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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Rocky Point news site calls checkpoint reports 'untrue'

A travel warning issued by the U.S. Consulate in Nogales, Son., is based on unsubstantiated rumors, said a Puerto Peñasco news website. The consulate warned Americans traveling to the Mexican resort town, also known as Rocky Point, of "unofficial checkpoints" set up on Highway 8.... Read more»

On holiday in the 'Axis of Evil'

The idea that American tourists would visit Iran has long seemed to border on the bizarre. Yet an adventurous few do come, and most find a welcome far beyond what they had imagined. In no other country is there such an imbalance between the wealth of attractions and the dearth of tourists.... Read more»

Afghanistan war

Taliban attacks sound alarm before Kandahar

Over the past week, the Taliban in Afghanistan have bared their teeth and launched a series of attacks designed to show that their threat of a summer offensive is much more than empty words.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Federalism doesn’t include putting cork in interstate commerce

As our nation’s capital continues to expand its power at an alarming rate, many conservatives (including me) are seeking shelter in the power of the states to protect the liberty of their citizens. H.R. 5034 invokes the language of states’ rights to give states the power to regulate interstate alcohol shipments.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Giffords: Bill will make it easier for doctors to stay in Medicare

For too many years, Congress has kicked the Medicare physician reimbursement can down the road, refusing to make the tough and fiscally responsible decisions needed to keep this crucial program afloat.... Read more»

Tucson Toros baseball

Japanese ball players find game isn't like back home

Just five days before the team’s opener, Tucson Toros outfielder Sho Kinishi was picked up to make his way into Tucson to play American professional baseball for the first time. Also, the Toros could face a female knuckleballer this year.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Adobe Phoneshop

Is it real or is it Photoshop? Nearly all of the time, somewhat regrettably, it's Photoshop.... Read more»

Martian winter frost ices Phoenix lander mission

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander mission is officially over, thanks to sharp pictures from a Mars-orbiting camera that appear to show the collapse of the lander's solar panels due to an expected coating of heavy winter frost.... Read more»

Buz Mills backpedals on education 'administrator' claims

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Buz Mills has backed away from claims that Arizona schools have as many administrators as they do teachers. (With video)... Read more»1

30-vote margin picks new Oro Valley mayor

Satish Hiremath will be the next Oro Valley mayor, after edging out Mike Zinkin by just 30 votes in last week's election.... Read more»

Five finance reform lobbyists for each member of Congress

Businesses, trade groups and other interests hired more than five lobbyists for each member of Congress to influence financial regulatory reform legislation pending before the Senate, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis. ... Read more»

Health care reform

Study: Health reform could mean penalties for one-third of employers

About one-third of employers subject to major requirements of the new health care law may face tax penalties because they offer health insurance that could be considered unaffordable to some employees, a new study says.... Read more»

Frenchman 'supersizes' his cigarette habit

But one Frenchman has taken his protest of smoking bans to a higher level. Christophe Cedat set out to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day — just to see what it would to do to his body.... Read more»3

Why more Americans perish as Aussies live longer

Universal, affordable health care may be expensive, but the world’s first comprehensive adult mortality study provides hard evidence of how well it works to preserve lives.... Read more»

U.S.-China relations: 5 things you need to know

With top-level U.S.-China talks set for Beijing this week, Sino-American relations are once again grabbing headlines. Here are five things you should know about the U.S.-China relationship.... Read more»1

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