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Rogue Columnist

The new center: Shifting political consensus

What do the questions on political quizzes say about our public consensus? It's fascinating and frightening what topics aren't raised: The far left is dead, while the far right is very alive, carries influence far beyond its numbers and is growing more extreme.... Read more»


Setting the record straight on immigration and border enforcement

Those opposed to comprehensive immigration reform still point to deficiencies in border security as a reason to stall new immigration policy, but they are ignoring the facts. ... Read more»1


Revenue from the fiscal cliff deal in context

Though the fiscal cliff deal passed by Congress late on New Year's Day will raise a substantial amount of new revenue over the next decade, the resulting revenue levels will still be significantly below what bipartisan experts believe we will need in the medium term and far lower than the last time the budget was balanced.... Read more»

Think again

The top stories of 2012 - or maybe not

Eric Alterman has an alternative take on Politico’s top media stories of the past year and what those stories say about the media’s coverage of politics.... Read more»


Global power will shift by 2030

A new U.S. intelligence report forecasts an end to U.S. predominance.... Read more»1


Washington and Colorado as precedent for marijuana legalization?

An unwanted item on President Obama’s second term agenda was contributed by voters in Colorado and Washington State who, by impressive margins on November 6, passed ballot measures making it legal to smoke pot recreationally, without any prescription or medical justification.... Read more»1


Potter: Don't raise the Medicare eligibility age

Not only would raising the eligibility age be cruel, it doesn’t make sense from an economic point of view. If lawmakers take the time to consider the facts, this idea will quickly fall off the table during the fiscal cliff discussions. ... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

Fiscal cliff: The continuing crisis

I have been hesitant to write about the so-called fiscal cliff, but it looks as if one of two things will happen: Either we're going off the cliff/curb/ramp, or President Obama will sell out the middle class safety net to get a deal. We don't have a debt crisis. We have an unemployment, opportunity and economic growth crisis, none of which will be addressed by the GOP austerity fetish or Obama's itchy trigger finger on "reforming entitlements."... Read more»1


Immigration polls: Americans put 11 million undocumented first

On the heels of November's presidential election, the conversation on immigration reform has changed dramatically and for the better. Recent polling shows that the American people want immigration reform to first and foremost provide undocumented immigrants with a pathway to citizenship.... Read more»2

Think again

The power of un-reality: Propaganda overwhelms public debate

Naturally, last week’s tragedy in Newtown has inspired a revival of America’s attempts to discuss the problem of gun control. What many people fail to consider when the nation is faced with such soul-searching tragedies (or natural catastrophes) is how much of our debate is predetermined by the ability of powerful interests.... Read more»1

How dark money helped Republicans hold the House

In the November election, a million more Americans voted for Democrats seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives than Republicans. But that popular vote advantage did not result in control of the chamber. Instead, despite getting fewer votes, Republicans have maintained a commanding control of the House. Such a disparity has happened only three times in the last century.... Read more»1


Gun rhetoric vs. gun facts

The mass shooting in Newtown has reignited a national debate on gun control. Some facts are clear — there has been a massive increase in gun sales. Some things are not so clear — such as whether there is causation between more guns and more violent crimes. And some are contrary to the general impression — for example, the rate of gun murders is down, not up.... Read more»

Q&A: Does 'gun culture' influence gun-related violence?

How much do the laws and social norms surrounding guns — in other words, "gun culture" — influence how violent a society is?... Read more»

Faith & values

Searching for answers after Sandy Hook shootings

It feels wrong to speak of children in the past tense. Their lives are just unfolding, with so many years ahead. But the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last Friday stopped short the lives of 20 young children, erasing their future, breaking the natural order of birth and death—and breaking the hearts of their families and community.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Regulating assault rifles: A how-to guide for non-shooters

We can regulate rifles to reduce their potential for mass murder. And we can do it without harming the shooting sport. Here's how...... Read more»3

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