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Comic: Politics

Learn about Arizona's Senate race with John McCain

Election time is rolling around again, and as usual, Sen. John McCain is running for re-election. Against, um, some guys.... Read more»

Comic: Politics


Only 10% of Arizonans believe elected officials represent their interests. And yet Arizona ranks 43rd among states in voter turnout.... Read more»

Comic: Religion

Catholic celebrity

Is celibacy a sine qua non of priesthood? Pope Benedict thinks so. A couple of Belgian bishops disagree.... Read more»

Comic: Religion

'The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming!'

For reasons perhaps known only to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI is traveling in irreligious Great Britain this week. ... Read more»

Comic: Transportation

I-19 to be renamed I-11.4?

Arizona Department of Transportation officials say they will replace old signposts on Interstate 19 with new ones measured in imperial distances.... Read more»

Comic: Religious craziness

Burn a Quran... and more!

Terry Jones... inspiring a generation of redneck wack jobs.... Read more»

Comic: Gov. Brewer

Headless body in Mexican desert

We can all agree that being beheaded can ruin your day. Are you in imminent danger? Depends on where you live and what you do for a living.... Read more»1


Politics for Dummies: Arizona gubernatorial edition

It's like a Zen koan: if a governor joins a debate, but doesn't say anything, is she debating?... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Debating 101: Who I am and what I stand for

"It was the longest 16 seconds of my life," said Governor Jan Brewer after what were, undoubtedly, the longest 16 seconds of her life.... Read more»

Comic: The War on Terror

Since 'The Cheney Era' ended

Things just haven't been the same at Guantanamo Bay since Waterboardin' Dick Cheney rode out of town.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Raising (money in) Arizona

Rodney Glassman raised $1 million and landed the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. John McCain found $20 million under his couch cushions to see off J.D. Hayworth.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Meet the Independents

It's Election Day! Get thee to a polling station!... Read more»


Salaam Alaikum, Mr. President

A recent poll shows that 18% of Americans believe Pres. Obama is a Muslim, up from 11% in March 2009.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Periodic Table of Democratic Candidates

As the clock winds down toward the U.S. Senate primary elections, a Republican knock-down, drag-out brawl is being balanced by a Democratic light flyweight slapfest.... Read more»1


The education of a Somali pirate

When Abdi decided to get into the maritime piracy business, he figured he'd buy a tank and be an instant player.... Read more»

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