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Battle looms over Trump bid to ease safety rules for big trucks

This week, the Trump administration formally proposed easing the rules over rest breaks truck drivers must take, and giving them more flexibility over their on- and off-duty time.... Read more»

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Transparency in gov't spending pushed

Arizona gets an "F" when it comes to helping taxpayers see where and how their money is being spent, according to a report released Tuesday by an advocacy group.... Read more»

Oil & politics

The political hydraulics of OPEC

Iraq and Iran vie to best Saudi as the world's leading producer of oil and it's China that looms as final arbiter.... Read more»

Tucsonans give $2.65 million to UA athletics

Tucsonans Cole and Jeannie Davis will give the University of Arizona men's basketball program a $2.65 million dollar gift to help pay for the renovation of the locker rooms at McKale Center and build a strength center at Richard Jefferson Gymnasium.... Read more»

Senate committee: WaMu bank execs aware of rampant fraud

A Senate committee Tuesday will present evidence that in the case of Washington Mutual Bank, the largest bank failure in history, executives knew about the fraud - and in some cases failed to take much corrective action.... Read more»

Tucson arts groups advised to increase private funding

Michael W. Kaiser, president of The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts told Tucson arts leaders Monday that groups that all arts nonprofits, and particularly ethnically diverse groups, need to increase private funding.... Read more»


Bicycles help green Ireland's capital

Free bike scheme & bike-to-work program encourage cycling in Dublin. A free bicycle scheme in this rainy metropolis of narrow roads, potholes and, it has to be said, bicycle thieves, has been a spectacular triumph.... Read more»

Nordstrom Rack planned for Tucson

Tucson will get its first Nordstrom Rack next year.... Read more»3

Michael Keith

Downtown Partnership gets interim CEO

Michael Keith, a developer and downtown advocate, will be the interim head of the Downtown Tucson Partnership, the public/private agency tasked with downtown development.... Read more»

Hugo Chavez

Venezuela's socialist cities: Solution to poverty?

Ciudad Mariche is a "socialist city," a project designed to solve not only Venezuela's chronic housing shortage but provide long-term solutions to poverty and crime. But like many of Hugo Chavez's policies, it also courts controversy. Critics say it may be a surreptitious way of invading the right to private property. ... Read more»

Outsourcing homework to India

Outsourcing started as a way for companies to lower costs by shifting work to cheaper locations. That practice has become so mainstream that a growing number of Americans are following in the footsteps of businesses – and outsourcing homework.... Read more»


U.S. can give better aid to Haiti

Pledging money is the easy part. The U.S., the lead donor and friend with the greatest interest in Haiti’s development, can do much more: its own aid programs can be more effective; and it can take steps that are far more critical to long-run prosperity for Haiti’s people.... Read more»

Comic: Annabel's book

Literacy in the age of iPad

Is the iPad the end of print? Or the savior of formerly printed "content"? ... Read more»


iPad mania: Start spreadin' the news

The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! [yawn]... Read more»


Farley: Restrict trucks to right lanes of roadways with three or more lanes

Keeping large trucks to the right on roadways with three or more lanes would make Arizona's highways safer, says Rep. Steve Farley.... Read more»

Arizona legislature

Closing tax loopholes could help budget, Democrats say

A 1 percent sales tax hike is coming to a ballot near you this spring. Meanwhile, things like parking garages, driving schools and dog grooming will stay tax-free. Arizona's tax laws include $9.1 billion in exemptions. Democrats think it's time to close some of those loopholes to help ease the state's budget woes.... Read more»

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