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'Asian unicorn' so elusive it may be gone

Just 20 years after the species was discovered (that's how elusive they are), wildlife experts say the population of the saola, known as the 'Asian unicorn,' may be facing extinction.... Read more»

Extreme heat kills 2 Tucson hikers

The heat in Southern Arizona has turned deadly in a manner that's more than metaphorical. Two women have died from heat stroke while hiking near Tucson over the past three days, a Pima County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman said.... Read more»1

Hot, hot, hot: Weather Service issues advisory as temps top 105

Thermometers in Southern Arizona are expected to top 105 degrees Monday, with some hitting 108, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory. The low-down: stay in the shade if you can't stay indoors.... Read more»

Report: States exonerate 2,000 people in last 23 years

The University of Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law on Monday released the first national registry of exoneration cases with data on more than 2,000 cases from the last 23 years. ... Read more»

Why Obama's Iran strategy is the best way forward

Even though halting Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions is an urgent priority, there is time for a disciplined approach and a serious and determined effort to resolve the situation diplomatically.... Read more»

Zetas cartel leader arrested in killings of 49

Daniel Elizondo, a leader of the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico, was arrested in connection to the killings of 49 people whose decapitated and dismembered corpses were found dumped next to a highway last week.... Read more»

Fourth army officer held in Mexico drug cartel probe

A fourth high-ranking Mexican military officer has been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged army links to drug cartels.... Read more»

Chrysler recalls 87,000 Jeeps

Chrysler has some bad news for people who bought a Jeep in 2010: the car you've been driving around town for the past two years might randomly catch on fire. ... Read more»

Remember Stuxnet? Why the U.S. is still vulnerable

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security revealed a rash of cyber attacks on natural gas pipeline companies. There was no damage, but security experts worry it may only be a matter of time. ... Read more»

NATO summit

NATO protesters charged with terror conspiracy in Chicago

Three protesters at the NATO summit in Chicago have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, police said Saturday.... Read more»

Police seek help finding missing man

Tucson Police are looking for a 64-year-old man suffering from medical problems who went missing from his Midtown home in April.... Read more»

3 bank robbery suspects sought

Tucson Police are asking for help finding three suspects accused in separate bank robberies in 2011.... Read more»

Man gets 13 years for holding illegal immigrants hostage

A 21-year-old Mexican man was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years in prison for holding illegal immigrants hostage inside a Tucson home.... Read more»

Customs and Border Protection

Woman arrested at Douglas Port with 425 lbs of pot

A 39-year-old Agua Prieta, Son., woman was arrested for attempting to smuggle 425 pounds of marijuana through the Douglas Port of Entry on Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.... Read more»

2 Mexican army generals detained over alleged cartel ties

Mexican soldiers have detained two army generals, including a former assistant defense secretary, over their alleged links to organized crime. ... Read more»1

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