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10 things to know about NM and immigration

In advance of New Mexico’s Republican primary tomorrow, here are 10 important facts about immigrants and people of color in the state that display their significant economic, cultural, and electoral power.... Read more»

The facts about immigration and the child tax credit

Immigrants and the child tax credit are back in the news again. This time the claims being leveled are even more hyperbolic and misleading than before.... Read more»


Could nonprofit health insurance plans be the real reformers?

Consumer Oriented and Operated Plans could be one of the sleepers in the health care reform law that truly transforms how care is financed and delivered in this country.... Read more»

10 reasons why public policies rescued the economy

The Troubled Asset Relief Program in 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 successively helped the U.S. economy turn itself around. ... Read more»1


10 things to know about immigration and the Texas primary

In advance of Texas’s Republican primary on Tuesday, here are 10 important facts about immigrants and people of color in the state that display their significant economic, cultural, and electoral power.... Read more»

Memorial Day

Honoring our heroes

We pause to reflect on the service of the brave men and women who left their homes and their families since the founding of this great nation to protect their country and advance the pursuit of security and prosperity the world over.... Read more»

Think again

The conservative war on knowledge

As evidenced by the global warming “debate,” Tea Party-style conservatives have a problem with reality.... Read more»

Why Obama's Iran strategy is the best way forward

Even though halting Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions is an urgent priority, there is time for a disciplined approach and a serious and determined effort to resolve the situation diplomatically.... Read more»


Bill raises questions about Rubio's immigration positions

Immigration advocates were surprised this week when the Sen. Marco Rubio introduced a bill that was not his promised DREAM Act-like proposal, but rather a bill that attacks “blameless” low-income American children.... Read more»


Middle class, income inequality, and the strength of our economy

For most economists, the concepts of “middle class” or even inequality have not had a prominent place in our thinking about how an economy grows. But that is beginning to change. ... Read more»

French voters offer the U.S. a campaign lesson

I’m wondering if there’s a lesson for U.S. politicians and voters in the recently completed French presidential election? My head says “Non!” but my heart screams “Oui! Oui!”... Read more»


Killing community survey bad for gov't and business

Last week's House vote to end the American Community Survey defied the advice of conservative think tank experts, the interests of the business community, and, most critically, common sense.... Read more»


Top 10 things to know about military compensation

The Pentagon’s personnel budget is composed of three major items: pay, retirement, and health care. These costs have nearly doubled in the past 10 years and now consume one-third of the baseline defense budget. If they continue growing, these costs will begin to divert funds from other critical national security initiatives such as training and modernization.... Read more»


Sen. Rubio's immigration plan under inspection

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's plan to introduce a bill to provide legal status—but not citizenship—for undocumented youth ran into an obstacle when Speaker Boehner announced that such a proposal would not pass his chamber.... Read more»3


Time to control runaway military personnel costs

Military personnel costs have nearly doubled since fiscal year 2001. If these costs are allowed to continue rising at their current rate, they will eat through the entire defense budget by FY 2039.... Read more»

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