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Smart v. Stupid

The GOP’s Vitruvian Man

The Republican Platform says a lot about Republican Man. For starters, he’s a strange one. Admit it ladies – Republican Man is the kind of guy you would never, ever date.... Read more»

The Sandbox

Sandbox: Which primaries are worth paying attention to?

Democratic activist Ted Prezelski and Republican consultant Sam Stone rate the best and worst local primary campaigns in the initial installment of The Sandbox.... Read more»14

Rogue Columnist

Conventional Republicans

As the Republicans prepare for their national convention, a tropical storm with the ironic name of Isaac might visit a biblical comeuppance on the party of theocracy. Now wouldn't that be "spaycial," as they say in the South. ... Read more»


When did undocumented kids become Moby-Dick?

When Gov. Jan Brewer speedily signed an executive order banning driver’s licenses to "DREAMer" undocumented immigrants who obtain work permits under a new White House program, I found myself “growing grim about the mouth” like a certain protagonist in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.... Read more»1


A campaign full of Mediscare

Obama and Romney both aim to slow Medicare spending. But each accuses the other of hurting seniors in the process.... Read more»


Skin in the GOP Medicare game

When you look closely at GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan’s proposals to restructure Medicare, it’s clear he agrees with many health insurance company CEOs that Americans — especially older Americans — don’t have enough “skin in the game” when it comes to medical costs.... Read more»

Campaign 2012: It’s the war on women, stupid

A misstep by Republican Todd Akin puts abortion front and center in the campaign.... Read more»

How immigration enforcement impacts children & families

What happens to children when their parents are deported? How do these deportations, now more numerous than ever, affect families and the communities in which they live? Deportations break families up and have a wider effect on the community as a whole, not just the individual and the family involved.... Read more»4

Think again

News Corp. hacking scandal still hiding in plain sight

Rupert Murdoch is almost certainly the most powerful person in the most influential business on earth. And yet he is treated as a kind of innocent bystander to the criminal activity allegedly undertaken in his name.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Head-scratching the Paul Ryan pick

All of official Washington is scratching a collective head about why Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Why did he make such a bad pick for VP?... Read more»1

New voting rules make getting Latinos to polls harder than ever

Every month for the next two decades, 50,000 Latinos will turn 18 years old. With that many new eligible voters and dramatic population growth expected, Latinos could dominate voting in the Southwest, particularly Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. (with videos)... Read more»3

Strict voter ID laws solve 'a problem that does not exist'

An analysis of 2,068 alleged election-fraud cases since 2000 shows that while fraud has occurred, the rate is infinitesimal, and in-person voter impersonation on Election Day, which prompted 37 state legislatures to enact or consider tough voter ID laws, is virtually non-existent. (with video)... Read more»


Arizona's emerging Latino vote

Arizona likely will experience a dramatic shift in the state’s political landscape over the next decades due to the large number of younger Latinos coming of voter age.... Read more»1

Factcheck: Obama's 'sealed' records

Are Obama’s early records “sealed”? No. Many records that presidential candidates don’t ordinarily release do remain confidential, but they are not “sealed” by a court. The 16 claims in a widely distributed graphic are mostly false or distorted.... Read more»

'Stealth governing': Transparency missing in Az Legislature

Arizona’s legislative session this year was as hard to track as a Stealth bomber, even for many Capitol regulars. Technology is in theory giving Arizonans unprecedented access to the Legislature, but lawmakers are short-circuiting the public process.... Read more»

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