Legalization not the answer to drug war

Speaking at the Summit of the Americas, President Barack Obama on Saturday told Latin American leaders that legalization was not the answer to the drug war.... Read more»1

Mexicans flee drug violence for refuge in U.S.

Displaced Mexicans seek refuge north of the Rio Grande after fleeing a government-sanctioned drug war in Chihuahua, where thousands have been slaughtered since 2006.... Read more»

Border Patrol

More than 5 lbs of meth, coke seized at checkpoint

More than 5 pounds of cocaine and methamphetamine and cocaine was seized by Border Patrol agents at the Interstate 19 checkpoint Wednesday.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Rick rolls, powerful tweets, and a stay-at-home martyr

Rick Santorum reaches a climax, George Zimmerman sleeps behind bars, and we hear Ann Romney is some sort of saint. It's been a big week in politics. Here's the roundup.... Read more»

Can U.S. snuff out Latin America’s ‘legalize it’ push?

The growing backlash against the U.S.-led drug war, including bold new talk of drug decriminalization from some Latin American countries, will likely be chatter at this weekend's Summit of the Americas.... Read more»

Comic: Crime

America's Most Wanted

The FBI has finally filled Osama bin Laden's spot on its 10 Most Wanted list. The good news is, the new guy probably won't cost you $1.3 trillion.... Read more»

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