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Still have your early ballot? Make sure your vote is counted

Like 60 percent of Arizona voters, Jeff McMahon, a Democrat from Tempe, is on Arizona’s permanent early voting list. Unlike a large percentage of early voters, McMahon is vigilant about walking his early ballot to the post office at least a couple of weeks before Election Day. The Secretary of State’s Office named Thursday as the “deadline” for mailing in early ballot so they will arrive in time.... Read more»

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Guest opinion

The hidden cost of the income tax

Decades of experience have shown us that high taxes dampen economic growth. As it turns out, most states actually rely on the very tax that slows job growth the most: the income tax.... Read more»

South Side homebuyers may get down payment help

Homebuyers on the South Side can get down payment assistance of up to $15,000 under a program that runs through Nov. 30.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Metal theft hurting Tucson business

Interviews with Tom Hogan of Tucson’s Oktoberfest celebration, GOP state Senate candidate Frank Antenori, and Jim Kuliesh of the Alliance of Construction Trades.... Read more»

Advocacy group: Minority foreclosures get poor treatment from banks

The National Fair Housing Alliance, an advocacy group, filed a federal housing discrimination complaint Tuesday accusing Bank of America Corporation of dealing with foreclosed homes differently in neighborhoods with predominately Latino and black populations.... Read more»1

Bennett: Nine new cases of voter fraud in Arizona

Using an interstate database, Arizona officials found nine cases of people committing fraud by voting in multiple states during the 2008 general election, Secretary of State Ken Bennett said Tuesday.... Read more»3

Rogue Columnist

Prop. 120: Nullification redux

As every schoolchild once learned, South Carolina precipitated the nullification crisis in 1832 by passing a law that said it could, essentially, pick and choose which federal laws would apply within the state. Today in Arizona, talk of trampled state rights and infringed “sovereignty” helps keep the base agitated and angry.... Read more»3

Forum set on SB 1070, racial profiling

A community forum on SB 1070 and the potential for racial profiling, organized by Councilwoman Regina Romero and religious leaders, is set for Tuesday evening. Appearing at the meeting will be Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor and City Attorney Mike Rankin.... Read more»1

Trafficking crimes tough to measure, harder to combat

Lawmakers will address the challenges of combating human trafficking in Texas — a state known as a national center for the difficult-to-measure crime — at a joint interim hearing in Houston on Tuesday. Texas has created harsher penalties for the crime, but advocates say it’s hard to know whether they are working.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Az should not 'exchange' health care freedom for gov't control

The most effective way states can defend their citizens’ healthcare freedoms is by refusing to establish state-run health insurance exchanges.... Read more»

Horne: $57M from mortgage settlement will help Az homeowners

Arizona will use $57 million from its share of settlements with mortgage lenders to help people facing foreclosure stay in their homes and provide counseling, legal assistance and oversight, Attorney General Tom Horne said Monday.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: TUSD Board member Mark Stegeman

Inteviews with Mark Stegeman, an incumbent candidate for TUSD Governing Board, plus Richard Studwell, developer and City Hall commentator, and Jim Small of the Arizona Capitol Times.... Read more»

Tucson among nation’s poorest regions

Tucson had the sixth highest level of poverty in 2011 out of all the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Local officials identify the city’s economic struggles, but point to education as the key to getting more jobs and higher-paying jobs in the region.... Read more»8

TPD: Missing disabled man located

A developmentally disabled man who went missing in Midtown earlier Monday has “returned to his group home and is in good condition,” a police spokeswoman said.... Read more»

Tucson Unified School District

TUSD delays meeting for Yom Kippur

A special meeting of the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board set for Sept. 25 has been rescheduled for Oct. 2 because of a conflict with Yom Kippur, a district spokeswoman said.... Read more»

Hispanic buying power on upsurge

A new report by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce forecasts that Latinos will account for $40 billion of Arizona’s consumer spending during 2012. Hispanic officials say there is a growing market in Arizona that cannot be ignored.... Read more»

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