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9th Circuit confirms right to lawyer in asylum hearings

Ruling that noncitizens are entitled to attorneys during removal proceedings, the 9th Circuit ordered an immigration judge Tuesday to rehear the deportation case of a Mexican man who disputes that he willingly gave up his right to counsel.... Read more»

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Mexicans aren't lazy - Belgians are

Or so says a report by the OECD. Americans, by the way, are fat but generous. It's a bad day for people who throw around ugly national stereotypes.... Read more»

Operation Fast and Furious

Firearms dealer worried ATF would let weapons slip to bad guys

An Arizona gun dealer pressed by federal agents to continue selling weapons to suspected straw buyers for Mexican cartels sought assurances that the government would not let the guns cross into Mexico or be used against U.S. border agents.... Read more»

Nogales border safe, open for business, residents say

Three generations of Sotos have lived in Nogales, Sonora, and have watched the border change and evolve. Today, Soto's view aross the border is obstructed by fear and politics. But she's still looking, and she and other border residents, including people in law enforcement, say the border is safer than it's ever been.... Read more»

Did you know?: The INS no longer exists

The folks over at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services wonder why so many people search for "INS" online, when that agency hasn't existed for eight years.... Read more»1


Appeals court rules against SB 1070

Denying an appeal by Gov. Jan Brewer, a federal appeals court upheld Monday a lower court's block of much of Arizona's controversial SB 1070 law aimed at illegal immigration. Updated with reactions.... Read more»6


Maras and Zetas: Mexico's gang alliance from hell

Two of Mexico's gangs have formed a concrete alliance, working together on kidnappings and acts of intimidation and terror.... Read more»

DOT outlines cross-border trucking rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation released preliminary details Friday on a program that would again open up U.S. roadways to Mexican truckers.... Read more»

Dozens of bodies found in Mexico mass graves

At least 59 bodies have been found in mass graves in northern Mexico, close to the U.S. border, near where 72 migrant workers died in a suspected drug gang massacre last year.... Read more»

Nogales residents recall 100 years of change on border

As a young man, Edward Holler slipped easily through gaps in a U.S.-Mexico border fence behind his house to visit shops and friends on the Mexican side. For almost 100 years, the Holler family homestead has stood just about 50 feet north of the U.S.-Mexico border, and for much of that time members enjoyed the perks of hopping easily across the border. (with video)... Read more»

'Border security' red herring undermines real progress

Opponents of comprehensive immigration reform argue that we need a fully secure border before we can systemically overhaul our immigration laws. Ironically, the “border security first” mantra is actually thwarting progress on border security.... Read more»


'Border security first' advocates block real immigration reform

The "border security first" mantra is a popular refrain in Congress these days. This singular focus is shortsighted. The only real solution to our dysfunctional immigration system is through comprehensive immigration reform.... Read more»5

Mexican wastewater plant threatens Tumacacori oasis

A new wastewater treatment plant in Nogales, Son., will reduce the amount of water flowing north across the border, affecting a lush riparian area along the Santa Cruz River.... Read more»

English-language learning

Survey change likely means more ELL students

School districts are likely to see increases in English-language learners and the costs associated with the program after the federal government demanded that Arizona change a survey it uses to screen students, school officials and observers say.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Honor Rob Krentz by strengthening border security efforts

One year ago on March 27, the son of Southern Arizona pioneers who lived and worked on land his family has ranched since territorial days was found murdered about 20 miles north of the international border. Rob Krentz, a true son of the American West, was a victim of our nation's failure to secure the border.... Read more»

Border agents unwittingly freed suspects with weapons from sting

While one federal law-enforcement agency was trying to track guns being smuggled into Mexico, another agency released some of the same guns to potential suspects near the border. ... Read more»4

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