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Border counties could get a funding boost to help ID human remains

The Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Act of 2018 would allow border counties to apply for federal grants to help identify bodies of undocumented immigrants.... Read more»

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Health care debate

House Democrats continue push for weekend vote on health care reform

House Democratic leaders continued efforts to pick-up support for health reform in the House while also tinkering around the edges of the overhaul legislative package – all in anticipation of a Sunday vote in the House. ... Read more»

Afghanistan war

What comes after Marjah offensive?

As the wave of US-led Operation Moshtarak sweeps through Marjah, Afghanistan, local tribal leaders are scrapping for the spoils sure to follow.... Read more»

Canada's veiled immigration problems

Naema Ahmed, a 29-year-old Egyptian, was attending a government-sponsored class in Montreal for immigrants who want to learn French. In the middle of writing an exam, she was pulled out of class by a provincial official, who gave her a stark choice — remove the veil or leave the class. Ahmed left.... Read more»

The predicament of Italian soccer

A Champions League win against Chelsea and World Cup glory won't reverse Italian soccer's flagging fortunes.... Read more»

Life found beneath Antarctic ice sheet

Scientists have found life 600 feet beneath an Antarctic ice sheet, questioning assumptions about life in the universe.... Read more»

New York poet Joanna Fuhrman reads Saturday

This Saturday, the POG collective brings one of the most compelling younger minds in American poetry, Joanna Fuhrman, to The Drawing Studio.... Read more»

Film review

'Alice in Wonderland in Digital 3-D' clowns paying audience

Why adapt "Alice" in this way, as a series of Cirque de Soleil freak-meets in a Wonderland – called “Underland” in the film – that resembles the alien cosmos inhabited by the Teletubbies more than anything else? Tim Burton, you have so much to answer for. ... Read more»2

Musician Alex Chilton dead at 59

Musician Alex Chilton, songwriter for Big Star and The Box Tops died today of a heart attack, as reported by the Memphis Commercial Appeal. He was 59.... Read more»3

Sunset Magazine calls Tucson a 'town of the future'

Tucson's "innovative building" has helped the city make Sunset Magazine's list of 20 towns of the future.... Read more»

Health care debate

Dems newly favored tactic to advance health care draws GOP rage

The latest strategy House Democratic leaders have considered for passing the health overhaul bill would allow lawmakers to approve a Senate-passed version of the bill without a direct vote... Read more»


Consulate killings could pull US deeper into Mexico's drug war

Ciudad Juarez is no stranger to bloodshed. But the recent killings of three people tied to the U.S. consulate — including a pregnant consulate employee and her husband — have raised a new question here in Mexico: How will the U.S. respond to an attack on its citizens?... Read more»

Lady Gaga announces summer tour, debuts scandalous video

Rolling Stone reports that Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball" arena tour will crisscross North America this summer. Gaga's video collaboration with Beyonce, "Telephone," premiered last week to much fanfare, and is as strange or stranger than anything she has done yet.... Read more»1


Nothing says springtime like a penis festival

It's springtime in Japan and that means one thing. Actually, two things. Penis festivals and vagina festivals.... Read more»1

May the Force be with you

Jedi gets apology for religious discrimination

An employment firm in England apologized to one of its customers for discriminating against him because of his religion - the International Church of Jediism.... Read more»

On St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland fights for its image

"Watching the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York always brings home to me the awareness that I am a man of two countries."... Read more»

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