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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Partnership prepares women for top jobs in construction

The Advancing Women in Construction program at ASU, in its third year, places female students in internships, offers tours and exposes women to the variety of jobs in construction.... Read more»

Despite education cuts, arts still available to most schoolchildren

Big cuts to public education funding over the past two years have fueled fears that dance, music, theater and other arts won't be as available to students. But a new report on Arizona schools suggests that isn't the case.... Read more»

Nogales mayor indicted for bribery, theft, money laundering

Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel, 29, of Nogales, Ariz., has been indicted and arrested on multiple charges including bribery, theft, fraud and money laundering, Attorney General Terry Goddard announced Tuesday.... Read more»

Despite murdered reporters, Mexican paper presses on

"What do you want from us?" It's an odd question for a newspaper to ask of the people it covers. But when those people have an arsenal rivaling an army — and no reservations about murdering journalists to keep them from doing their jobs — a paper's role leading the public conversation takes on a different and deadly dynamic.... Read more»

Arpaio misspent millions, Maricopa officials say

The office of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was sued by the Justice Department earlier this month, was last week accused by Maricopa County budget officials of misspending millions in taxpayer dollars over five years.... Read more»

Center for Biological Diversity

Wildlife group, utility at odds over rare loach minnow

A tiny fish and a utility company’s plan to repair a natural gas pipeline along an eastern Arizona river have the Center for Biological Diversity tangling with federal regulators.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Learn about Arizona's Senate race with John McCain

Election time is rolling around again, and as usual, Sen. John McCain is running for re-election. Against, um, some guys.... Read more»

Comic: Politics


Only 10% of Arizonans believe elected officials represent their interests. And yet Arizona ranks 43rd among states in voter turnout.... Read more»

Arizona’s civic health needs a prescription, group says

Arizona lags the rest of the nation in measures of civic engagement ranging from voting to following the news to participating in community group. The report from the Center for the Future of Arizona said the problem of low voter turnout is especially acute in rural areas of the state.... Read more»2

Board of Regents targets AIMS scholarship for cuts

The Board of Regents voted 9-1 to scale back the state AIMS scholarship, approving a proposal that would implement stricter academic standards for eligibility and cut the award from 100 percent to 25 percent of tuition.... Read more»

China Mist

Scottsdale tea company defies recession with steep growth

Over the past two decades, Dan Schweiker and partner John Martinson have turned Scottsdale's China Mist Brands into one of the most widely served iced tea brands in restaurants and hotels across America. They hope to have that same kind of success abroad, where iced tea is considered a novelty.... Read more»

Drug take-back day tackles prescription drug dangers

25 percent of Arizona 12th-graders are abusing prescription drugs — twice the national average. This Saturday, on Take-Back Day, Arizonans can anonymously drop off any old prescription drugs.... Read more»

Proposition 107

Opportunity vs. preferential treatment center of Prop. 107 debate

Proposition 107 seeks to amend the Arizona Constitution to ban state government and municipalities from giving preferential treatment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity or national origin. This includes everything from state-funded programs that help women and minorities in areas where there is a disparity, such as science education, to hiring quotas in the state university system.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Solar boom underway in Tucson, Southern Arizona

The question is not if we will see increasing demand for solar power in the coming years, it is only whether Arizona will dominate this emerging industry or will settle for a small slice of the pie. Our state can and must be at the very epicenter of this burgeoning industry. ... Read more»1

Tourism leaders look to rebuild Arizona brand in wake of SB 1070

""It's difficult to know what the long-term impacts will be," says a tourism official, but the worst of SB 1070′s effect on Arizona's tourism industry has likely passed.... Read more»

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