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Ranking says Az anything but 'peaceful' place

Arizona seems to have earned a national reputation for violent rhetoric, but are we truly a violent place? The answer — well, one answer — is: pretty much.... Read more»


5 facts about overseas outsourcing

The ongoing national debate about the employment practices of U.S. companies and private equity firms abroad features two phrases that confuse rather than clarify the issues: offshoring and outsourcing. For most Americans, the phrases are interchangeable.... Read more»2


Risky business? Understanding the biz of gov't bonds

Three law firms dominate the legal work that goes into issuing state and local government debt in Arizona.... Read more»


Court's Medicare decision a 'judicial Houdini act'

The Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act did many things, but it was most fundamentally a decision to reorder the relationship between the federal government and the states, a decision to subordinate the idea of nationhood to judge-made deference theory.... Read more»


If health care were like broccoli...

In all the rhetoric about health care, we lose sight of the most fundamental social decision– one we made long ago: Every American is entitled to extensive health care regardless of whether he can pay for it. ... Read more»


No end to 'end Medicare' claim

Democrats are still hammering an old, and since replaced, GOP proposal, claiming it would “end Medicare,” and cost seniors $6,000 more a year for their health care. The newest GOP budget, proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan, keeps traditional Medicare — unlike his plan from 2011.... Read more»

Factcheck to Obama camp: Your complaint is all wet

The Obama campaign complains that we got a key fact wrong in our article, “Obama’s ‘Outsourcer’ Overreach.” We strongly disagree.... Read more»1


Romney, Obama upholding health care falsehoods

With the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of health care reform, voters are guaranteed to continue hearing the same old false claims about the law from politicians. And President Obama and Mitt Romney wasted little time in rehashing plenty we’ve fact-checked before.... Read more»1


Why Mexico's election doesn't matter to Americans

The winner of Sunday's Mexican presidential election is unlikely to change course on U.S. trade and the drug war.... Read more»


Mexico's hidden success story

The U.S. is overlooking a real economic and political success story in Mexico. Our southern neighbor is going through a transformation of historic dimensions, yet a large gap remains when it comes to U.S. public perceptions of Mexico.... Read more»


Obamacare a blessing for millions of real Americans

The Supreme Court's decision allows access to health insurance for many who have been denied. Millions of people in this country have been labeled "uninsurable" by insurance companies, meaning they could not buy coverage at any price because of pre-existing conditions.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

New revelations point to a Darrell Issa conspiracy

On Fast and Furious, did Did Darrell Issa just make up the whole thing? Bombshell reporting in Fortune Magazine and the Washington Post sheds new light on the festering, wormy mess that is his probe of an ATF gun-smuggling investigation.... Read more»5


Top 10 things to know about Utah's demographics and immigration policies

In advance of Utah’s Republican primary Tuesday, here are 10 important facts about immigrants and people of color in the state that display their significant economic, cultural, and electoral power.... Read more»1

Who won? Who’s talking? Both sides claim victory in SB 1070 ruling

In the flurry of statements following the high court’s much-anticipated ruling on SB 1070, no one admitted defeat. All claimed victory of some kind and most saw the decision as a step in the right direction. But with no referees to say for certain who won, victory is open to interpretation.... Read more»4


The jobs case for conservation

Most Americans know our public lands as the places we go to get away from it all and enjoy ourselves in the outdoors. Conservation, however, also has enormous economic value, supporting a specific economy in recreation, restoration, and renewable energy development, all of which support numerous jobs.... Read more»

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