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Public safety radio

Police & fire scanners

Monitor local police and fire department radio traffic on our scanner page.... Read more»

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Hungarian solar car splits into 2 smaller cars

Although Hungary is not particularly known for its automotive innovations - remember the Yugo - one company has created a solar-electric car that can split into two smaller cars. ... Read more»

Now hiring: Oro Valley town councilmember

Oro Valley is looking for a new Town Council member. Following the Feb. 17 resignation of Al Kunisch, the council is short one member. The council will appoint a resident to the seat.... Read more»

Comic: Winter Olympics

If the Pope were a figure skating judge

Japanese figure skater Miki Ando is a former world champion, and the reigning queen of saucy outfits. What would the Pope think? We're pretty sure we know.... Read more»

Arts & Culture

Andy Warhol weekend in Tucson

Dig out your black turtleneck. Starting this weekend, the visual art of Warhol, the Factory era itself and the films and music from the period will be celebrated by some of Tucson's best arts, music and film venues. ... Read more»


Preen crosses 4th Avenue underpass

Emilie Marchand and Erin Bradley gave birth to their baby Preen, a vintage boutique, in the summer of 2007 on Congress Street. As of Wednesday they have moved their "baby" into their new space at 210 N. Fourth Avenue.... Read more»

Arts preview

Weekend entertainment forecast

Cloudy, with a shower of 90s: This weekend's best non-Warhol arts events. While most Tucsonans will be at either the rodeo or the host of Warhol events this weekend, the Sentinel offers you these alternatives. ... Read more»

Homolovi Ruins

State park closings raise worries of artifact looting, vandalism

With the Homolovi Ruins State Park closed on Monday due to deep cuts to the Arizona State Parks budget, archaeologists and Hopi leaders worry about a return to the free-for-all days.... Read more»1

Music review

Factory iPod prescription

As Tucson gears up for a massive bout of Warholia, including a Velvet Underground tribute, it might behoove one to revisit some of the other music that came out of that era.... Read more»6

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Nobody expects the French Revolution!

Why is it every time I spill a little beer, our kitchen floor becomes a refuge for the oppressed 18th century French?... Read more»


Marjah: Success for the military, hell for the residents

Twelve days into Operation Moshtarak — pitting 15,000 U.S., British and Afghan troops against a few hundred Taliban — the message from the military and diplomatic communities is resolutely upbeat. But those in Marjah are telling a very different story.... Read more»

Silicon Sweatshops: Another black eye for Apple supplier

A Taiwanese manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for tech giants like Apple confirmed Thursday that more of its workers in China were sickened by chemical exposure than it previously reported.... Read more»


Police investigating gang-related shooting

An early morning shooting left one man dead, and another with life-threatening injuries Wednesday, said a Tucson police spokesman.... Read more»

Credit card fraud

Thieves hack credit cards at Utah gas pumps

Criminals stole more than $11,000 in bogus charges by skimming credit card information on gas pumps.... Read more»1

Bipartisanship unlikely at health summit; unity Obama's best bet

Democratic and Republican lawmakers each have an opportunity to make bipartisan concessions during Thursday's summit, but political pressure will likely push both sides towards their partisan ranks. ... Read more»

Health care debate

Democrats' health reform plan evokes 1993 Republican bill

In 1993 Republicans put forth a health care reform initiative that didn't pass, but has been revived, in a sense, this year.... Read more»

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