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Cracks in the worldwide Murdoch empire

James Murdoch stepped down as News International executive chairman Wednesday morning over allegations of bribery at The Sun. This is just the latest in a series of tumultuous events surrounding News Corporation.... Read more»

Think again

Is America getting more conservative?

What does it mean to be “conservative” — a word that has different meanings in different places. To say we are becoming more conservative provides a comforting narrative to mainstream journalists who like to reassure people that all is hunky-dory.... Read more»


Facts about Az’s changing demographics

Here are some startling facts about how Arizona’s emerging communities of color have impacted the political electorate and influenced the local economy.... Read more»1


Moving away from racial stereotypes

Various factors point to the declining significance of this divisive race-baiting strategy in creating poverty policy—progress that should continue in the decades to come.... Read more»


Immigration: Staying put but still in the shadows

Have state anti-immigration bills led to an exodus of unauthorized migrants from the United States as restrictionists have promised?... Read more»1


What Linsanity reveals about our nation

Many have succombed to Linsanity — the excitement surrounding New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin. Unfortunately, his celebrity carries a racial edge to it.... Read more»


How Ala.'s immigration law hurts state's economy

Alabama’s immigration law’s impact has been swift and detrimental to the state, with a significant exodus of Latinos. But in a state already ravaged by tornadoes and lagging in economic recovery, the costs and social effects of the law have been particularly harsh.... Read more»


Don’t believe the hype against EPA mercury rules

The House Subcommittee on Energy and Power plans a hearing misleadingly titled “What EPA’s Utility MACT Rule Will Cost U.S. Consumers.” But the Republican majority is playing with words and the health of our children.... Read more»


What caused this year's deficit?

The federal budget deficit will again exceed $1 trillion this fiscal year, the CBO reported. That news is sure to trigger another round of condemnations from politicians and pundits who have a political or ideological interest in pinning these deficits on the domestic spending policies of President Obama.... Read more»


Understanding the Mormon faith

An interview with scholar Joanna Brooks about the Mormon faith and politics, political coverage of religion, history of the LDS Church, and the progressive Mormon tradition.... Read more»

Commentary: Race & beyond

How Gov. Brewer actually helped President Obama

With a waggle of her right index finger last Wednesday, Gov. Jan Brewer erased the question of whether black voters will be enthusiastic about going to the polls in support of President Obama. Now, you can count on it.... Read more»2


Contraceptive coverage rule is a big win for students

Students need affordable contraception as much as other young adults do, and starting this August, they will have it with no cost-sharing, regardless of whether their university has a religious affiliation.... Read more»


Reproductive rights on the brink as Roe turns 39

We approach the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, on Sunday after a year that saw unprecedented assaults on access to abortion care and family planning services.... Read more»

Obama hopes to bridge the abyss of a grim economy

A recent set of speeches and announcements by the president and other senior administration officials mark out important new economic initiatives likely to underpin the president’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.... Read more»1

4 ways community schools can support effective teaching

While there is research on the potential for wraparound services, including health care services, family involvement programs, and expanded food assistance programs to eliminate barriers to student learning, there is little known about the possible connection between those services and teacher efficacy.... Read more»

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