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Army IDs 2nd soldier on border deployment found dead in Arizona

Another military service member deployed to assist with border enforcement has been found dead in Southern Arizona. Pfc. Kevin J. Christian, 21, was found Sunday near Ajo, west of Tucson.... Read more»

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SB 1070

Text of Mexican travel alert issued for Az

Text of the travel alert issued by Mexico's Foriegn Ministry for Mexican nationals in Arizona.... Read more»

Election 2010: Arizona governor

Immigration law gives Brewer poll bounce

Gov. Jan Brewer has jumped in the polls after signing the controversial state law that requires Arizona police to check for immigration paperwork, a survey says. Putting her name to SB 1070 gave the governor a 16-point boost.... Read more»


Tucson police chief: No resources to enforce immigration law

"Taking on the responsibility of federal immigration enforcement is something we really don't have the resources to accomplish," Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor told a radio interviewer. (With audio)... Read more»

Comic: Racial profiling

'Papers, please'

Gov. Jan Brewer assures Arizonans that enforcement of immigration law will not involve racial profiling. Uh-huh.... Read more»

Election 2010: Arizona governor

Goddard leads all Republicans in poll

Terry Goddard leads all comers in the Arizona governor's race, according to Public Policy Polling. Of all Republicans, incumbent Jan Brewer performs the best against Goddard, gaining the nod from 44 percent to the Attorney General's 47 percent.... Read more»

Immigration SB1070

Boycott grounds Aeromexico flights to Az; Mexico issues travel alert

An official with the Mexican government has advised citizens not to travel to Arizona in the wake of the state's tough new immigration law. Aeromexico said it is suspending flights to Phoenix and Tucson due to a “significant” fall in demand.... Read more»1


Arizona alienates world as 'hate state'

It is eerie and ugly, coming home to a state of the union that now incites cops to roust fourth-generation Americans on the simple evidence of a suntan. That smacks of what evil empires do. Arizona is not yet Azerbaijan but neither is it, any longer, the big-hearted Mexican-accented place I loved to say I was from.... Read more»

Comic: SB 1070: Constitutionality

See you in Court!

Gov. Brewer, can you spell U-N-C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N-A-L? Don't spend too much taxpayer money on this fight, please.... Read more»

'Virtual kidnappings' call for Mexican cell phone registry

Experts say that since the practice began nine years ago, as many as 20 million Mexicans have fallen victim to "virtual kidnappings" — an effective extortion technique in a country where real kidnappings are a common occurrence. ... Read more»

Big Bend cross-border park faces twisting path

Border security issues are hampering plans to create an international park by combining Big Bend National Park in Texas with protected areas in Mexico.... Read more»


Bills aims to snip cash-card money smuggling

With advances in technology, drug cartels no longer need to smuggle truckloads of cash across the border. Thousands of dollars can be carried across on "stored value cards," prepaid cards or smartphones that can act like credit cards.... Read more»

Immigration SB1070

Poll: 60% of U.S. voters like new Az immigration law

A new poll finds that 60 percent of voters nationwide support Arizona's tough new immigration law.... Read more»

Comic: The White Star State

Reflecting public sentiment, Arizona changes state flag

Why mess around? If you're going to change the law, change the state bird (perhaps to the dodo?), change the state colors (to white, of course), and change the flag.... Read more»

Border & immigration: SB1070

Brewer signs controversial Az immigration measure

Gov. Jan Brewer, doing what she called "best for Arizona," signed SB1070 into law, strengthening the state's immigration laws. Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias said the law would "create a new Jim Crow" in Arizona.... Read more»2

Border & immigration

Gov. Brewer's statement on signing SB 1070

Text of Gov. Brewer's statement on signing the stringent immigration measure SB 1070.... Read more»

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