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Throw out old medicine at Saturday's Dispose-a-Med

Got little bottles of unknown pills cluttering you medicine cabinet? You can dispose of prescription and over-the-counter drugs properly at the Dispose-a-Med event Saturday in a safe, anonymous way.... Read more»

Police: Free VIN etching can deter car thieves

Locking up your car is not enough to keep the vehicle from being stolen, Tucson police said. VIN etching, which can make thieves think twice, will be offered free by TPD detectives on Friday morning.... Read more»

'Together We Thrive' book features Jan. 8 memorial photos

“Indeed all of our hearts were broken on Jan. 8,” said Janet Marcotte, explaining the genesis of her book of photos of the informal memorials that sprang up after the shooting. “But our hearts were opened in ways we couldn’t have imagined before.” (with video)... Read more»1

High winds could affect travel

The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for Thursday that could affect traveling in southwest Arizona.... Read more»

U.S. Capitol room to be named for slain Giffords aide

The House of Representatives is expected to name a room in the Capitol in honor of Gabriel Zimmerman, an aide to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who was killed Jan. 8.... Read more»

Woman gets 71 months in prison for drug trafficking

A Phoenix woman was sentenced in a Tucson federal court to 71 months in prison on Wednesday for drug trafficking.... Read more»

BP agents find $1.4M worth of pot

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $1.4 million, in the West Desert on Tuesday.... Read more»

Will Arpaio's endorsement help or hurt Perry?

Rick Perry’s dramatic tumble from the top of the Republican primary heap can be partly attributed to his immigration woes. An endorsement from Joe Arpaio could be a campaign strategy as Perry takes a harder stance on such issues.... Read more»

Mexico activist slain — but by whom?

When his 18-year-old son disappeared last year, Nepomuceno Moreno became an anguished parent, searching for answers about his missing child. In his quest, became one of the public faces of the missing, joining up with anti-violence groups to call for justice. He was recently killed.... Read more»

New mobile units expected to boost DUI enforcement

Six new mobile processing centers for those suspected of driving under the influence will make Arizona roads safer this holiday season, authorities said Tuesday at the multi-agency Holiday DUI Task Force kickoff.... Read more»

UK expels Iranian diplomats after embassy attack

Britain expelled all Iranian diplomats from the UK in response to the attack on its embassy in Tehran, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced Wednesday. Iran’s embassy in London has been ordered to close immediately, Hague told parliament.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Who is the 'real' Tucson visitor?

We start things off with a newsmaker interview with Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. Plus, the marketing director for the Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau.... Read more»

BP arrests 2, seizes more than 1,700 lbs of pot

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized more than 1,700 pounds of marijuana and arrested two people in separate incidents Monday.... Read more»

Oslo shooter declared clinically insane

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who has confessed to killing 77 people in Oslo in July, has been declared clinically insane.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Immigration: Call them 'illegal'

I have been asked how to refer to people who are in this country illegally — as illegal aliens or by a softer term, like undocumented immigrants. I suppose as a legal immigrant to this country at the age of 4, I might have a different perspective from those who have not had at least part of those terms applied to them.... Read more»1

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