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In Texas, immigration and governor divide GOP

The strange saga of anti-sanctuary cities legislation in the 82nd session of the Texas State Legislature amplified the sharp dissonance around immigration politics inside the Texas Republican Party.... Read more»


Interactive: No debt limit increase means big state cuts

On August 2, if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, the United States will have its credit rating downgraded, interest rates will likely rise dramatically, and the federal government will be forced to immediately cut nearly 40 percent from its budget, which could plunge the American economy back into a deep recession.... Read more»


Trickle of illegal immigrants, flood of misinformation

What if we totally sealed the Mexican border and nobody came? True, neither is likely to happen. But after billions of dollars and torrents of anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric, it’s looking like reality at the border may be moving on.... Read more»7

Smart v. Stupid

American exceptionalism fuels Republican obstructionism

If you want to understand Republican obstructionism, look no further than American exceptionalism.... Read more»1


Terrorism: We have met the enemy... and he is us

The bombing and shooting attacks in Norway that killed more than 90 people and injured nearly 100 were initially suspected to have been the work of foreign terrorists. But nearly all terrorism — whether it’s in Oslo, Oklahoma City or Tucson — is homegrown.... Read more»5

Think again

Rupert, we hardly knew ye

The scandal facing the Murdoch empire that has dominated media news has certainly been riveting. But has it taught us anything we didn’t already know?... Read more»


Who owns America? Hint: It's not China

While the Chinese, Japanese and plenty of other foreigners own substantial amounts, it’s really Americans who hold most of America’s debt.... Read more»


Debt limit uncertainty is a drag on economy

Most businesses don’t make big investments or ramp up hiring when they see a substantial risk of the economy tanking. Right now the failure to increase the federal debt limit is creating such a risk and that may well be why the economy is starting to drag.... Read more»

Think again

The Murdoch empire's heart of darkness

The fact that Murdoch and company have long been running a massive operation that has been, metaphorically speaking, criminally negligent when it comes to reporting the truth is all but unarguable.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

FBI investigates News Corp—Is Fox News next?

Last week, we outlined the admitted (and denied) criminal allegations at News Corp and issued a first-in-the-nation call for an FBI investigation. Since, calls for a U.S. look at Murdoch’s media empire have exploded, public outrage is unabated, and the FBI is looking at News Corp.... Read more»

Rupert Murdoch being undone by old-fashioned journalism

Opinion: If the phone-hacking scandal proves anything, it’s that serious, investigative journalism is the best way.... Read more»

Factcheck: Twists and turns on the debt

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Xavier Becerra made misstatements about the debt ceiling debate and Social Security. McConnell, R-Ky., was incorrect when he claimed that “nobody is talking about not raising the debt ceiling.”... Read more»


FDIC chairwoman: Mortgage industry had 'disdain for borrowers'

Outgoing Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairwoman Sheila Bair’s revealing exit interview by the New York Times has generated plenty of buzz. But while the interview provided a comprehensive look at Bair’s role from 2006 to 2011, what caught our attention was her characterization of the foreclosure crisis.... Read more»


Assassination of Afghan leader's brother creates power vacuum

There is much that is unclear about the assassination of Ahmed Wali Karzai. But there is one thing that is virtually certain: it will make the situation worse.The power vacuum it creates could quite possibly be filled by someone even worse.... Read more»

How Murdoch reporters’ bribes to British cops violate U.S. law

Guess what: If you work for Rupert Murdoch, you may have violated U.S. law. What the government nails you for could depend on how you and your bosses account for your tabloid’s sketchy dealings.... Read more»

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