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Comic: Politicomix

Recipe from a disaster: Oiseaux a l'huile

Thousands of feet below the surface of the sea, tens of millions of gallons of oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico. We can’t see it, so it doesn’t seem that real. Yet.... Read more»

Comic: Environment

BP spill: The view from the front lines

As BP struggles to cap its well, and CEO Tony Hayward stumbles from unfortunate utterance to unfortunate utterance, fish and birds keep dying.... Read more»


Happy anniversary, North Korea!

Has Kim Jong-il become the (North Korean) tail that wags the (Chinese) dog? China seems afraid to take any action against crazy old Kim.... Read more»

Comic: Border & immigration

A Mexican with an automatic weapon

Even if your name is Sanchez and you have to carry your passport at all times, being stop-lossed in southern Arizona is a damn sight better than the alternative.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Adobe Phoneshop

Is it real or is it Photoshop? Nearly all of the time, somewhat regrettably, it’s Photoshop.... Read more»

Comic: Puppetry

Governor Brewer Kermit meets her match

When Governor Brewer launched her ‘fake Kermit’ campaign in defense of SB1070, she forgot one thing: the machine gun is mightier than the puppet.... Read more»

Comic: Puppetry

Fake Kermit sez: secure the border

Governor Brewer pulls out all the stops in her defense of SB 1070, unleashing a facsimile of Kermit the Frog on her SecureTheBorder website.... Read more»2

Comic: Immigration

Operation Brown POTUS

Mexican President Felipe Calderon came to Washington this week, and he was pissed. El Presidente Obama explained that los federales can’t do much.... Read more»

Comic: Drugs in sport

Floyd Landis shocker: Cyclists use performance-enhancing drugs

Disgraced would-be Tour de France winner Floyd Landis has reversed years of adamant denials of drug use, and is pointing the finger at others, including Lance Armstrong.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

'It depends on what the meaning of the word 'in' is'

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal was fond of mentioning his service in Vietnam. Only trouble is, he didn’t serve in Vietnam.... Read more»

Comic: Sports

Inappropriate touching

When two very large, nearly naked men start to wrestle, inappropriate touching can occur.... Read more»

Comic: Jurisprudence

Elena Kagan is The Invisible Woman

Solicitor General Elena Kagan is the perfect prophylactic against Senate confirmation trouble; she has no judicial record at all!... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

Brown in Green

Environmental group Greenopia named Arizona the 13th greenest state, meaning 12 states are greener. Does less brown mean more green?... Read more»


She's still out there, Tiger Woods

On Saturday at The Players Championship, sheriff’s deputies tasered and arrested a man reported to have been harassing fans and players, including Tiger Woods.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Mother's Day in the Roman Colosseum

On a day like today - Mother’s Day - it’s important to remember all the moms everywhere. And not just human mothers, mind you. What about all those animal mothers who sacrifice their youths, dreams, and appearances to birth their young? Let’s take a minute to reflect on some of those sacrifices.... Read more»1

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