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Latin American equality: Free markets or a left-wing success?

Latin America has long been a case study in the social ills brought by sharp economic inequality, its class-stratified societies marked by too few haves and too many have-nots. As the region’s middle class grows, poverty falls. But who deserves the praise?... Read more»


Facing facts on fiscal cliff

How did the U.S. reach a 'fiscal cliff' and what does it mean? Here are the facts. ... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

Thinking about water

Sprawled, single-family house subdivision urban Arizona is not sustainable, much less one adding a million people or doubling in size or whatever the latest boosterish nonsense is peddled. The business model of population growth won't work.... Read more»1

Rogue Columnist

Phoenix: Parking lot city

I've read that some 43 percent of the city of Phoenix alone is empty land. It would be interesting to know how much of the city is surface parking lots.... Read more»2

Think again

Why were pundits all in on 'All In'?

If you click on the Amazon.com page for the unfortunately titled Paula Broadwell/Vernon Loeb tome "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus," you’ll see an interesting disjunction. Overall, the book receives an average of fewer stars from its readers than the four that adorned the general’s uniform.... Read more»1

With Prop 204 defeated, what's our Plan B for education?

Given the defeat of Proposition 204, how do we propose to address the needs of a system that routinely produces far too many dropouts and underachieving graduates? How can we continue to ignore the yawning academic achievement gap between non-Hispanic Whites and Latinos? ... Read more»


Same-sex couples & the Supreme Court: What to expect in coming weeks

Within the next few weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will likely announce whether it will hear arguments and rule on two important sets of cases that have a significant impact on thousands of same-sex couples throughout the United States.... Read more»

Think again

Our trivial political media, continued...

Politico rarely does anything to illuminate the issues, clarify the questions facing voters, or even shed much light on the characters of the respective candidates—any of which is usually the justification for such contentless coverage.... Read more»


No, Obama isn't about to crack down on Wall Street

In President Obama's second term, financial regulation would finally appear to have the leverage. Wall Street spent zillions on Mitt Romney, who had promised to roll back financial reform, and lost. Elizabeth Warren now sits in the world's greatest deliberative body.... Read more»

Major fight looms over defense spending

President Obama and Congress now have just over seven weeks to reach an agreement on the federal budget that would avert a round of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts in defense and social programs that members of both parties have depicted as draconian.... Read more»


Again we ask, When will Az Latino voters flex political muscle?

Latino voters are largely being credited with the reelection of President Barack Obama, who captured 70 percent of the Latino national vote. The disappointment for Latino voting advocates, however, will be that despite an emphasis on early voting and a renewed focus on new voter registrations, Latino turnout in Arizona likely was underwhelming.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Something died on Election Day

What’s that smell? A whole lotta conservative memes rotting on the trash pile of history – that’s what. ... Read more»


Crossroads: Rove-affiliated groups lose big in election

If Karl Rove was an NFL coach and not a political strategist, he would probably be looking for a new job about now. Organizations co-founded by the GOP’s most effective fundraiser spent more than $175 million only to see President Barack Obama win a second term and Democrats actually gain seats in the U.S. Senate.... Read more»

Election Day: 7 things that could go wrong (or already have)

Get ready. Here are all the things that could go wrong (or already have) as Americans head to the polls. ... Read more»

Whoppers of 2012: Biggest falsehoods from the presidential race

We taking a look at the most egregiously false and misleading claims from the entire presidential campaign.... Read more»

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