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Comic: World Cup

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Cristiano Ronaldo is without question a smooth soccer player and a well-loved global superstar. But does anyone love him as much as he loves himself?... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

Cops figure out solution to SB 1070 racial profiling problem

Concerns that Arizona police will rely on racial profiling to enforce SB 1070 have been laid to rest thanks to a new strategy developed by a group of Arizona police chiefs.... Read more»


World Cup: "I'm a bird! I'm a bird!"

Few spectators at the World Cup were aware that several of the Nigerian players rank among the world's most talented interpretive dancers.... Read more»


My Big Fat Swedish (Royal) Wedding

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria married commoner Daniel Westling on Sunday in an event some called "the biggest royal wedding since Charles and Di."... Read more»

Comic: Border

C.S.I.: Ciudad Juarez

The boys and girls who work in C.S.I.: Ciudad Juarez are kept busy, but for the most part, their cases aren't too tough to solve.... Read more»


Gulf oil spill: Problem solved!

Just when Democrats were starting to worry about the upcoming midterm elections, Rep. Joe L. Barton reminded everyone the Republican Party doesn't have much to offer.... Read more»1


Obama's plan to figure out 'whose ass to kick' hits minor snag

The President and Congress want to kick ass. Only trouble is, BP's Mr. Hayward wasn't all that interested in playing that game.... Read more»2

Comic: Afghanistan

Who Wants to be a Trillionaire?

Afghanistan appears to be home to a trillion dollars worth of untapped mineral riches. Great news! But probably not for the Afghans.... Read more»


Few teams at World Cup play 'the beautiful game'

The first round of the World Cup is not a time to impress. It's a time to accumulate enough points to advance to the next round.... Read more»


Another politician shoots off his mouth

On Memorial Day, Yuma Mayor Al Krieger professed disbelief that the United States' past military successes could have been possible with gay troops serving in combat.... Read more»


Japanese politics: Dance, Dance, Dance

When Naoto Kan was elected Japan's fifth prime minister in four years, he was by far the most excited person in the country.... Read more»

Comic: Israel


Israel kills four suspected Palestinian terrorists in scuba gear off the Gaza coast ... and our sources were there!... Read more»

Comic: Politicomix

Recipe from a disaster: Oiseaux a l'huile

Thousands of feet below the surface of the sea, tens of millions of gallons of oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico. We can't see it, so it doesn't seem that real. Yet.... Read more»

Comic: Environment

BP spill: The view from the front lines

As BP struggles to cap its well, and CEO Tony Hayward stumbles from unfortunate utterance to unfortunate utterance, fish and birds keep dying.... Read more»


Happy anniversary, North Korea!

Has Kim Jong-il become the (North Korean) tail that wags the (Chinese) dog? China seems afraid to take any action against crazy old Kim.... Read more»

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