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Comic: Jurisprudence

Elena Kagan is The Invisible Woman

Solicitor General Elena Kagan is the perfect prophylactic against Senate confirmation trouble; she has no judicial record at all!... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

Brown in Green

Environmental group Greenopia named Arizona the 13th greenest state, meaning 12 states are greener. Does less brown mean more green?... Read more»


She's still out there, Tiger Woods

On Saturday at The Players Championship, sheriff’s deputies tasered and arrested a man reported to have been harassing fans and players, including Tiger Woods.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Mother's Day in the Roman Colosseum

On a day like today - Mother’s Day - it’s important to remember all the moms everywhere. And not just human mothers, mind you. What about all those animal mothers who sacrifice their youths, dreams, and appearances to birth their young? Let’s take a minute to reflect on some of those sacrifices.... Read more»1

Comic: Terrorism

Bin Laden sends coded message to sleeper agents

Mission most definitely not accomplished, Osama bin Laden instructed that the banner be taken down from the front of the cave.... Read more»

Comic: Faisal Shahzad

The art of interrogation, Obama-style

Suspected would-be Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad has reportedly been singing like a bird ever since his arrest, thanks in large part to diabolical police interrogation methods.... Read more»

Comic: Environment

Communications 101 for Big Oil

Oil’s well that ends well? Not for the fish, not for the birds, and not for the fishermen and residents of coastal towns on the Gulf of Mexico.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Oil spill cleanup

Oil spills happen with enough regularity that there’s a set protocol in place to deal with them. And what’s a few hundred million dead animals when it means the coordinated cooperation of men working toward one united goal?... Read more»

Comic: British election

Prime Minister Gordon Brown puts his foot in it

Gordon Brown may be competent, but most elections are decided not on competence, or the expectation of it, but by appearances, i.e. false bonhomie and good hair.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

The story of gravity, commercialized

If you’re going to tell a story, you’d better make it relevant to the listener. And sometimes, that means adding product placement. Would today’s child care about such mundane items as trees and apples? Or a long-dead scientist from faraway England?... Read more»

Comic: Racial profiling

'Papers, please'

Gov. Jan Brewer assures Arizonans that enforcement of immigration law will not involve racial profiling. Uh-huh.... Read more»

Comic: SB 1070: Constitutionality

See you in Court!

Gov. Brewer, can you spell U-N-C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N-A-L? Don’t spend too much taxpayer money on this fight, please.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

It takes a lot of fig leaves

“Hide your shame, Adam, with this handy fig leaf. And Eve, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Here’s a fig leaf hijab.”... Read more»4

Comic: Global finance

Boys will be boys

Fun and games for the boyz at the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington.... Read more»

Comic: The White Star State

Reflecting public sentiment, Arizona changes state flag

Why mess around? If you’re going to change the law, change the state bird (perhaps to the dodo?), change the state colors (to white, of course), and change the flag.... Read more»

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