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Monday deadline to register to vote in Tucson primary

Monday at midnight is the deadline to register to vote in Tucson's primary election for mayor and City Council candidates. You can register online or check your current registration at ServiceArizona.com.... Read more»

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High winds increase fire danger

High winds will increase the fire danger throughout Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.... Read more»

Election 2010

'Daily Show' looks at McCain/Palin reunion

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart had an observation or two about the recent (apparent) rapprochement between John McCain and Sarah Palin.... Read more»1

Bill would make jobless full-time students eligible for unemployment

With so many people working and going to school full-time, it's difficult to see why anyone in this position would be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits, a state lawmaker says.... Read more»

Tucson No. 8 in easiest commute

Stop complaining about Tucson traffic. According to Forbes.com, we have the eighth-easiest commute in the U.S.... Read more»

Laws on service member funeral arrangements unclear

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, wants state law to clarify who makes final decisions about what's done with remains of service members who die on active duty, saying that confusion can lead to lawsuits.... Read more»

On the records: Census gets interactive

The U.S. Census Bureau recently launched an interactive map that makes it easy to track participation in the decennial count of households. The map application, which relies on the Google Maps API, visualizes the participation rates by color — orange for higher rates, and blue for lower rates.... Read more»1

Arizona in line for big share of funds against mortgage fraud

Arizona is in line to receive $1.7 million of nearly $8 million the federal government is allocating to fight mortgage fraud nationwide, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week.... Read more»

Campaign 2010

Palin, McCain together again

John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared together Friday for the first time since the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, on stage at the Pima County Fairgrounds.... Read more»17

Childhood obesity

Tucson doctors, teachers, parents fight childhood obesity

In January 2000, 11 percent of all children were overweight or obese. Today, it's 33 percent... Read more»

Parents group presents education scorecard for Az lawmakers

The Arizona Education Network, a parents group, released a scorecard Wednesday rating lawmakers for their votes on funding education during 2009. The results: 40 of 90 state lawmakers voted against public education in the group’s estimation 100 percent of the time. All of them are Republicans.... Read more»

Palin to campaign with McCain at Tucson 'picnic'

Former Alaska Governor and ex-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will stump for Senator McCain in Tucson on March 26.... Read more»2


Business & education group urges reform of school-finance system

A system for tracking school expenditures and whether money spent on specific programs improves student performance would make schools more efficient and accountable, according to a group of business and education leaders.... Read more»

Border crime

Where's plan B for Mexico?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the other top U.S. officials who stopped by Mexico this week had nice things to say about President Felipe Calderon.... Read more»

Arizona politics

Tucson Rep. Patterson bounced from committee

Tucson Rep. Daniel Patterson was removed from a House committee because of remarks he made to another legislator.... Read more»2

Goddard won't join suits to overturn health reform

Attorney General Terry Goddard said Wednesday he will not join lawsuits filed by 14 attorneys general to overturn federal health care reform.... Read more»5

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