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Think again

The continuing curse of ‘on the one-handism’

What we have here is a prime example of what I have called “on the one-handism,” what Paul Krugman calls “the cult of balance” and what James Fallows calls the problem of “false equivalence.” The phenomenon derives from a multiplicity of causes but rests on two essential insights.... Read more»


Corps lobby for tax holiday for offshore profits

Goaded by battalions of corporate lobbyists, members of Congress are working to give a select group of U.S. multinational firms like Apple, Oracle and Pfizer a lavish tax break on a trillion dollars stashed offshore. ... Read more»

Iraq pullout could mean more non-competitive defense contracting

Out go all the U.S. troops by year’s end, President Obama said Friday about Iraq. And in go the contractors, along with some familiar contracting problems, say other government officials and independent experts.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Unraveling Cain’s money laundering scheme

Herman Cain’s strategy to buy books from himself sure looks like money laundering. It’s time for an investigation.... Read more»


5 canards about job-killing regulations

Despite absolutely no evidence to support it, conservatives base their entire economic message on the empirically disproven notion that businesses aren't hiring because of regulatory burdens placed on them by the federal government.... Read more»


GOP field shies away from insurance mandate history

In the Republican presidential debate Tuesday night, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged, apparently in an unguarded moment, that a core element of “ObamaCare,” the requirement that all Americans be enrolled in either a private or public health insurance plan, was a proposal originated by the Heritage Foundation, a powerful conservative think tank.... Read more»

Chinese Exclusion Act

Opinion: Congress shouldn’t delay justice any further

On Oct. 6 the Senate took such a step by passing S.R. 201 and moving it to the House. The resolution expresses regret for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the six decades of anti-Chinese American persecution that followed. It also reaffirms America’s commitment to protecting civil rights.... Read more»


Ask Wendell: How do I deal with a lying insurer?

Today we continue our "Ask Wendell" series with a bit of guidance from a former insider on how to interact with insurance companies and hopefully hold them accountable for their actions. ... Read more»1


Just how much can the state restrict a peaceful protest?

If the First Amendment guarantees the right to peaceable assembly, why do peaceful protesters keep getting arrested — and sometimes pepper-sprayed and beaten up? We take a closer look at the laws governing protests and how the government can limit them.... Read more»10


Assassination plot doesn't fit past Iranian behavior

The alleged Iranian plot to use Mexican cartel gunmen to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington is one of the strangest, most serious terrorism cases to surface in years, a mix of seemingly credible evidence and unlikely scenarios that departs dramatically from Iran’s past record of global terrorist activity.... Read more»


The nonpartisan primary: Is it a game changer?

Can the election system be reshaped to encourage greater moderation? There is no magic bullet but there is reason to believe that some progress could be made by replacing the current system with a nonpartisan blanket primary.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Do Occupy Wall Street’s critics have a point?

Smart v. Stupid: Critics of Occupy Wall Street blow a lot of smoke. But they might also have a point.... Read more»4


Solyndra 'could haunt' Obama

New White House emails show a top donor to Barack Obama was in direct contact with one of the president’s closest advisers about the federal energy loan program. ... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Chris Christie is running — count on it

Chris Christie will announce his presidential candidacy. You can count on it. But he won’t really be running for president.... Read more»1


Perry vs. the EPA: An epic, illuminating clash

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's conservative views on business costs, states' rights, job creation, energy policy and global competitiveness — the core of his governing philosophy — are illuminated most vividly in his clashes with the EPA over issues like pesticide regulation and global warming.... Read more»

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