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College costs will soar if student loan interest allowed to double

Interest rates on student loans are set to double in July if Congress fails to act. At a time when tuition is rising at 8.3 percent a year and median wages for young people are falling, young Americans and their families can ill afford more Washington inaction.... Read more»


Mexican migration is down - now what?

Let’s get serious about resolving the status of our undocumented population.... Read more»

Arizona v. United States

Experts weigh in on SB 1070 case

The words of experts — from legal scholars to advocates to elected officials — illustrate the devastating effects that SB 1070 and laws similar to it have had on the United States.... Read more»

Arizona v. United States

3 reasons SB 1070 can't solve illegal immigration

The U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments Wednesday on SB 1070, but laws like Arizona’s will never fix our nation’s broken immigration system.... Read more»2

Arizona v. United States

What to expect if the Supreme Court upholds SB 1070

What would actually happen if the Supreme Court upholds the SB7070? Here’s a list of unpalatable consequences.... Read more»

Arizona v. United States

Primer: SB 1070 heads to Supreme Court this week

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this week in State of Arizona v. United States, which challenges the authority of a state to enact its own immigration enforcement laws.... Read more»


Minorities still feeling pain 3 years into economic recovery

Minorities are less likely than their white counterparts to enjoy the opportunities that come from having a good job, owning a home and having a financial safety cushion.... Read more»


The federal budget and gay and transgender families

House Republicans last week passed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget, which would shred the safety net for gay and transgender families to tatters.... Read more»


What's at stake if Supreme Court rules for SB 1070?

If the Supreme Court gives its blessing to SB 1070, the nation will return to a time of deep division, likely cleaved once again along regional lines.... Read more»7


House GOP opens new front in war on women

House Republicans have made it clear that they aren’t finished with their war on women. Now they’ve leveled an attack on women’s economic security.... Read more»1


Life as an undocumented immigrant

What happens to undocumented immigrants after the passage of anti-immigrant state laws such as Arizona’s SB 1070? Many studies have focused on the economic ramifications of such legislation, but little has been done on the effects these laws have on everyday life.... Read more»1


The end of newspapers and the decline of democracy

If newspapers were a baseball team, they would be the Mets—without the hope for “next year.”... Read more»8

House GOP budget

Opinion: Ryan plan would harm our most vulnerable

The House Republican budget released Tuesday purports to boost economic growth by cutting taxes and government spending. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.... Read more»

Anticipating the new House Republican budget plan

President Barack Obama several weeks ago laid out his budget proposal for fiscal year 2013. Now it’s the House Republicans’ turn to present their vision.... Read more»

International Women's Day

Let's protect women's progress at home

International Women’s Day is a good time to hit the pause button on the contraception debate and consider what our country would look like if antichoice zealots had their way.... Read more»

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