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From Phoenix With Love

Bye-bye, Buz. Do svidanya, Dean-o.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Defender-in-Chief Brewer gets McCain endorsement

Who is John McCain, really? Is he left-wing? Right-wing? A maverick? Not a maverick? The news media exists so that you can know his latest positions.... Read more»2

Comic: World Cup

Larry King Live Exclusive: Octopus Paul

Yes, Spain lifted the World Cup today for the first time, but most soccer fans would agree that the real winner after a month of soccer was a German-based octopus named Paul.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Senatorial (candidate) spin

U.S. Senate candidate Rodney Glassman is a superb fundraiser. He's an even better check-writer.... Read more»

Comic: World Cup

Paul's prognostications prove perfect

Paul the Octopus had picked the winner of each of Germany's World Cup matches. But a German loss to Spain in the semifinals? Come on ...... Read more»

Comic: Somalia

"... proceeding on foot."

Since the events of October 3-4, 1993, things in the Somali capital of Mogadishu have been... pretty much the same. In case you were wondering.... Read more»

Comic: Tour de France

Acid Tour

Another year, another Tour de Pharmacologie, er, Tour de France.... Read more»2

Comic: World Cup

Los pensamientos profundos de Luiz Suarez

With the clock running out in extra time against Ghana and the ball pinballing around the penalty area, Uruguayan striker Luiz Suarez found himself in a difficult position.... Read more»

Comic: World Cup

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Cristiano Ronaldo is without question a smooth soccer player and a well-loved global superstar. But does anyone love him as much as he loves himself?... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

Cops figure out solution to SB 1070 racial profiling problem

Concerns that Arizona police will rely on racial profiling to enforce SB 1070 have been laid to rest thanks to a new strategy developed by a group of Arizona police chiefs.... Read more»


World Cup: "I'm a bird! I'm a bird!"

Few spectators at the World Cup were aware that several of the Nigerian players rank among the world's most talented interpretive dancers.... Read more»


My Big Fat Swedish (Royal) Wedding

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria married commoner Daniel Westling on Sunday in an event some called "the biggest royal wedding since Charles and Di."... Read more»

Comic: Border

C.S.I.: Ciudad Juarez

The boys and girls who work in C.S.I.: Ciudad Juarez are kept busy, but for the most part, their cases aren't too tough to solve.... Read more»


Gulf oil spill: Problem solved!

Just when Democrats were starting to worry about the upcoming midterm elections, Rep. Joe L. Barton reminded everyone the Republican Party doesn't have much to offer.... Read more»1


Obama's plan to figure out 'whose ass to kick' hits minor snag

The President and Congress want to kick ass. Only trouble is, BP's Mr. Hayward wasn't all that interested in playing that game.... Read more»2

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