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TailWaggers of the week: Jaxson & Koobe

Meet a couple of the many great companions available at our local animal rescue groups: Jaxson and Koobe.


Jaxson is a 4-year-old black and white male with beautiful brindling on his legs and belly. He is 70 lbs. of muscle with a defined jaw and broad forehead. Jaxson is a mixed breed and DNA results show German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Rottweiler and Staffordshire Terrier. Beyond all of that brawn, he has the kindest eyes and a gentle nature. Jaxson loves road trips! He is leash trained, house trained, doesn't jump on people, takes correction and knows all of his basic obedience commands.

Jaxson has been through a lot. He was found as a stray, spent six months at the pound, got adopted, returned and then due to the compassion of some nice ladies, went to spend time in a training/boarding facility. While he was at the facility, he learned to swim, how to play on agility equipment, went on outings and even got to hang out with some other nice dogs there.

J During his time with them, they referred to him as Dumbledore. He was a model student and was even on TV. Jaxson had so many people that loved him, but he had to wait a long time before someone wanted to take him home.

One day, someone finally came along to adopt him. They wanted to make him a service dog. He was so happy and even had a little dog friend to play with. Well, it didn't take long for his new home to decide that Jaxson couldn't stay because he showed his protective side. After finally believing he would have a forever home, Jaxson got his heart broken and was homeless again. Jaxson was beginning to think that no one was ever going to want him. Despite it all, he tried to have a good attitude and trust people. He wasn't ready to give up hope.

After his disruption, Jaxson was taken to a small ranch with three horses and six dogs to stay for a little bit. Everyone told him that some fresh air and room to run would do him some good. He was a little scared since he had never been around horses much before, but he was ready to take on a whole new experience. Jaxson is very resilient, but as a result of his past, it takes a bit for him to warm up to new people. Fortunately, he got to be part of a pack with six dogs that helped him relax and learn to be a dog again. Jaxson didn't quite know how to behave on wide open 10-acre ranch, but his new dog friends guided him and helped to teach him ranch dog life.

Jaxson quickly learned to enjoy the freedom to run in open spaces and do basic dog things, like roll in the dirt, chase lizards and watch the sunrise. In addition, he had to learn how to conduct himself properly off leash around horses. Despite being called Dumbledore for the last several months, he just never took to it. He didn't find being named after an 800 year old wizard very appealing. He was given the name Jaxson for a very short time and when his foster called him "Jaxson" on the ranch, he really liked the sound of it and decided that with this fresh start, he wanted a new name! Jaxson's time on the ranch is coming to an end, but his time there really helped him come out of his shell and show his true self. Once you have earned Jaxson's trust, he is the most loyal friend you could ever have. Even though he is off leash and has acres of open land to run, he never is never far from the barn or house and has good recall. Jaxson likes to keep a watchful eye over his human companions.

Jaxson is moderate to low energy and loves to hang out in the shade and nap. Having room to run would be great as regular exercise is key for his mental and emotional health. After finishing up on barn chores for the day, he loves to come into the house, eat dinner with the pack and then relax on a fluffy dog bed. Jaxson is highly food motivated, but not food aggressive. He never tries to steal the food of his doggie pals. Jaxson has so many wonderful qualities. If there is one thing that can be seen as a challenge, it is that he is a confident dog and has a strong protective nature.

Due to his past, he has learned to take care of himself and if he doesn't feel like he has a strong leader in his life, he will gladly step into that role. More importantly, he will protect his territory and his family so he needs someone who will understand this drive and manage it properly. Jaxson is easy to correct and listens well to a confident and consistent handler. Jaxson is great around balanced and social dogs of all sizes and energy levels. Proper introduction into a new dog pack is key. He is also great around the horses and knows to stay out of the stalls and arena. No cats and depending on the situation, no small children. Jaxson is not ready to give up hope. He has so much love to give and he knows the right situation is out there for him.

Jaxson is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. His adoption fee is $125.

If you or someone you know is interested in meeting him, please contact RAD Rescue, Inc. at 661-400-5151 or visit www.radrescueinc.org and we'll schedule a meet and greet.


Koobe is a very sweet two-year-old male Saint Bernard (approximately 100lbs). Koobe is fantastic with people and other dogs, although he hasn't been around any small dogs or cats yet. We do believe he would probably do well with both cats and small dogs with proper introductions. This handsome guy is great with people but he hasn't been around any small children.  

Koobe is still pretty young and can be quite the rambunctious puppy. He will need training and a home that understands these large breeds and their needs, including feeding and grooming requirements. Koobe is neutered and up to date on his vaccines, crate trained and housebroken. His adoption fee is $125.

If you or someone you know is interested in meeting him, please contact RAD Rescue, Inc. at 661-400-5151 or visit www.radrescueinc.org and we'll schedule a meet and greet.

Disclosure: Maria Coxon-Smith is the director of HardLuckHoundsAz.org

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