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Yuma-area BP apprehends 170 people, including 25 U.S. citizens, near Imperial Sand Dunes

Border Patrol agents arrested 170 people, including 25 U.S. citizens, during a three-week operation in the Imperial Sand Dunes west of Yuma during April and May, authorities said. ... Read more»

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Pima County, Mexican officials to share DNA data on border remains

In 2004, DNA analysis first helped forensic anthropologist Dr. Bruce Anderson give a family answers about one young woman who disappeared while crossing illegally into Arizona. Pima County officials hope an agreement with Mexican officials to share databases of DNA information will help close even more of the 640 cases involving unidentified remains.... Read more»

Border & immigration

Volunteers pick up tons of migrant trash in desert

Volunteers from Humane Borders and the UA pick up thousands of pounds of trash left behind by migrants every year.... Read more»8

Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection

Feds work to speed San Luis border crossing with SENTRI program

The SENTRI program is designed to cut wait times by running extensive background checks once, in advance – and then letting qualified travelers use a dedicated entry lane with a processing time of about 10 seconds.... Read more»

Mexico's illegal immigrants? Americans

With all of the discussion about Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law, many people have countered that Mexico should look at its own immigration laws and problems. The majority of illegal immigrants in Mexico are ex-pats from the U.S., not Central America.... Read more»

Think again

Is farm work funny, Mr. Colbert?

House Minority Leader John Boehner says he thinks it’s weird that Democrats have “time to bring a comedian to Congress but they don't have time to end the uncertainty by extending the tax cuts." The reaction to Colbert’s appearance has been largely negative. Washington does not like this character who captures the city so well—at least not in person.... Read more»

Deputy Louis Puroll

DPS: Agency had limited role in probing deputy’s reported shooting

At a news conference Wednesday, Sgt. Kevin Wood, a DPS media relations specialist, contradicted a statement Monday from Pinal County authorities that the agency agreed Deputy Louis Puroll was shot by drug smugglers.... Read more»

Hispanic business owners blame SB 1070 for exodus of customers

Some Latino-business owners blame their struggles on what they call an exodus of their customer base – immigrants who are afraid of Arizona's controversial immigration law, SB 1070, and are fleeing to other states.... Read more»

Secure Communities deportation program expands in Texas

The controversial Secure Communities program that identifies immigrants in local jails now operates in every Texas county.... Read more»

Nogales mayor indicted for bribery, theft, money laundering

Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel, 29, of Nogales, Ariz., has been indicted and arrested on multiple charges including bribery, theft, fraud and money laundering, Attorney General Terry Goddard announced Tuesday.... Read more»

Despite murdered reporters, Mexican paper presses on

"What do you want from us?" It's an odd question for a newspaper to ask of the people it covers. But when those people have an arsenal rivaling an army — and no reservations about murdering journalists to keep them from doing their jobs — a paper's role leading the public conversation takes on a different and deadly dynamic.... Read more»

Tourism leaders look to rebuild Arizona brand in wake of SB 1070

""It's difficult to know what the long-term impacts will be," says a tourism official, but the worst of SB 1070′s effect on Arizona's tourism industry has likely passed.... Read more»

Comic: Transportation

I-19 to be renamed I-11.4?

Arizona Department of Transportation officials say they will replace old signposts on Interstate 19 with new ones measured in imperial distances.... Read more»

In Mexico, little to cheer for during bicentennial

The yellow skulls and bones of the 14 heroes sit in glass crypts decorated in gold engravings and red ribbons, a testament to old glory. These remains of leaders who fought for Mexican independence were put on public display to celebrate two centuries of the Mexican nation — a moment to be rejoiced tonight.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Birthright madness: Anti-immigrant sentiment at fever pitch

Well it's happening again in Arizona. State Senator Russell Pearce and his side-kick, Rep. John Kavanaugh are getting ready to unveil their newest assault on undocumented immigrants, this time with a bill designed to eliminate birthright citizenship.... Read more»2

Border & immigration

Feds reducing deportation risk for many illegal immigrants

The Obama administration has changed the nation's immigration enforcement strategy in ways that will reduce the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants and will likely blunt the impact of any state laws designed to deport vast numbers of people.... Read more»

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