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State agencies collaborate to wipe out dust storm crashes

State departments working together to prevent fatal vehicle crashes in Pinal County dust storms say the joint efforts may be helping.... Read more»

Jan. 8 shooting

Gabby Giffords to witness Loughner sentencing

Gabrielle Giffords will attend the sentencing of Jan. 8 gunman Jared Loughner on Thursday. Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, will address Loughner on her behalf. Prison doctors have testified that the mentally ill Loughner has trouble believing that he did not assassinate Giffords.... Read more»

Proposition 114

Lawsuit immunity for crime victims passed by voters

Voters on Tuesday approved a ballot measure aimed at protecting crime victims from being sued by someone harmed while committing or fleeing from the scene of a felony. Unofficial returns showed Proposition 114 leading by a wide margin. ... Read more»1

Voters reject Prop 115 on judicial selection

Voters rejected Proposition 115 Tuesday, upholding the current system of selecting and retaining state judges in Pima and Maricopa counties as well as appellate and Supreme Court judges.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: New questions about Tucson's deadliest day

Defense attorney Michael Piccarreta talked about efforts to overturn Louis Taylor's conviction for the Pioneer Hotel fire in downtown Tucson, plus: Shelly Fishman with the Tuesday MoneyMaker Report, Blog For Arizona's David Safier, and Mark Sykes, head of the Tucson-based Planetary Science Institute. ... Read more»

Watchdog: Az nonprofit laundered campaign money in Calif.

An obscure Arizona nonprofit that has contributed $1.5 million to campaigns opposing two Arizona ballot measures revealed Monday under court order that $11 million it contributed to California ballot measure campaigns passed through two other nonprofits. A California official said that this qualifies as money laundering and violates state law.... Read more»

Obama granting fewer pardons than any modern president

President Obama, who has granted clemency at a lower rate than any modern president, has denied pardons for hundreds of applicants. He has parceled out forgiveness far more rarely than his recent predecessors, pardoning just 22 individuals while denying 1,019.... Read more»2

Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie

Report: Border agents in radio contact before friendly-fire death

Border Patrol agents involved in the October friendly-fire incident that killed Agent Nicholas Ivie were in radio contact with the slain agent just before his death, according to a report released Friday.... Read more»

Border roundup: Suspect pleads guilty to murder in Brian Terry killing

News from and about the borderlands: Voter concerns and polls, law enforcement updates, rising illegal immigration may indicate economic recovery and news from across the border.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pima County's $197 million job plan

An interview with Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, plus the Reporters' Roundtable with Sarah Garrecht Gassen, Arizona Daily Star editorial writer, and Dan Shearer, Green Valley News editor, followed by Tucson's "Culinary Cruiser" Matt Russell with the Weekend Watch.... Read more»

Feds step up enforcement of rules to prevent black lung

A federal enforcement blitz targeting coal mines with potentially dangerous levels of dust found a host of violations at more than a dozen sites where conditions left miners at risk for developing black lung disease.... Read more»


Romney shows how NOT to help during a disaster

Commentary: As the East Coast struggles with floods, fires and blackouts, does it really need Campbell's soup?... Read more»1

Why do hospital generators keep failing?

It is a hospital's nightmare: The power goes out and backup generators don't kick in, leaving critically ill patients without the mechanical help they need to breathe.... Read more»

Group: Az bars 200,000 felons from voting

200,000 felons in Arizona, half of whom aren't in prison, aren't eligible to vote in the Nov. 6 election, according to a group that advocates for prison and sentencing reform.... Read more»1

More evidence key dark money group may have misled IRS

New signs emerged this week that a controversial nonprofit may have misled the Internal Revenue Service not only about its political activities but also about support from a purported donor.... Read more»

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