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Ex-Tucsonan named spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump

Stephanie Grisham, a former Tucsonan who was a spokeswoman for AAA Arizona, has been working in the White House after a stint in state government. Grisham was named the director of communications for first lady Melania Trump on Monday.... Read more»

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Border officers seize $100K in meth, save baby

In the past week, Customs and Border Protection officers seized just over $100,000 of meth in three separate incidents, and saved a newborn baby.... Read more»1

Sedona police on the lookout for drivers using cellphones

While Phoenix and Tucson have banned texting while driving, Sedona has gone a step further by barring any cellphone use without a hands-free device. Offenders face fines of $100 or more. ... Read more»

Report: ‘Unfair’ Az tax system unduly burdens poor residents

Arizona’s poor are among the most overtaxed in the nation relative to the state’s wealthier taxpayers, a new survey says. Advocates point to the state's reliance on sales and excise taxes as the reason, but one noted that Arizona still has a relatively low tax burden overall.... Read more»

Arizona back on Supreme Court calendar

The Supreme Court term begins Monday and, as in recent years, Arizona will be arguing cases before the justices in this term. Two Arizona cases have already been accepted by the court for argument and several others are in the pipeline, a level of activity unusual for a state Arizona's size. ... Read more»

Midnight Monday is voter registration deadline

If you want to have your say in the November election, make sure you're on the voter rolls by midnight on Monday.... Read more»

Black-footed ferrets settling in at new Az site

The endangered black-footed ferret has been making a comeback in northern Arizona since a reintroduction program began in 1996. A release this week marks a new stage of that effort as state officials established a second population to complement one near Seligman. ... Read more»

AK-47 among weapons BP seizes from smugglers

In a series of busts, Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized two stolen vehicles and four weapons, including a fully-automatic AK-47 assault rifle and a 9 mm pistol with a silencer. ... Read more»

Az traces alcohol sources in underaged drinkers' accidents, deaths

TRACE, or Target Responsibility for Alcohol Connected Emergency, is the investigation unit of the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. The investigators are called when underage drinking is involved in a serious accident or death, and their job is to work backward from the time of the incident to find out who supplied the alcohol.... Read more»

High court to hear Az lawmakers’ redistricting challenge

The Supreme Court said Thursday it will hear the Arizona Legislature’s challenge to a voter-passed law that gave an independent, nonpartisan commission – not lawmakers – the power to draw legislative and congressional district boundaries... Read more»

Operation Streamline protesters found guilty

Six activists who blocked the federal courthouse in Tucson during an October 2013 protest against the fast-track immigration court held there were found guilty by a federal judge on Friday. ... Read more»2

Captured Mexican drug lord was hunted by U.S. agents

On Wednesday, Mexican soldiers arrested the man who headed one of that country's most notorious cartels, Hector Beltran Leyva. The U.S. offered a $5 million reward for his capture, with the drug lord accused of running huge cocaine traffic to the US. His cartel was also a suspect in an attack on CIA agents.... Read more»

Obama administration breaks own deportation record

The Obama administration in 2013 deported a record-breaking 438,421 people, including about 315,000 Mexican nationals, according to government statistics released Wednesday.... Read more»

24 cartel scouts arrested during anti-smuggling raids

Using helicopters, agents with the Border Patrol's tactical unit raided the campsites of men the agency alleges were acting as lookouts for smuggling operations, arresting 24 and seizing 6,500 pounds of drugs. ... Read more»

High court sides with insurer in lawsuit involving ownership of car in accident

An attorney for insurance giant State Farm said a case by the company "should give Arizonans a better understanding of how their insurance works when conducting a direct sale." The Arizona Supreme Court ruled the company is allowed to press a claim over whether a vehicle's ownership was transferred before a 2008 collision.... Read more»

Cochise County program calls isolated residents to ask: 'Are you OK?'

Four miles from the border, the prefab house sits on acres of land. The closest neighbor is more than a mile away. Sheila Goar, 74, has lived on this land her entire life. She is the only member of her family left in the area, with a sister she doesn’t speak to and a brother in Idaho, she used to rely on distant neighbors and friends who occasionally checked in on her.... Read more»

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