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Rand Paul: Kelli Ward is only true conservative running for Senate

Republican Sen. Rand Paul, a standard bearer for Tea Party conservatives, praised U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward at a campaign rally in Scottsdale, calling her a “constitutional conservative” who will stand up to the D.C., establishment.... Read more»

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State Dep't warns against travel to Mexico

Following the weekend killing in Juarez of three people with ties to the U.S. Consulate in Juarez, the U.S. Department of State has issued a strongly worded and startling warning for Americans to stay away from Mexico. ... Read more»

Morocco’s battle over booze

RABAT, Morocco — The buying frenzy begins around 6 p.m. Men throw elbows and shout, pushing to the front of the checkout line, clutching bottles of booze. This is not scene on the eve of a looming alcohol shortage. It’s not a speakeasy in a rough part of town. It’s just an average evening at my local liquor store, in an upscale neighborhood of Morocco’s capital.... Read more»


Texas approves conservative changes to state curriculum

The Texas Board of Education has approved broad changes to its curriculum, emphasizing conservative political and economic values to its students.... Read more»

Comic: Kimjongilia

Kim Jong-il is 'pissed off'

Do trade sanctions work against rogue regimes? Many experts say no, but new evidence out of North Korea appears to support their use.... Read more»

Elsa's eats

Amber Restaurant offers limited but tasty Polish menu

It was a cold and blustery day when we tried the Amber Restaurant at 7000 E. Tanque Verde, and hot, hearty Polish food was welcome. Sadly, only a small portion of the menu was authentic Slavic fare.... Read more»

Health care debate

Obama makes final push on health care reform

Health care legislation may finally be passed this week, with the White House increasingly optimistic about final resolution, and the House poised to vote on the Senate's version in the coming days.... Read more»

Social networking

Classmates.com settles suit over fake emails

Classmates.com could pay up to $9.5 million to subscribers to settle a lawsuit that accused the social network sending fake emails from former classmates in an effort to get more subscribers.... Read more»

Political chess

High stakes in waiting game for Iraq election results

The official results of Iraq's election could be months away, but there is a lot riding on what happens in the coming weeks as the vote tallies seep out and the still pooling allegations of fraud are investigated.... Read more»


Sarkozy prepares for election rebuke

A second round of regional elections on March 21 could leave President Nicolas Sarkozy's ruling party wallowing in defeat and the opposition Socialists basking in the glow of a "grand-slam" victory — an outcome that would augur badly for a possible re-election bid by Sarkozy in 2012.... Read more»

Will the Falkland Islands come between the UK and US?

The "special relationship" between Britain and the United States has come under scrutiny here recently because of differences of opinion between the allies about a windswept archipelago in the South Atlantic claimed by both Britain and Argentina.... Read more»

Australian autistic students put in fenced pen

A primary school in Australia defended putting their autistic students in a pen, saying they wanted to keep them safe.... Read more»1

El Porvenir

Is Venezuela flooding an unexplored holy site?

Known as El Porvenir, this pre-Columbian indigenous site in a remote part of western Venezuela has never been truly examined by archaeologists. And now it looks like it may never be. The government plans to flood the valley in which it lies to create a hydroelectric dam.... Read more»

Cooking up a career

Az culinary school enrollment picking up steam

Culinary schools throughout Southern Arizona are seeing a significant increase in enrollment and demand due to popular television cooking shows, movies and the recession.... Read more»

Comic: Kimjongilia

The Talented Mr. Kim

Kim Jong-il is widely known to have shot 38 under par in his first ever game of golf, but he's more than just a pretty face.... Read more»

Manny Pacquiao

Famed Filipino boxer heads to the polls

Famed Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is planning his next knockout, but this time it won't be in the ring. Instead, he is running for a Congressional seat.With many of his most ardent supporters divided over whether they want him to fight outside the ring, it could be his toughest bout yet.... Read more»

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