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Checking the Checkpoints: Az's Border Patrol sites

Support quality border reporting: Pledge your backing for our project to take a tour of every one of Arizona's 11 Border Patrol checkpoints in a single day, showing in dramatic fashion how they isolate rural communities, how residents live with daily interactions with BP, and how effective the checkpoint strategy is.... Read more»

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Border agents: Harsh desert claims lives of 4 men

In separate incidents over the weekend, Border Patrol agents found four dead men in the desert. A pregnant woman was located near Sells, sitting near her dead husband's body, while bodies were also found near Lukeville and Queens Well.... Read more»

Guest opinion: SB 1070

Supreme Court failed to fully protect against racial profiling

Though making an effort to limit the opportunities for racial profiling, the Supreme Court still upheld one of S.B. 1070’s central and most offensive provisions, the requirement that law enforcement officers demand proof of legal status from anyone they suspect is undocumented.... Read more»4

Opponents have millions set aside to continue fight against SB 1070

Groups opposed to Arizona’s SB 1070 said Monday they have set aside millions of dollars to continue fighting the law, just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court released its decision on the immigration law.... Read more»

Who won? Who’s talking? Both sides claim victory in SB 1070 ruling

In the flurry of statements following the high court’s much-anticipated ruling on SB 1070, no one admitted defeat. All claimed victory of some kind and most saw the decision as a step in the right direction. But with no referees to say for certain who won, victory is open to interpretation.... Read more»4

Ruling lets SB 1070 enforcement begin; when and how unclear

The Supreme Court cleared the way for Arizona police to begin enforcing the “papers, please” portion of the SB 1070 immigration law, but how it would take effect was unclear to some agencies Monday.... Read more»1

Comic: SCOTUS sausage

SB 1070 ruling a 'win-win'

We've been able to pull back the curtain and show how the SCOTUS sausage is made. The ruling Monday was a classic "win-win" situation: both sides called it a win.... Read more»

Rothschild: City will enforce SB 1070 carefully

Today the Supreme Court struck down significant parts of SB 1070. I remain concerned with the provision the Supreme Court upheld, at least for the time being - the provision that requires local law enforcement to verify citizenship if they suspect a person is in the country illegally.... Read more»

Grijalva: Upholding SB 1070 status checks 'a grave error'

Today's Supreme Court ruling largely struck down a law we have always recognized as an extremist attempt to undermine our core values and our Constitution. Unfortunately, the Court made a grave error in upholding the discriminatory 'show me your papers' provision that violates basic rights and denies equal justice.... Read more»1

DHS: No more pickups of noncriminal suspected illegal aliens

Federal immigration agents will no longer go to pick up people who are suspected by Arizona police of being illegal immigrants unless the suspects are convicted criminals, recent border crossers, or have been previously deported, senior Homeland Security officials said Monday.... Read more»4

Napolitano: SB 1070 ruling won't impact youth deportation halt

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday that the Supreme Court decision on SB 1070 "will not impact" the move to stop deporting young people brought to the United States as children.... Read more»

Obama 'pleased' but 'concerned' by SB 1070 decision

President Barack Obama said Monday that he's "pleased" but "concerned" by the Supreme Court ruling that struck down much of Arizona's SB 1070, but left in place a requirement that police check the immigration status of those they detain.... Read more»

What they're saying about SB 1070

Politicians and activists react to the Supreme Court's decision on SB 1070: President Obama, Gov. Brewer, Sens. McCain and Kyl, state legislators, candidates and more.... Read more»

Farley: SB 1070 'political grandstanding'

Arizona state Reps. Chad Campbell, Steve Farley and Anna Tovar released brief statements on the Supreme Court's SB 1070 ruling. "SB 1070 is a far cry from reasonable. It lets politicians get away with political grandstanding instead of enacting real reform," Farley said.... Read more»

McCain & Kyl on SB 1070: Arizonans served when state & feds partner

U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl: "While we still want to fully review the Supreme Court's decision, today's ruling appears to validate a key component of Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070."... Read more»1

Carmona: SB 1070 decision doesn't help secure border

U.S. Senate candidate and former surgeon general Richard Carmona: "Today's ruling does not help us secure the border, and it does not provide a solution for the 400,000 undocumented people living in Arizona."... Read more»1

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