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Meth camouflaged as burritos intercepted by Nogales CBP

A 23-year-old woman was arrested Friday by CBP officers after she tried to cross through the Morley pedestrian crossing with nearly a pound of methamphetamine disguised as burritos. ... Read more»

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Police: Missing South Side man with Alzheimer's found safe

A 78-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease who left his South Side home for a walk Monday night and did not return was found safe late in the night, Tucson police said.... Read more»

Cops: Missing man with dementia found in Phoenix

An elderly man with Alzheimer's disease who drove away from his Southeast Side home Sunday night to get something to eat was located in Phoenix on Monday night, police said. John McCall, 87, was "found safe and unharmed," a spokesman said.... Read more»

Now, you can't ban guns at the public pool

If you feel unsafe at a public pool in Charleston, W.Va., you may soon have the right to lie there on a towel with a handgun at your side. For 20 years, Charleston has been an island of modest gun restrictions in a very pro-gun rights state. But its gun laws — including a ban on guns in city parks, pools and recreation centers — are now likely to be rolled back, the latest victory in a long-standing push to deny cities the power to regulate guns.... Read more»

Mexico City police investigate possible kidnapping of 11 people from a bar

It may seem hard to believe — 11 young people kidnapped in broad daylight in this bustling capital. But that is exactly what distraught relatives believe happened last Sunday morning. ... Read more»

A prolonged stay: The reasons behind the slow pace of executions

States that impose the death penalty have been facing a crisis in recent years: They are short on the drugs used in executions.... Read more»

Texas bill lets police take guns from those in mental crisis

Police would have new authority to take firearms away from Texans who are in a mental crisis under a bill the House approved last Tuesday that is now headed to Gov. Rick Perry's desk.... Read more»

Peru: Counterfeit currency king

South America's cocaine giant is also the best at fabricating phony dollar bills. The US Secret Service is working with Peruvian police to stop it.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Push to ban Tucson red light cameras

Interviewss with Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham, Democrat state Sen. Linda Lopez of Tucson, and activist John Kromko described his effort to ban red light cameras in Tucson.... Read more»

Council passes gun laws: Report thefts, breathalyze negligent shooters

The Tucson City Council unanimously passed two new gun laws Wednesday, requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons to the police, and a local version of "Genna's Law," giving police the ability to administer a test for alcohol to anyone who is suspected of negligently firing a gun. The Council also called for a draft of a civil union ordinance.... Read more»1

Got questions for Pima College's new chancellor?

If you've got questions about how the new chancellor of Pima Community College will tackle the troubles the school faces, ask away. Sentinel editor Dylan Smith will be guest-hosting the John C. Scott Show from 3-5 p.m., and our guests will include Lee Lambert, who is taking over as head of PCC. ... Read more»3

Summer heat no treat for pets

"Hot dog" doesn't always signal something good. As summer approaches, it's important to keep in mind the danger that heat poses to pets. Everyday activities such as rides in cars and walks around the neighborhood pose even more potential for harm during Tucson's blazing summer.... Read more»

Detained immigrants increasingly hit with criminal charges

The U.S. government now brings federal criminal charges against undocumented immigrants at an exponentially higher rate than it did 10 years ago, finds a Human Rights Watch report released last week. The result is a much high number of detained immigrants spending time in jail before deportation and for many, exclusion from future legalization under immigration reform legislation.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Garcia: Immigration reform passes major milestone

There is the pathway to citizenship – and then there is the bumpy, bone-jarring road that comes before undocumented immigrants can even begin to take their first step on what likely will be at least a 13-year journey.... Read more»4

Factchecking Flake on background checks

An ad from Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns accuses Sen. Jeff Flake of breaking a promise to strengthen background checks because he voted against a bill that would have expanded background checks. But Flake did not promise to expand background checks, and he voted in favor of a bill that he argues (though others contest) would have strengthened the system.... Read more»1

Comic: Racial profiling

Smile ... you're under arrest!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio violated the civil rights of Latinos who were detained during immigration sweeps, a federal judge has ruled.... Read more»

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