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It's decision time for Afghanistan

As the White House decides how many U.S. troops to withdraw as part of its handover to Afghan leadership, policymakers must explore broader questions on U.S. strategy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan.... Read more»


Afghan aid under the microscope

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee issued a very thoughtful report June 8 looking at U.S. assistance to Afghanistan just as the Obama administration fiercely debates the speed with which to draw down troops.... Read more»


Why Andy Murray will never win Wimbledon

In addition to his own personal demons, this year’s top British seed at Wimbledon, Scotland’s Andy Murray, will carry the weight of 75 years of British failure in tennis on to the court with him.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Oasis of brilliance in Arizona’s desert full of crazy

Jimmy Zuma breaks down the Baja Arizona movement: Arizona steps out in front with a smart new public policy idea. It’s an idea that’s even bigger than anyone guesses.... Read more»2


Is Obama really violating the War Powers Act ?

President Obama is facing a swell of bipartisan criticism for continuing military engagement in Libya without congressional approval; even supporters of the Libya intervention have complained that the administration is flouting the law. So is it?... Read more»


Employer-based health care system crumbling fast

The global consulting firm McKinsey & Company set off a firestorm when it released a report last week suggesting that 30 percent of U.S. businesses will stop offering health care benefits to their employees after most of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect in 2014.... Read more»

Saudi women demand right to drive

Women have been demanding the right to drive in recent weeks through a campaign on Facebook called “I will drive my car myself,” and via Twitter urging women to grab the car keys and drive themselves on an errand Friday. (with video)... Read more»

Guatemala: Invasion of Mexico's drug cartels

Just how far have Mexican gangs spread beyond their borders?... Read more»

Factcheck: Romney wrong on deficits, auto bailout

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney wrongly claimed deficits “multiplied … by a factor of four or five” under President Barack Obama. He also incorrectly stated that auto companies have repaid only a “small” share of the government bailout money.... Read more»1


Bin Laden lived close to forces with U.S. ties

Headquartered a stone’s throw from where Osama bin Laden was killed is Pakistan’s Frontier Force, an elite military regiment with close ties to the United States.... Read more»

Factcheck: Palin’s twist on Paul Revere

Sarah Palin’s much-ridiculed story of Paul Revere isn’t entirely wrong, but it’s badly twisted. Revere didn’t ring bells or fire shots, and he was riding to warn two fellow rebels that the British were coming to arrest them —  not to warn the British “that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms.”... Read more»14

Smart v. Stupid

War on Drugs an epic fail, says new report by world leaders

The “war on drugs” is a trillion-dollar failure. Now what?... Read more»8

Think again

Fox News: Crazy like... Ailes?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a spate of reporting focusing on Fox CEO Roger Ailes that demonstrates just how deeply the contempt for traditional journalism runs in the organization, and how profoundly political its mission truly is.... Read more»


Palin whoppers on debt, oil imports

Sarah Palin made two wildly inaccurate claims on the debt accumulated under President Obama and oil imports.... Read more»2


Playing politics with gas prices

Democrats and Republicans disagree on energy policy, but this they share: Both shade the facts on the complex issue for political advantage.... Read more»

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