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What the Devil won't tell you

Russian bots are at the gate but the enemy is us

Sure, yeah, the Russians are coming (and the Saudis and Chinese and Iranians) but they are using our own gullibility and sanctimony against us. The Russians are an adversary. Unfortunately, we have met the enemy and it’s us. ... Read more»

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Backers want to engineer Tucson-Phoenix high-speed rail

A high-speed rail line between Phoenix and Tucson would create jobs and relieve traffic congestion, an interest group contends. The push comes as Arizona is considering a statewide rail plan that includes six possible high-speed routes between the two cities.... Read more»

Green light for tickets from Grant/Swan traffic cameras

Errant motorists snapped by the photo enforcement cameras at the intersection of Grant and Swan roads will receive citations beginning Friday.... Read more»4

Global Arizona 100

Business leaders: Az government must drive global competition

The state government will have to play a critical role if Arizona businesses are to become global competitors, business leaders said at conference Wednesday.... Read more»

Reason 101 ASU sucks

Football fan or not, most Tucsonans are fans of the University of Arizona, and thus not fond of Tempe Normal School, or whatever they're calling it these days.... Read more»

Pentagon study backs end to 'Don't ask, don't tell'

The repeal of the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy would not produce a "the wrenching, dramatic change that many have feared and predicted," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said at a press conference on the release of a Pentagon report on ending the prohibition on gays openly serving in the military.... Read more»1

Ruth McClung concedes (finally)

Saying "It's official - I lost the AZ CD 7 race, but...," Republican candidate Ruth McClung acknowledged Tuesday that she didn't oust Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva.... Read more»

Election canvass sets up first known recount of ballot measure

General election results made official Monday set up the first recount of a statewide ballot proposition that officials can recall. Proposition 112, which seeks to move the initiative filing deadline forward by 60 days, trailed by only 128 votes.... Read more»

Arizona graduation rate dropping as others jump ahead

Arizona's high school graduation rate not only lags much of the rest of the nation, but is actually falling as other states are seeing more students awarded diplomas, a new report says. "We understand very clearly that's one of the crises that TUSD is struggling with," said incoming superintendent John Pedicone.... Read more»

Will arrest of cartel kingpin stem violence in Juárez?

While the Mexican government congratulates itself for the arrest of an reputed mastermind behind the high-profile slaying of two employees of the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juárez, U.S. officials are saying little.... Read more»

Unemployed face shrinking safety net as benefits expire

Unless Congress acts to extend programs for those who have exhausted regular state unemployment benefits, millions of jobless workers may soon be phased out of emergency unemployment benefits.... Read more»

Quartzsite’s vendors prepare for flock of snowbirds

Every winter, vendors descend on this remote patch of western Arizona desert. Right behind is a flock of RVs filled with retirees looking for a warm winter and good deals.... Read more»

Titan Missile Museum volunteers keep history alive

"Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine" is a toxic compound used in making rocket fuel. Bob Darcangelo is no rocket scientist, but he can recite the name of the compound without a stutter. Darcangelo, who was a crew commander at this site when it was still active, has spent more than 1,700 hours volunteering at the Titan Missile Museum.... Read more»

Special report

Some Clean Elections money went toward laptops, hiring relatives

Some of the 107 candidates who received public money to run for the state Legislature this year bought computers, cameras and printers that are theirs to keep and paid relatives as campaign workers and consultants. Expenses included $60 for NRA dues, $650 for mariachis and $229.87 for a “post-debate discussion” with campaign staffers at T.G.I. Friday’s.... Read more»


Arizona scientists keep an eye on latest La Niña

An unwanted visitor has made her way to the border region, and it's not your irate aunt here to put a damper on the holidays. Continuing into the spring, a moderate-to-strong La Niña is predicted to reign across the United States, meaning lower-than-average precipitation for the Southwest.... Read more»

History shafted in Grand Canyon mines

Four miles down the Grandview Trail and over a half-mile below the rim of the Grand Canyon, there are many reminders of the miners that worked here at the turn of the 20th century. These remnants are now tougher for visitors to see, as the National Park Service just completed a project to close off several of the mines.... Read more»

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