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Gangsters' paradise

For Costa Rica, a 'menace' like no other

Peaceful, laid-back, green-minded Costa Rica has long been an oasis in an otherwise-tough neighborhood — the “Switzerland of Central America.” But with Mexican drug cartels competing to secure new trafficking routes to smuggle cocaine to the U.S., the murder rate in Central America is soaring, and UN data shows it’s now the world’s most violent region.... Read more»2

Guest opinion

Avast! SOPA a threat to free speech

When I first heard talk of SOPA, of course I thought of Mexican food. But the more I’ve learned about the Stop Online Piracy Act working its way through Congress, the more of a bad taste it leaves. The law would open a porthole to censorship, online disruption and more expensive Internet connections.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Occupy Tucson: Open letter to Kozachik & Villaseñor

An open letter to Councilman Kozachik and TPD Chief Villaseñor, from organizer Shannon Cain: “We are Occupy Tucson, and this village isn’t going anywhere.”... Read more»22

Mexico captures El Chapo's henchman

Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel’s security chief has been captured, the country’s army said Sunday.... Read more»

Border Patrol

Man gets 6 years for illegal entry

A Nogales, Sonora, man was sentenced to six years in prison for illegal entry of a felon, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Friday.

... Read more»

Just how good are the TSA's body scanners?

How effective the machines are at thwarting terrorism is critical for evaluating whether the TSA is making airline passengers more secure or wasting taxpayers’ money—and possibly jeopardizing their safety.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Interfaith service to remember Jan. 8 victims

Today on Buckmaster - It’s the Friday Focus interview featuring Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson. Then, it’s the Friday Reporters’ Roundtable with Sarah Garrecht Gassen of the Arizona Daily Star and Dan Shearer of The Green Valley News. Plus, Matt Russell, Tucson’s Culinary Cruiser, has the Weekend Watch.... Read more»

Occupy Wall Street: Where did all the money go?

In between facing off with riot police over tent cities and disrupting port traffic along the West Coast, Occupy protesters have managed to rake in some serious cash. But as protesters nationwide are evicted and cold weather sets in, recently released data from Occupy Wall Street in New York shows donations there have begun to dwindle.... Read more»1

Islamic vigilantes defend Christmas

“Let the Christians believe that their religion is the absolute truth and let Muslims believe that Islam is the absolute truth.” So says the leader of Indonesia’s Defenders Front, which is is offering to help protect the sanctity of upcoming Christmas celebrations in the Muslim-majority nation.... Read more»

Travelers warned of snowy conditions on I-10

Motorists traveling on Interstate 10 can expect snowy conditions near Willcox on Friday and part of the interstate is closed east of the state line to Las Cruces while crews in New Mexico work to clear snow from the road.... Read more»

Border Patrol wrapup

American faces human smuggling charges

Agents arrested an American after two Mexican nationals were found hidden in the person’s trunk at the S.R. 86 checkpoint Wednesday.... Read more»

Alan Bersin

Customs & Border Protection chief's term expiring

CBP head Alan Bersin is leaving office before the end of the year, the agency said Thursday. Bersin was given a recess appointment in 2010 after the Senate didn’t act on his nomination for seven months. He will step down Dec. 30, one day before his term is set to expire.... Read more»

66 journalists killed worldwide in 2011

This year 66 journalists have been killed worldwide, according to the French-based advocacy organization, Reporters Without Borders.... Read more»

Arpaio investigation draws mixed reviews

When the government issued a report condemning Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “discriminatory” policing policies, some immigrant rights groups lauded it. Others are worried it was nothing more than a conveniently timed political ploy.... Read more»4

Man extradited to U.S. in killing of ICE agent

A man accused of participating in the killing of an ICE agent and attempted murder of another has been extradited from Mexico to face charges in the United States, ICE officials said Wednesday.... Read more»

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