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BP agents detain 103, including families & children, as part of 'alarming' trend in remote Az desert

For the second time in February, Ajo-area Border Patrol agents detained a large group of people from Central America after they crossed into the U.S. west of Lukeville, Ariz., part of a months-long surge that the agency has called "alarming." ... Read more»

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Justice Janet?

Napolitano again being mentioned for Supreme Court

Justice Janet? Former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is once again a potential nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.... Read more»

Republican CD8 primary

Mantra of GOP candidate debate: Beat Giffords

All four candidates vying for the GOP CD8 nomination focused on beating Gabrielle Giffords in their debate Thursday night.... Read more»

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Minuteman border watch continues in Southern Arizona

The president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps says that even though her national group has disbanded, local Minuteman groups can continue to operate, and she promises to continue her work in Cochise County to stop illegal immigration.... Read more»

Border & immigration

After border tour, Brewer urges federal troop deployment

Touring an area where a rancher was killed, a crime investigators suspect was committed by someone in the country illegally, Gov. Jan Brewer and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson called Wednesday for the Obama administration to do more to secure the border.... Read more»

Border violence

Ways of dying in northern Mexico

Five thousand people have been murdered in the dying border city of Ciudad Juarez since 2008.... Read more»


Two hours in Juárez

A trip into a border city scarred by the narco-war. The biggest risk is getting mugged, not getting shot. Small comfort.... Read more»

Election 2010

Goddard launches campaign for governor

Attorney General Terry Goddard kicked off his campaign for governor Monday with a morning speech in Phoenix, followed by a press conference in Tucson.... Read more»

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

ACLU official: Arpaio using immigration for political gain, dividing Arizona

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is using immigration to drive a political agenda and in the process is turning Arizonans against each other and threatening the civil rights of legal residents, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union said Friday.... Read more»1

Richardson deploys New Mexico Guard on border

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has ordered his state's National Guard to patrol the border with Mexico.... Read more»

Giffords calls for National Guard on border

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords called for the deployment of National Guard troops along the border with Mexico on Tuesday.... Read more»

Activists push immigration reform

Immigration reformers have been itching for Congress to finish the health-care overhaul and finally begin the debate about fixing the nation's broken immigration system. "We have to end the suffering of all these individuals and families and allow equal access to health and education for millions."... Read more»


'Dumping ground' for immigration detainees

Picture, if you will, a Twilight Zone episode in which foreigners are stripped of their mental capacities and thrust into a government-sanctioned delusional purgatory. But this is no Hollywood script. Every one of these stories is true.... Read more»

Border crime

Where's plan B for Mexico?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the other top U.S. officials who stopped by Mexico this week had nice things to say about President Felipe Calderon.... Read more»

Arizona politics

Tucson Rep. Patterson bounced from committee

Tucson Rep. Daniel Patterson was removed from a House committee because of remarks he made to another legislator.... Read more»2


U.S. announces broader approach in fight against drug trafficking

The big question for both the United States and Mexico is whether or not to continue with a heavily militarized approach in the fight against drug traffickers. With Secretary of State Clinton's announcement Tuesday, the Obama administration seems to be voting no.... Read more»

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