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Alison Jones ousts Jo Holt as Pima Dems chair by 4 votes

Activist Alison Jones won the votes of precinct committeemen Saturday, beating sitting Pima County Democratic Party Chair Jo Holt by a narrow margin.... Read more»

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Movie review

Kid critic: 'Dragon' offers important lessons for all

If you like the "Harry Potter" stories, you'll like "How to Train Your Dragon."... Read more»2

How Saudis really see Americans

A new series of hilarious ads for Burger King created for Middle East consumers puts a whole new spin on the well-worn phrase. And in the process, the commercials make some interesting social commentary.... Read more»

What are we feeding our children?

The Tucson Food Dude, Kevin Hall, adds a local perspective to growing national concerns about what we feed our kids.... Read more»

DVD reviews

Celluloid for the couch potato

This week’s new release DVDs ask a common question: what does society expect from the male gender? And can a man reasonably achieve this ideal without sacrificing his innate nature, his mind or his soul?... Read more»

Campaign 2010

Palin, McCain together again

John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared together Friday for the first time since the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, on stage at the Pima County Fairgrounds.... Read more»17

Childhood obesity

Tucson doctors, teachers, parents fight childhood obesity

In January 2000, 11 percent of all children were overweight or obese. Today, it's 33 percent... Read more»

Parents group presents education scorecard for Az lawmakers

The Arizona Education Network, a parents group, released a scorecard Wednesday rating lawmakers for their votes on funding education during 2009. The results: 40 of 90 state lawmakers voted against public education in the group’s estimation 100 percent of the time. All of them are Republicans.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Blossoming into adolescence

When it comes to visual art, I'm one of those people who, unless it's really obvious, doesn't tend to "get" when things aren't what they're actually "supposed to be."... Read more»

Music download

Local singer Marianne Dissard offers free album online

When a prominent local voice offers our readers a free 15-song download, we at the Sentinel are thrilled to tell you all about it. Thus, we present Marianne Dissard's "Paris One Takes"... Read more»

Concert preview

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists rock Sunday in Tucson

Whitney Morton, of Joan and Whitney, has herself in a tizzy of excitement over Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Sunday show at Club Congress. You should be excited, too.... Read more»1


Terrorism is here to stay; why not get a master's in it?

Tucked among the gray stone walls of this 600-year-old Scottish university, in a modern, glass-walled building, is the world-renowned Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence – as up to date as a suicide bombing.... Read more»

Health care reform

First test of new health law: covering the hard-to-insure

It’s the first test of the Democrats’ ambitious plan to overhaul health care: establishing a program to cover people turned down because they have a pre-existing medical condition. ... Read more»

GOP's Cantor says his office was shot at, says Dems are 'fanning the flames'

The Congressional clash over threats and vandalism against lawmakers in the aftermath of the health care vote took a new turn Thursday as the No. 2 House Republican accused Democrats of recklessly exploiting the incidents for political gain.... Read more»1

Palin to campaign with McCain at Tucson 'picnic'

Former Alaska Governor and ex-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will stump for Senator McCain in Tucson on March 26.... Read more»2


Business & education group urges reform of school-finance system

A system for tracking school expenditures and whether money spent on specific programs improves student performance would make schools more efficient and accountable, according to a group of business and education leaders.... Read more»

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