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Mt. Lemmon highway open again after snowfall

The Catalina Highway was reopened Saturday after a morning closure due to snowfall. The Sheriff's Department warned drivers to be alert for snow, ice, and snow plows on the roadway up Mt. Lemmon.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Cities fear state will cut off revenue stream

An interview with Duane Blumberg, Mayor of Sahuarita. Then, the Reporters' Roundtable features Mark B. Evans, administrator of TucsonCitizen.com, and Dan Shearer, editor of the Green Valley News. Plus, the Weekend Watch.... Read more»

Gabby Giffords named a 'Profile in Courage'

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was announced Friday as the 2013 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award "in recognition of the political, personal, and physical courage she has demonstrated in her fearless public advocacy for policy reforms aimed at reducing gun violence."... Read more»

Sheriff: Jan. 8 investigation may be released soon

The investigative file on the Jan. 8 shootings may be released within the next two weeks, a Sheriff's Department spokesman said Thursday afternoon. Surveillance video of the rampage won't be released, as PCSD doesn't have a copy of that recording.... Read more»4

Giffords returns to Safeway shooting site, calls for gun checks

Gabby Giffords continued her call for tighter gun controls Wednesday in Tucson, returning to a Northwest Side grocery store to stand on the spot where she was shot a little over two years ago to hold a news conference. "Be bold. Be courageous. Please support background checks," Giffords said. (with full video)... Read more»3

Penny ante: Tiny copper thefts a felony in Texas

For the past year and a half, stealing a penny in Texas has been a felony under state law. Lawmakers didn’t set out to target the smallest of small-time thieves, though. It happened inadvertently in 2011 when they passed a bill aimed at curbing the growing problem of metal theft.... Read more»

Controlled burn targets Sweetwater mosquitos

Smoke on the water shouldn't be a concern for area residents Wednesday morning, officials said, as a controlled burn in the Sweetwater Wetlands will target mosquito habitat.... Read more»

Controversy over cops in schools flares anew

In post-Newtown America, those with power say they must act to prevent another massacre of innocents. The Obama administration wants stiffer gun control, and $150 million to help schools hire up to 1,000 more on-campus police or counselors, or purchase security technology.... Read more»

Mexico: Hope grows for the missing

Mexicans by the tens of thousands — precisely 26,121, by the government's latest tally — have vanished in the six years of criminal hyper-violence that have battered much of the country, especially communities like this one near the US border.... Read more»

Mexico journalist shot and killed at taco stand

An online journalist in northern Mexico was shot dead while he ate at a taco stand. Jaime Guadalupe Gonzalez Dominguez was shot at least 17 times in the border town of Ojinaga in Chihuahua state on Sunday night... Read more»

Lawmakers seek limits on police drone use

As drones become smaller and less expensive, law enforcement agencies are looking at them as a way to operate more efficiently and with greater safety. That has some lawmakers saying Arizona needs to protect people's privacy. ... Read more»

How the Sinaloa cartel won Mexico’s drug war

For well over a century, local farmers have harvested marijuana and opium in the rugged mountains surrounding Badiraguato. Since the 1980s, the Sinaloa cartel has acted as their Wal-Mart, transporting the mind-bending cargo north with quasi-corporate efficiency, and distributing it to a narcotics-craving United States market.... Read more»

Missing endangered adult phones home

A 59-year-old man who suffers from medical issues that may alter his judgment is back home with his family after going missing for several days, a Tucson Police Department spokesman said.... Read more»

Hiker turns up after missing overnight in Catalinas

A Michigan man missing overnight in the Catalinas turned up safely Monday after taking a wrong turn on a hike, a Pima County Sheriff's Department spokesman said.... Read more»

Appeals court: SB 1070 day labor provisions unconstitutional

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the parts of Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law aimed at halting the hiring of day laborers are unconstitutional. The sections made it illegal to hire a person for work from a vehicle stopped in a roadway, or for a person to be hired in that manner.... Read more»1

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