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Smart v. Stupid

Inside primary exit polls: Rise of the moderates?

Exit polls from the recent Republican primary reveal Arizona Republicans who are much more moderate than their oddball leaders. ... Read more»

Think again

Is America getting more conservative?

What does it mean to be “conservative” — a word that has different meanings in different places. To say we are becoming more conservative provides a comforting narrative to mainstream journalists who like to reassure people that all is hunky-dory.... Read more»


Facts about Az’s changing demographics

Here are some startling facts about how Arizona's emerging communities of color have impacted the political electorate and influenced the local economy.... Read more»1


Santorum’s twisted take on JFK & religion

Rick Santorum misrepresented what John F. Kennedy said in 1960 about church-state separation.... Read more»


Seeking the truth about high-deductible health plans

Studies of the population at large, and conducted by nonprofit organizations that don’t sell insurance have found that high-deductible plans often are the wrong kind of coverage for many Americans. ... Read more»


Moving away from racial stereotypes

Various factors point to the declining significance of this divisive race-baiting strategy in creating poverty policy—progress that should continue in the decades to come.... Read more»


Immigration: Staying put but still in the shadows

Have state anti-immigration bills led to an exodus of unauthorized migrants from the United States as restrictionists have promised?... Read more»1


GOP's 'job-killing' whopper on health care law, again

The exaggerated Republican claim that the new health care law "kills jobs" was high on our list of the "Whoppers of 2011." But the facts haven't stopped Republicans and their allies from making an overblown "job-killing" claim a major theme of campaign 2012.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates. Santorum may be the slightest, but all the remaining Republican contenders come up short. Even so, the anti-sex constituency is very, very small.... Read more»2

Arizona centennial

Goldwater's predictions for 2012

Predicting the future and invoking the past are both tricky propositions. This is nicely illustrated by a 1962 newspaper article written by conservative icon Barry Goldwater, in which he tried to imagine the Arizona of 2012.... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

Things about Arizona at 100

It's centennial week in Arizona, and the local media are doing their part to play it up. The Rogue Columnist tells you what you really need to know about our state.... Read more»1


Taking names & running numbers on the CD8 campaign

Here's a look at the envelopes and paper bags full of money from Christmases, ahem, elections, past and present; and what what it's cost to win a seat in the big House on the Hill, in the CD8 and CD2 elections.... Read more»3


Kansas welcoming undocumented workers?

Major business groups in Kansas want to allow undocumented immigrants to work in dairies, feedlots, landscaping, construction and other industries facing labor shortages, to the likely chagrin of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has helped guide Arizona’s campaign against illegal immigration.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

U.S. Constitution: Bishops don’t get a veto

While Catholic bishops try to steamroll the Constitution, Republicans gleefully follow behind.... Read more»13


Don’t believe the hype against EPA mercury rules

The House Subcommittee on Energy and Power plans a hearing misleadingly titled "What EPA's Utility MACT Rule Will Cost U.S. Consumers." But the Republican majority is playing with words and the health of our children. ... Read more»

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