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Court OKs special prosecutor to fight Arpaio’s push to clear his record

A federal appeals court this week approved the hiring of a special prosecutor to challenge former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s claim that his criminal contempt of court conviction should be vacated after his presidential pardon.... Read more»

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Immigration SB1070

Despite threat, Az official powerless to shut off LA's juice

If Los Angeles wants to boycott Arizona over its new immigration law, they'd better get ready to do so in the dark, one official says. But that may be an empty threat. ... Read more»5

Immigration SB1070

Border arrests up despite new immigration law

Arizona's tough new immigration law apparently hasn't slowed the rate of illegal border crossers into the state.... Read more»

Immigration & SB 1070

Napolitano speech draws immigration-law protest

A speech by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano at the Pomona College graduation drew demonstrators protesting Arizona's new immigration law.... Read more»

Immigration & SB 1070

'Day without Mexicans' could be affecting Nogales business

A "Day Without Mexicans" boycott of Arizona by Mexican consumers seems to be having an impact at the Nogales border crossing, which has had almost no traffic Friday, according to a Sonoran newspaper.... Read more»6

Immigration & SB 1070

Fans protest at Wrigley, ask Cubs to move spring training from Arizona

Dozens of immigrant-rights supporters gathered outside Wrigley Field on Friday, calling on the Chicago Cubs to no longer hold spring training in Arizona. ... Read more»1

Border & immigration

Study: Border plan 'Streamline' a 'waste' of money

Border security plan Operation Streamline is a "waste of taxpayer dollars," according to a study by the Warren Institute.... Read more»

Efforts hope to raise Hispanics' 50% college graduation rate

As Saturday's graduation approaches at UA, about half the university's Hispanic students won't make it to their degrees: that's nearly 10 percent lower than white students.... Read more»

Immigration SB1070

Palin tells high school girls 'go rogue' after their game in Az is canceled

Sarah Palin told an Illinois high school girls basketball team to "go rogue" after their game in Arizona was canceled because of the state's new immigration law. ... Read more»1

15 arrested after Horne press conference on ethnic studies ban

15 people were arrested during a sit-in downtown on Wednesday to protest the elimination of ethnic studies classes in TUSD. Mostly students from Tucson High, those arrested were protesting following a press conference by Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Horne.... Read more»

SB 1070

L.A. city council votes to boycott Arizona

L.A.'s city council voted to ban city travel to Arizona and future contracts with the state. During a morning-long debate on the resolution, council members compared Arizona’s action to Nazi Germany and the beginning of the Holocaust, said the LA Times.... Read more»

Brewer signs bill banning TUSD ethnic studies classes

A bill banning ethnic studies classes in Arizona was signed Tuesday by Gov. Jan Brewer. The law, which takes effective Dec. 31, was pushed by Tom Horne, a longtime critic of such classes in TUSD.... Read more»3

Border crime

Giffords again asks for National Guard to 'secure' border

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Wednesday again asked President Obama to deploy the National Guard to secure the Mexican border.... Read more»

Guest opinion

The GOP's growing Hispanic rift

I am a Mexican American and a Republican. It pains me to see and hear so many Republicans express anti-immigrant sentiments, and it strikes me as politically fruitless to see so many Republicans support measures such as SB 1070.... Read more»3

Comic: Immigration

Brown in Green

Environmental group Greenopia named Arizona the 13th greenest state, meaning 12 states are greener. Does less brown mean more green?... Read more»

Arizona legislature

For many lawmakers, disclosures don’t estimate holdings’ total value

Estimating the total value of a lawmaker's holdings is impossible in many cases. Disclosure forms have an uppermost range of "more than $100,000," and 49 of 90 Arizona lawmakers listed one or more assets in the highest range.... Read more»1

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