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Az lawmakers split on Obama’s final State of the Union

Arizona Democrats welcomed Obama's "aspirational" speech, but Republicans called it everything from "fluff" to premature legacy-building by a lame-duck president.... Read more»

Tucson Border Patrol gets new chief

Paul A. Beeson is the new chief patrol agent in the Tucson Sector, replacing Manuel Padilla Jr., who left in November to take over the position in the Rio Grande Valley. ... Read more»

Clinton calls for an end to U.S. immigration raids

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Monday for an end to raids by U.S. officials to deport undocumented Central American families, saying they were divisive and sowing fear in immigrant communities.... Read more»

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U.S., Mexican efforts to battle gun trafficking falter

Efforts to combat illegal gunrunning from the United States to Mexico have stumbled in recent years, hampered by a lack of cooperation between U.S. and Mexican officials, according to a report from a U.S. federal watchdog agency.... Read more»

Nogales police arrest teen for possession of assault rifles, ammo

Nogales police arrested a 16-year-old boy for possession of 10 AK-47-patterned rifles found in the trunk of his car Friday morning. ... Read more»

Mexico recaptures drug kingpin 'Chapo' Guzman

Mexico has recaptured the world's most notorious drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, six months after he brazenly broke out of a maximum security prison through a mile-long tunnel, President Enrique Pena Nieto said Friday. ... Read more»

Former BP agent sentenced for child porn possession, distribution

Former Tucson-area Border Patrol agent Nicolas Peter Berner, 39, was sentenced to 71 months in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography by a federal judge Friday. Berner pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the charges, and will be subject to a lifetime term of supervised release and must register as a sex offender. ... Read more»

Opinions split in border city over Mexican court ruling to ease marijuana law

When Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled this fall that individuals have the right to grow marijuana for personal use, it did little to resolve the issue in border towns like Ciudad Juarez that have long been the scene of bloody drug wars.... Read more»

Border agent's murder trial delayed until March

The trial of Lonnie Ray Swartz, a Border Patrol agent accused of second-degree murder for the 2012 cross-border shooting of 16-year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, has been delayed until March 22. ... Read more»

U.S. takes 121 illegal immigrants into custody for deportation

U.S. authorities took 121 people into custody over the weekend, primarily in Texas, Georgia and North Carolina, as immigration authorities moved to deport families who entered the United States illegally after May 2014, officials said on Monday.... Read more»

DHS begins immigration raids & family deportations

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson confirmed that immigration officials had arrested 121 people over the holiday in at least six states this weekend. The raids were intended to blunt the spike of Central American families coming into the United States through Mexico, he said. ... Read more»

The top border stories of 2015

Among more than 400 stories about the border and immigration published by TucsonSentinel.com in 2015, here are six worth reviewing and three more worth a read. ... Read more»

Despite high unemployment, Yuma’s agribusiness continues to thrive

Every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a report listing metropolitan areas with the highest unemployment rates in the country. Yuma often finds itself at the top of that list. It had a non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 23.2 percent in October, when the national average hovered at 4.8 percent.... Read more»

Democratic presidential candidates blast U.S. plan to deport families

The Obama administration on Thursday came under fire from Democratic presidential candidates and human rights groups for plans to intensify deportations of Central American migrants by rounding up undocumented families.... Read more»

Immigrants help hometowns with Mexico’s ‘Three for One’ matching program

A Mexican government program matches remittances sent home by immigrants in the U.S., helping build hospitals, schools and scholarship funds as well as local businesses. "They are productive investments and they make a big difference."... Read more»1

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