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Scalia's jokes mask grim reality of American health care

The Supreme Court Justices might take a lesson from "The Hunger Games" when deciding on ObamaCare.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Gutting state's merit system: Return of Boss Tweed?

There is little doubt that the public would benefit from a modernized state personnel system that yielded more capable employees. But critics of Gov. Brewer's proposed overhaul worry that reliance on private-sector tactics will backfire and re-invite cronyism — something the current system was designed to prevent.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Marco Rubio to GOP: Make the pain stop!

The Republican primary is killing any GOP chance to win the presidency. Marco Rubio wants to stop the madness.... Read more»3

Think again

Money talks, media walks

Three related phenomena are today combining to strangle American democracy: Economic inequality, floodgates that have opened to the influence of outsized wealth — and the media’s failure to put these changes at the center of their election narrative. ... Read more»

Supreme Court grills administration on health care reform

The second day of the historic Supreme Court hearings on the health reform law focused on these questions: Does Congress have the power to require Americans to purchase health insurance? Is the individual mandate constitutional? (with video)... Read more»

Health care reform: Your Supreme Court guide, day 1

The first day’s arguments focused on the Anti-Injunction Act and whether the court can rule on the case before a penalty is imposed on those who do not have health insurance. KHN’s reporter inside the court, Stuart Taylor, tells Jackie Judd that all the justices, except one, seemed eager to ask questions. (with video)... Read more»


Life as an undocumented immigrant

What happens to undocumented immigrants after the passage of anti-immigrant state laws such as Arizona's SB 1070? Many studies have focused on the economic ramifications of such legislation, but little has been done on the effects these laws have on everyday life.... Read more»1


Obama campaign film: Car + ditch = blame

We've already written about the 17-minute Obama campaign film. But did you notice how narrator Tom Hanks portrays the president as being above finger-pointing politics, claiming Obama "would not dwell in blame" for inheriting a huge economic mess? We did.... Read more»


The end of newspapers and the decline of democracy

If newspapers were a baseball team, they would be the Mets—without the hope for “next year.”... Read more»8


Obama wanted higher gasoline prices?

Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have repeatedly lifted several quotes out of context to allege that President Barack Obama and his administration actually wanted to drive up the price of gasoline, and have succeeded.... Read more»5

Smart v. Stupid

Trayvon Martin and Florida’s right to murder law

Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is so bad you have to wonder whether it was written accidentally by idiots or on purpose by morons. ... Read more»


Taxes: How fiscally prudent is 'lower the rate and broaden the base'?

The corporate tax reform mantra these days — at least on the Democratic side of the aisle — is "lower the rates and broaden the base." An alternative way to proceed would be to close unwarranted loopholes first.... Read more»

State Integrity Investigation

Study: Corruption risk huge for state governments

The tales are sadly familiar to even the most casual observer of state politics. Officials make lofty promises when it comes to ethics in government. But these efforts often fall short of providing any real transparency or legitimate hope of rooting out corruption. ... Read more»1

State Integrity Investigation

Arizona gets D+ on corruption risk report card

Arizona, like most states, tends to initiate reforms after scandals. The state may need more good government laws: Arizona landed 27th with a grade of D+ and a numerical score of 68 in rankings by the State Integrity Investigation.... Read more»


The lessons of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

Staff Sgt Robert Bales’ odyssey began just over 10 years ago when he joined the military in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks... Read more»

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