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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: New questions about Tucson's deadliest day

Defense attorney Michael Piccarreta talked about efforts to overturn Louis Taylor’s conviction for the Pioneer Hotel fire in downtown Tucson, plus: Shelly Fishman with the Tuesday MoneyMaker Report, Blog For Arizona’s David Safier, and Mark Sykes, head of the Tucson-based Planetary Science Institute.... Read more»

Open thread: Who are you voting for?

It’s Election Day, but tens of thousands of Southern Arizonans have already cast their votes. Whether you’ve returned an early ballot, waited for Election Day, or just plain haven’t made up your mind (yet, really?!), tell us your thoughts on election 2012.... Read more»7

Watchdog: Az nonprofit laundered campaign money in Calif.

An obscure Arizona nonprofit that has contributed $1.5 million to campaigns opposing two Arizona ballot measures revealed Monday under court order that $11 million it contributed to California ballot measure campaigns passed through two other nonprofits. A California official said that this qualifies as money laundering and violates state law.... Read more»

Lawyers nationwide gear up for Election Day challenges

You may be alone when you step into the voting booth on Election Day, but there will still be thousands of people watching over your shoulder. Attorneys for the government, political parties and other groups will be monitoring the voting process closely this year to protect against voter fraud, voter intimidation and possibly to ready challenges in close races.... Read more»

Despite Az’s many independents, 3rd parties still face long odds

Marc Victor’s spokesman is realistic: The Libertarian nominee does not expect to break through the high-profile Senate standoff between Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona. It’s not for lack of trying. But with limited resources – the Arizona Libertarian Party reported spending just $1 on campaigns since August – there is only so much a third-party candidate can do.... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Az winemakers celebrate big harvest

The Monday Political Face-Off with commentators Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom, followed by, Lisa Bates, president of Tucson Wildlife Center, and Kent Callaghan, owner of Callaghan Vineyards in Elgin, Ariz.... Read more»

Emergency early voting open Downtown

If you can’t make it to the polls Tuesday, you can vote early at the Downtown office of the Pima County Recorder on Monday, before 5 p.m.. If you still have an unreturned mail-in ballot, you can drop it off there, or at any polling place on Tuesday.... Read more»

Obscure group’s donations include campaign against Dem lawmaker

Americans for Responsible Leadership, a Phoenix-based nonprofit, continues to pour money into the opposition against Proposition 121 and Proposition 204 and added to its activities by funding a mailing this week opposing a Democrat for state House.... Read more»

Dems ready to monitor Az poll watchers

Leaders of Verify the Vote, an Arizona offshoot of a national, Tea Party-backed effort, say their training for poll watchers is about preventing fraud. But critics say it’s really a thinly veiled effort to intimidate minorities and other groups likely to vote for Democrats.... Read more»2

Photos: Thousands remember loved ones at All Souls Procession

Tens of thousands of Tucsonans formed a blocks-long flood of painted faces, drumming groups, shimmying dancers, intricate shrines and hand-carried momentos as they honored the dead during Southern Arizona’s special take on the Day of the Dead on Sunday night. (with video)... Read more»

Daylight Saving Time

Don't touch that clock! Rest of nation falling back from DST

Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning for most of the United States, but Arizona residents won’t have to switch their clocks — we don’t observe DST.... Read more»

Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie

Report: Border agents in radio contact before friendly-fire death

Border Patrol agents involved in the October friendly-fire incident that killed Agent Nicholas Ivie were in radio contact with the slain agent just before his death, according to a report released Friday.... Read more»

Border roundup: Suspect pleads guilty to murder in Brian Terry killing

News from and about the borderlands: Voter concerns and polls, law enforcement updates, rising illegal immigration may indicate economic recovery and news from across the border.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pima County's $197 million job plan

An interview with Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, plus the Reporters’ Roundtable with Sarah Garrecht Gassen, Arizona Daily Star editorial writer, and Dan Shearer, Green Valley News editor, followed by Tucson’s “Culinary Cruiser” Matt Russell with the Weekend Watch.... Read more»

To-do List

Weekend brings bagpipers, All Souls Procession

Tucson’s beautiful weather keeps outdoor festivals and events fun this weekend, including the annual Celtic Festival and Tucson’s take on All Souls with the 23rd annual procession.... Read more»

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