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Win tickets to Loft's 12-hr Sci-Fi Slumber Party

You can spend Friday night at the movies — watching 12 straight hours of classic science fiction films, to be precise. And you can win a pair of free tickets to the "Sci-Fi Slumber Party" at the Loft!

From our friends over at the Loft Cinema:

Buckle up for 12 straight hours of intergalactic excitement at the Sci-Fi Slumber Party!, a non-stop excursion into the outer limits of space age cinema, featuring more aliens, robots and apocalyptic insanity than you can shake a light saber at! With 7 sci-fi classics, vintage sci-fi movie trailers, trivia games and out-of-this-world prizes, this is an overnight space odyssey of truly epic proportions!

Dawg Daze will be here from 6pm – 10pm serving up Sabrett’s fresh and delicious hot dawgs, Italian ice, and warm pretzels out of an authentic N.Y.C. styled push cart and Sarge’s Cheesecakes will be here from 9pm – Midnight!

The line-up (all showtimes are approximate):

Forbidden Planet | 7:00pm

“A smart script and-ahead-of their-time effects elevate this one from a cult classic to a landmark of the sci-fi genre.” – Film 4 

A starship crew (led by Leslie Nielsen!) travels to the distant planet of Altair IV to find out what happened to a group of scientists that has gone missing, and they find two survivors, a deadly secret and a robot named Robby!  One of the landmark films of the sci-fi genre, Forbidden Planet (loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest) features still-astounding special effects, ultra-cool mid-1950s futurist production design (captured  in blazing color and glorious CinemaScope), and the first all-electronic music score. (Dir. by Fred M. Wilcox, 1956, USA, 98 mins., Not Rated)

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The Fifth Element |  8:50pm

“Dazzling, funny, and exciting … one of the most underrated science-fiction classics around.” – Jeff Beck, Examiner

Ancient curses, all-powerful monsters, shape-changing assassins, scantily-clad stewardesses, laser battles, huge explosions, the perfect woman, a malcontent hero … what more can you ask of a big budget sci-fi extravaganza?  In Luc Besson’s outrageous futuristic action flick, The Fifth Element, Bruce Willis is once again called upon to save the world, this time as a down-and-out, 23rd century cab driver forced to battle bad guy Gary Oldman and a dark, unearthly force that makes Darth Vader look like an Ewok! (Dir. by Luc Besson, 1997, France, in English, 126 mins., Rated PG-13)

They Live 11:00pm

“John Carpenter’s paranoid freak-out deserves to be thought of as a masterpiece … it’s a cheesy but loveable sci-fi/action movie with something to say.” – Joshua Rothkopf, Rolling Stone

Roddy Piper is ready to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he’s all out of bubblegum, in this smart, subversive and downright hilarious sci-fi thriller from John Carpenter!  In They Live, a drifter (wrestler-turned-actor Piper) discovers a mysterious pair of sunglasses that allows him to see what’s really happening all around him – namely, that evil, skull-faced aliens have infiltrated the government and the media, and they’re using subliminal messages to dominate all of us weak-minded Earthlings! (Dir. by John Carpenter, 1988, USA, 93 mins., Rated R)

Attack the Block | 12:40am

“A brisk blast of bloody good fun, sci-fi with a little social commentary … thrilling, nerve-wracking and highly enjoyable.” – Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

It’s inner city versus outer space in this fast, fun and frightening (not to mention, distinctly British) sci-fi/horror/comedy/action flick.  In Attack the Block (from the producers of Shaun of the Dead), a teenage gang must battle an invasion of bloodthirsty alien monsters that has transformed their London housing project into a fortress under siege – but can it also transform this ragged bunch of  tough street kids into a world-saving team of kick ass heroes? (Dir. by Joe Cornish, 2011, UK, in English, 88 mins., Rated R)

Total Recall | 2:10am

“Mind-blowing and shockingly good … a wickedly violent, action-packed old school piece of warped sci-fi and Schwarzenegger cheese.” – R.L. Shaffer, IGN DVD

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a virtual reality vacation to Mars and discovers that he may not be the man he thought he was in this brain-melting sci-fi classic from Robocop director Paul Verhoeven. Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, Total Recall is a wickedly thought-provoking exploration of identity and reality, disguised as a fast and furious action flick filled with shocking stunts, gory surprises and (literally) eye-popping special effects. (Dir. by Paul Verhoeven, 1990, USA, 113 mins., Rated R)

Laserblast / 35mm film print! 4:10am

“This strange sci-fi revenge thriller is a real blast for bad movie buffs.” – Cool Ass Cinema

Revenge of the Nerds gets a sci-fi twist when a bullied teenager finds an alien laser canon out in the middle of the desert, and he uses it to exact cheesy revenge on his tormentors.   But the extraterrestrial owners of the kid’s new toy are looking for their lost merchandise, and when they find it, it’s going to be a real blast … a  Laserblast!  A hilariously goofy 1970s drive-in classic. (Dir. by Michael Rae, 1978, USA, 85 mins., Rated PG)

Cube | 5:30am

“A bizarre, frightening, and clever low-budget movie with a Twilight Zone-ish premise.” – Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

Six complete strangers find themselves trapped inside a mysterious and seemingly endless maze filled with deadly booby-traps, and they’ve got to work together to unlock the secret of the Cube before they all end up as permanent residents, in this clever, gory and nightmarishly Kafka-esque thriller with more than a few twists and turns. (Dir. by Vincenzo Natali, 1997, Canada, In English and German with subtitles, 90 mins., Rated R)

To enter to win a pair of tickets, comment here and tell us about your favorite science-fiction film, or let us know over on our Facebook page. Good luck!

And the winner is ... Martha Briggs. Thanks for sharing your faves, everyone!

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