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Win: Chilling 'The Thing' can help you escape heat

Temperatures are set to spike this weekend, but you can dodge the onset of summer in the cool confines of the Loft Cinema, watching "The Thing" creepily infiltrate a snowbound Antarctic research station  — and you could win free tickets!

John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi/horror classic, which stars Kurt Russell and an unknown, unidentified alien, will screen Friday and Saturday nights at 10 p.m. "The Thing" was essentially remade in a 2011 movie that purported to be a prequel. The Carpenter film was an adaptation of a 1938 novella, "Who Goes There?," which was also filmed in 1951 as "The Thing from Another World."

From our friends at the Loft Cinema:

Horror legend John Carpenter took the 1951 sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World and turned it into something darker, fiercer and altogether more disturbing, pitting sombrero-wearing helicopter pilot Kurt Russell and a crew of isolated Arctic scientists (Wilford Brimley, Donald Moffat, Richard Dysart, etc.) against a ravenous, shape-shifting, host-hopping alien being intent on conquering the world, one victim at a time.

From the haunting opening shots of a lone sled dog fleeing across the snow, to the apocalyptic, fire-and-ice ending, the film expertly builds an atmosphere of ever-escalating paranoia and fear, propelled by some of the most gloriously gloopy practical monster effects in movie history. Virtually ignored by mass audiences and underrated by critics on its initial release in the summer of 1982 (the same summer that saw the release of Spielberg’s decidedly kinder and gentler alien blockbuster, E.T.), the reputation of Carpenter’s The Thing has constantly risen in the ensuing decades as one of the most intelligent, frightening and uncompromising horror films of the 1980s. (Dir. by John Carpenter, USA, 1982, 109 mins., Rated R)

To enter to win a pair of tickets, comment here and tell us about your favorite horror movie, or let us know over on our Facebook page. Good luck!

And the winner is ... Brenda Lindstedt. Thanks to everybody who entered!

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