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Savoring the black wine of Cahors

Old-world Malbec wine is a little bit like the Marlboro Man, but without the nicotine. It's rugged. Long-lasting. Original. It does its own thing, current tastes be damned.... Read more»

Can Britain put cork in binge-drinking crisis?

Britain has a blithely accepted culture of accelerated alcohol consumption, sometimes to the point of oblivion, that is unmatched by few other counties in Europe. As the country prepares for the obligatory drinking marathon that accompanies the World Cup, new measures are being urged amid warnings that alcohol consumption is reaching crisis levels.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Federalism doesn’t include putting cork in interstate commerce

As our nation’s capital continues to expand its power at an alarming rate, many conservatives (including me) are seeking shelter in the power of the states to protect the liberty of their citizens. H.R. 5034 invokes the language of states’ rights to give states the power to regulate interstate alcohol shipments.... Read more»

Elsa's Eats: The Hog Pit Smokehouse Bar and Grill - A Pig Pen?

My intrepid lunchtime companion and I paid a visit to the Hog Pit on 6910 E. Tanque Verde, formerly known as Taco Bron. Who doesn’t love good BBQ? ... Read more»2

Elsa's Eats: A Steak in the Neighborhood

Envision if you will a hip, downtown bistro where four well-shod girlfriends can enjoy a good “dish” and dinner. A scene out of “Sex and the City”? No, this is A Steak in the Neighborhood in downtown Tucson.... Read more»


Weekend by the dozen

As the weather warms, it may occur to Sentinel readers that getting off the screen, out of the house and into the world is the best laid plan. Hatch your weekend itinerary from the events below.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Nobody expects the French Revolution!

Why is it every time I spill a little beer, our kitchen floor becomes a refuge for the oppressed 18th century French?... Read more»

Food & Drink

Mother's milk: The Great Guinness Toast

The Great Guinness Toast will go down Friday at several Tucson bars and clubs.... Read more»

Elsa's Eats

Zona 78: Best pizza in Tucson

Zona 78's menu reflects the inspired artistry and brilliance of both Chef/Owner Ramiro Scavo and Pastry Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph. Their stellar creations are lovingly made with great passion and detail. ... Read more»2

Antarctic whisky stash yields more than expected

Three cases of Scotch recovered from the site of abandoned 1908 expedition to South Pole just might lead to a recreation of Shackleton's whisky.... Read more»

Buzz kill

Alcohol-related deaths make Tucson No. 9 on 'drunkest' list

Tucson cracked open the top 10 drunkest cities list, staggering in at No. 9, according to Men's Health Magazine.... Read more»6

Sweet deal for Diageo

Lobbyists distill tax break for foreign rum maker

A transfer of billions of dollars in federal aid from public projects in Puerto Rico to one of the world's largest liquor conglomerates over the next 30 years continues to move forward without any objection from Congress.... Read more»1

Dutch crack down on marijuana tourism

After 30 years of high times, Amsterdam continues to attract waves of tourists eager to smoke a reefer or two without having to look out for the cops. However Dutch attitudes are changing. Restrictions on cannabis sales are tighter, while youngsters seem indifferent to the coffee shops' charms.... Read more»

A touch of blarney in Mexico

With pints of thick black Guinness passing over a dark wooden bar, the Pogues’ Christmas melody blasting out of speakers and revelers noshing on bangers and mash, the pub feels like it could be in downtown Dublin — or even Southie in Boston. But this drinking hole sits in the heart of Mexico City; it is one of dozens of European-style bars and pubs that have sprung up in the capital in recent years. ... Read more»

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