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Public safety radio

Police & fire scanners

Monitor local police and fire department radio traffic on our scanner page.... Read more»

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GOP's Cantor says his office was shot at, says Dems are 'fanning the flames'

The Congressional clash over threats and vandalism against lawmakers in the aftermath of the health care vote took a new turn Thursday as the No. 2 House Republican accused Democrats of recklessly exploiting the incidents for political gain.... Read more»1

Palin to campaign with McCain at Tucson 'picnic'

Former Alaska Governor and ex-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will stump for Senator McCain in Tucson on March 26.... Read more»2


Business & education group urges reform of school-finance system

A system for tracking school expenditures and whether money spent on specific programs improves student performance would make schools more efficient and accountable, according to a group of business and education leaders.... Read more»

Gay-4-pay in Prague

Globalization has changed the wage structure of the porn industry. In Eastern Europe, men are willing to do porn for a lot less.... Read more»


Study: Corn syrup - even at lower levels - more damaging than sugar

High-fructose corn syrup results in more weight gain than regular sugar, even at much lower levels, according to a new study by Princeton University. ... Read more»3

To do list

Extra, extra: Get your weekend plans here

You probably know about Powhaus' "Trash" and Ted Leo, but here are seven more weekend events you won't want to miss.... Read more»

Border crime

Where's plan B for Mexico?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the other top U.S. officials who stopped by Mexico this week had nice things to say about President Felipe Calderon.... Read more» launch party

Celebrate Sentinel launch at Press Box Bash

Friday's show features Howe Gelb performing Johnny Cash's "Live at San Quentin", new punk band Cadillac Steakhouse, bluesman Tom Walbank, Sonoran gypsies Bajo Turbato, and Jazz Telephone with Mr. Tidypaws.... Read more»

Arizona politics

Tucson Rep. Patterson bounced from committee

Tucson Rep. Daniel Patterson was removed from a House committee because of remarks he made to another legislator.... Read more»2

Health care debate

GOP forces second House vote on health reconciliation bill

Senate Republicans found a way to force a second House vote on a health reform reconciliation bill after identifying parliamentary flaws, including one in the calculation of a student loan provision. ... Read more»

Media & journalism

You're a genius, Chris Matthews

The MSNBC host has talked so loudly and incessantly that he can't even hear himself think anymore.... Read more»

Comic: Life in the doghouse

F-bomb fallout for Biden

A day after Joe Biden's over-enthusiastic appraisal of the passage of health care reform legislation, the President is still ... not happy.... Read more»9

Major League Baseball

Spring training's final windup is next week

After years of negotiations, local official were unable to convince three teams to stay here for spring training. The White Sox left in 2008, and the Diamondbacks and Rockies will leave after this year.... Read more»1

Goddard won't join suits to overturn health reform

Attorney General Terry Goddard said Wednesday he will not join lawsuits filed by 14 attorneys general to overturn federal health care reform.... Read more»5

Arts preview

Postcommodity arts collective launches MOCA music series

This Thursday and Saturday, MOCA begins a new lecture/performance series. MOCA Sounds/Defining Music starts with the Postcommodity collective, a multi-disciplinary art and performance group.... Read more»

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