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Weekend music

Tucson sounds: Alter Der Ruine's genre-defying, artful synth rock

Alter Der Ruine rises from the ashes once more, Cans Deli says goodbye, new music from Authority Zero, remembering Pete Shelley and more in this week's local music roundup.... Read more»

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Restaurant guide

Valentine's Day dining specials

Tucson's own Food Dude takes a tour through the many restaurant choices for Valentine's Day.... Read more»

Valentine's Day

Sweet films for the stay-in valentine

Staying in? Whether you’re stuck on the couch with a sedentary spouse, or alone and in need of a good cry about your last breakup, the Sentinel staff recommends these romantic movies, available on DVD, for V-day.... Read more»

Sugar tax absent in childhood obesity campaign

As First Lady Michelle Obama officially launched her campaign against childhood obesity today, a proposal pushed by some health groups was conspicuous by its absence – a federal tax on sugared drinks.... Read more»

Killer voice

Karaoke can get you beaten, shot, stabbed

Who knew karaoke was so dangerous? Performing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" in the Philippines can get you killed.... Read more»4

Museum gala

MOCA gala honors Tucson painter Mosset

Tucson's Museum of Contemporary Art held Gala MOCA 2010 on Saturday, the inaugural event at the museum's new home at 265 S. Church Ave. The new space, the former downtown fire station, was rapidly transformed for the occasion into a ballroom, and galleries were open to the gala's 300 guests.... Read more»1

TV analysis

On the occasion of the 'Lost' premiere

So if we initially fell in love with the show as a kind of grand, post-9/11 mythological inquiry into post-traumatic communities, then what are we still doing watching the show six years later? The Final Season is being billed as our big pay-off, the one where we finally get to find out all the answers to the various mysteries and inexplicable occurrences that have driven the show for the past five seasons.... Read more»1

Antarctic whisky stash yields more than expected

Three cases of Scotch recovered from the site of abandoned 1908 expedition to South Pole just might lead to a recreation of Shackleton's whisky.... Read more»

The Cheesecake Factory opens at Tucson Mall

The Cheesecake Factory may have changed my mind about large chain restaurants. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.... Read more»1

Buzz kill

Alcohol-related deaths make Tucson No. 9 on 'drunkest' list

Tucson cracked open the top 10 drunkest cities list, staggering in at No. 9, according to Men's Health Magazine.... Read more»6

American Idol

Is King of All Media Stern ready to fill Simon Cowell's shoes?

Early this morning, The New York Post reported that Howard Stern is in negotiations with 19 Entertainment to replace Simon Cowell as the next head judge on “American Idol."... Read more»

Album review

Back to California where it's warm: The Soft Pack's self-titled debut delivers nostalgia, delight

While some listeners might be put off by The Soft Pack's unapologetic nostalgia, the range of their devotion and the skill with which they demonstrate it guarantees that this album will make many best-of-2010 lists.... Read more»

Brad William Henke

Spoiler alert: Ex-UA football player Henke on ‘Lost’

Former University of Arizona football player Brad William Henke was in the cast for the season opener of ABC’s “Lost” on Tuesday.... Read more»1

Sweet deal for Diageo

Lobbyists distill tax break for foreign rum maker

A transfer of billions of dollars in federal aid from public projects in Puerto Rico to one of the world's largest liquor conglomerates over the next 30 years continues to move forward without any objection from Congress.... Read more»1

Dutch crack down on marijuana tourism

After 30 years of high times, Amsterdam continues to attract waves of tourists eager to smoke a reefer or two without having to look out for the cops. However Dutch attitudes are changing. Restrictions on cannabis sales are tighter, while youngsters seem indifferent to the coffee shops' charms.... Read more»

Film review

'The Kids Are All Right:' post-nuclear domestic drama debuts at Sundance

"The Kids Are All Right" is an understated yet entirely apt title for Lisa Cholodenko’s family drama, one of the highlights of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. ... Read more»1

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