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Breaking the code of the Navajo Nation

For many Americans, the word Navajo conjures up images of the World War II code talkers who used their unique language to encrypt secret radio messages sent to the front lines. Here’s what many don’t know about the most populous Native American tribe in the United States.... Read more»

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Tasty and culturally rich: Tamale time

During the holidays, the demand for homemade tamales surpasses any other month of the year. These individually wrapped presents involve care, love, family, tradition and Mexican heritage.... Read more»

Life in the dark: A night with a UA astronomer

Atop the Santa Catalina Mountains, a UA astronomer burns the midnight oil to collect gamma ray emissions from a black hole estimated to be 4 billion light years away.... Read more»

Concrete results from TO recycling program

A research project to make iron-based cement is ridding the desert of glass in the Tohono O’odham Nation.... Read more»

What’s a ‘riot’ at UA is just a boisterous gathering at other campuses

How did things get out of control on University Boulevard in Tucson after the Wildcats’ NCAA basketball loss, when several videos showing what appeared to be police overreaction to a boisterous gathering of University of Arizona students went viral nationally?... Read more»

Mayor doesn't believe D-M will close, with or without A-10

In a wide-ranging interview about the future of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said that while he does not expect the base to be closed or sharply reduced in scale as the military cuts spending, “people should always be considering Plan B, even if there’s not a lot of reality to it.”... Read more»

Legislative roundup

The week at the Arizona Capitol

Orr and Steele back JTED bill; lawmakers debate a repeal of election measures; animal cruelty bill heard in committee; and more.... Read more»

Tombstone's dark skies: Stars at night

Some parts of the southwest desert are restless, whether it is Las Vegas with its blinding neon signs shining all night or Tucson with its Circle K’s and 24-hour McDonalds illuminated until dawn cracks. But the old west town of Tombstone goes to sleep early. When the lights go out and the 1,000-something residents get tucked in, something else takes over the street lights and embroiders the sky: the stars.... Read more»1

A vintage experience

They’re a piece of Americana, making their debut in the 1930s, the streamline design of vintage travel trailers holds a special place in southern Arizona.... Read more»

U.S. Airways, American Airlines workers rally at Capitol to support merger

U.S. Airways and American Airlines workers from 30 states rallied on Capitol Hill Wednesday, urging Congress to block a Justice Department antitrust lawsuit against the planned merger of the two airlines.... Read more»

Proud fired after comments on women in combat, menstrual cycles

The director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services resigned and an assistant he hired, former Tucson lawmaker Terri Proud, was fired Wednesday after Arizona-Sonora News Service reported that Proud said menstrual cycles might be too problematic for women to be in combat. ... Read more»1

Tucson soccer giving sports tourism a kick

February has long been the month for northern snowbirds to migrate to the sunny 70-degree desert oasis that is Tucson. But a new reason to travel to the Old Pueblo is emerging, and it’s proving to be a boon for the local economy: soccer.... Read more»

Mayan culture boosted by radio broadcasts

A community radio station is part of the change that’s taken place in the remote town of Todos Santos in northwestern Guatemala. But the station is harnessing outside influences for a different purpose – to strengthen Todos Santos’ own Mayan culture.... Read more»

Az Legislature turns in work late, again

From 2001-2011, legislators spent an extra 455 days in office—over four extra years.... Read more»

Amid budget politics, Az's school buildings crumble

After budget talks about overhauling school building maintenance flopped, the state Legislature has continued to cut off funding to regular school repairs in violation of the state Constitution and a previous court order.... Read more»

Advantages of bilingualism seen at 3 Az schools

Despite past political pressure for an English-only Arizona, bilingual educators say their students have advantages over those who speak just one language.... Read more»

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