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Potter: A bit of truth-telling on Obamacare

Wouldn’t it be great if our candidates had to take a dose of truth serum every morning before hitting the campaign trail? If they did, those of us who will be voting tomorrow wouldn’t be nearly as confused about what Obamacare is and what it isn’t, what it will do and what it won’t.... Read more»

Investment managers top list of super PAC donors

Despite his vast wealth, Sheldon Adelson was not exactly a household name when the Republican presidential primary campaign got under way. But the casino magnate’s multimillion-dollar contributions to a pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC ended that.... Read more»


The religiously unaffiliated: Courting the ‘none’ vote

The rise of the "nones" poses challenges for many political strategists. Now a group of roughly 46 million people, they have become an important voting bloc that outnumbers both white mainline Christians and white evangelicals.... Read more»

Understanding why Latino voters are key in Virginia

In Virginia and at the national level, the Latino community is shifting the political landscape and holding increasing political influence on the campaign trail.... Read more»

Letter from London

Why the euro has made it this far

The single currency's collapse was widely predicted a year ago. But it's still here — and Greece is still a member. Understanding why requires taking a longer view.... Read more»

Congress ties Postal Service into knots

In looking at the decisions the Postal Service has been forced to make since the early 2000s, it is almost as though the Bush Administration and successive Congresses had decided that the task was to make the Postal Service a failed business and a failed public service.... Read more»1


Environmental groups whistling past the graveyard?

Environmental groups have long warned that America’s ravenous consumption of fossil fuels is not sustainable as a matter of public health or economic health . But on the heels of a boom in domestic natural gas production — most of it the result of the adoption of fracking — their opponents are in the ascendency.... Read more»


Potter: Who wins with Medicare Advantage?

The big five health insurance companies have begun reporting their third quarter 2012 earnings and so far, they are pleasing their shareholders with profits that are better than Wall Street expected, in large part because they are doing especially well in one key area: Medicare. ... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Top CEOs call for more taxes

On the same day that former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, 80 CEOs from America’s largest companies called for action on the deficit that sounds an awful lot like the Obama plan.... Read more»

Obama’s inflated jobs claim

In a new TV ad, President Obama makes an inflated claim to have added 5.2 million new jobs. The total added during his time in office is actually about 325,000. (with video)... Read more»

Third party debate: Ready for prime time?

Larry King hosted a debate with presidential candidates Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode and Gary Johnson that comparatively few people will see, although perhaps more should.... Read more»

Dark money & Citizens United: What Obama & Romney would do

With campaign finances limits rendered nearly meaningless, election spending is on pace to set records. Where does each presidential candidate stand on how to regulate money in politics?... Read more»


Final presidential debate: Much ado about very little

Foreign policy largely took a back seat to domestic issues as President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney met for the last time before the election.... Read more»

Factcheck: False claims in final presidential debate

In the third and final Obama-Romney debate, the candidates again contradicted each other, while each offered incorrect or twisted factual claims.... Read more»

‘Citizens United’ and why it matters

By now most folks know that the U.S. Supreme Court did something that changed how money can be spent in elections and by whom, but what happened and why should you care?... Read more»

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