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Factcheck: Group attacks Barber over Obamacare

A conservative group is attacking Democratic Rep. Ron Barber with an ad that claims the Affordable Care Act “means higher costs for struggling families.” It may mean higher costs for some, but hundreds of thousands of state residents are expected to qualify for Medicaid because of the law, and others will qualify for federal subsidies to buy coverage.... Read more»


5 major immigration laws that House passed in an election year

Over the past few months, we have seen a slew of news stories predicting what will happen with immigration reform in 2014, after the Senate passed a strong bipartisan reform bill last year, but the House failed to act. While these analyses differ in their predictions, most agree that the path from bill to law becomes more difficult in an election year.... Read more»


In gun control debate, sacred human values often forgotten

As we begin 2014, we still haven’t engaged in a conversation about gun control that brings both sides together. Polls indicate a country more or less divided over how to prevent another school shooting. And while legislation has been proposed to reign in the gun lobby, sales of guns have soared. This debate is not a new one in the United States, and while it intensifies with each tragic mass shooting, the conversation rarely advances.... Read more»1

Arizona Week

Could 2014 bring new political landscape to Az?

The new year brings the midterm election cycle; come November, Arizona voters will be deciding on a new governor, nine congressional seats, and a slew of statewide and legislative offices. TucsonSentinel.com Editor Dylan Smith joined Lorraine Rivera, Andrea Kelly and Christopher Conover to analyze the upcoming elections on Arizona Week.... Read more»


How Pope Francis took 2013 by storm

Pope Francis has taken a Catholic Church in crisis and begun to remake it with his powerful brand of moral authority.... Read more»

Analysis: The Unraveler

2014 and the hundred years war

It began inauspiciously enough — a prosaic start to the year that would launch the bloodiest war the world had ever known; one which, in one form or another, has raged on in different, ever more insidious forms for a century now. The idea that World War I can be viewed merely between 1914 and 1918 is absurd. It is the war that has never ended. The events of a century ago continue to define the modern world and drive its bloody conflicts.... Read more»

Explainer: What's going on in South Sudan

GlobalPost’s senior correspondent in East Africa decodes what you need to know about Africa’s biggest problem of the moment.... Read more»

Factcheck: Workers 'losing' employer plans?

Michigan Rep. Fred Upton exaggerated the impact of the Affordable Care Act when he claimed that “perhaps as many as 80 to 90 million Americans with employer-based health care are going to lose their plans” by late this year. Upton doesn’t mean that those millions of Americans would no longer have health insurance through their employers. And these workers won’t be receiving cancellation notices in the mail. Instead, he’s talking about health plans losing grandfathered status.... Read more»


Obamacare and emergency rooms: Perspective needed

Headlines based on a study of emergency room visits by a few thousand Oregon Medicaid beneficiaries undoubtedly gave the Obama administration heartburn last week. Although the study predated the Medicaid expansion, many who wrote about it jumped to the conclusion that millions of newly enrolled beneficiaries would make greater — not less — use of the ER for routine care.... Read more»


Another hard year ahead for U.S. efforts in Middle East

As US President Barack Obama made abundantly clear in his end-of-year press conference — his body language even more eloquently than his actual language — it’s a good year to see the end of. It was a year that most inhabitants of the Middle East are surely glad to see end, though 2014 isn’t likely to turn out any better for most of them.... Read more»


Here's a plan to end the conflict in Syria: Support Assad

There is a well-known maxim in American politics: a bad plan beats no plan. That surely has been proven the case in Syria, because neither opposition groups nor their external supporters, most especially the United States government, ever had an effective plan for removing the tenacious dictator. The U.S. should back Assad now, end the fighting, and set conditions for his departure and a democratic transition.... Read more»


How beer explains NAFTA’s devastating effects on Mexico

Analysis: The North American Free Trade Agreement was the poster child for the wonders of free trade. The reality is another story.... Read more»


Obamacare: Yes, there's plenty in it for you

The White House did not receive much holiday cheer about Obamacare last month from public opinion pollsters, even though millions of Americans already are benefiting from the law. The numbers show just how big the disconnect is between the reality of what’s occurred in health care since Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and the perception that people have of the law resulting from the relentless campaign of misinformation from the president’s opponents.... Read more»


The 12 (rocky) months of U.S. foreign policy

It’s been quite a year for U.S. foreign policy, with plenty of undertakings both naughty and nice.... Read more»


The world in 2014: Balancing the rebalancing act

The world’s largest corporations, many of them based in the United States, enter the new year with real trepidation. Autumn’s drumbeat of better U.S. economic news — lower jobless rates, nearly nonexistent inflation, a recovering real estate market, lower energy costs, safer banks and record high share prices — should have America’s CEOs and their shareholders popping champagne corks this holiday season.... Read more»

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