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Weekend music

New release radar: Tucson bands drop retro-sounding recordings

Locals Asian Fred, Leigh Lesho and Marshal Man look back to the future with retro-influenced modern pop, folk and indie releases, plus weekly show listings and more in your TucsonSentinel.com music roundup. ... Read more»

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Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

An orgy of serpents

Any artist knows this maxim (or one like it): 'Why draw when you can suggest?' Monet continued to paint well into blindness this way.... Read more»

Poetry reading

Poet Dan Beachy-Quick to read at UA Poetry Center

Poet Dan Beachy-Quick arrives in Tucson Thursday to give a reading at the UA Poetry Center. Since the publication of his first volume, "North True South Bright," he has emerged as a major new figure in American poetry, with good reason. ... Read more»

Interfaith Community Services

$1 million donation buoys nonprofit on 25th anniversary

Interfaith Community Services is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a $1 million gift from one of its most loyal volunteers, Ed Jenkins.... Read more»

Film review

'The Wolfman' fails utterly as monster movie, tragic tale

What "The Wolfman" really amounts to is a sloppy mishmash of Gothic romance and classic creature feature, and because it doesn’t handle either side of that equation deftly enough, the whole thing just lands with a thud.... Read more»

Elsa's Eats

Zona 78: Best pizza in Tucson

Zona 78's menu reflects the inspired artistry and brilliance of both Chef/Owner Ramiro Scavo and Pastry Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph. Their stellar creations are lovingly made with great passion and detail. ... Read more»2


Vatican issues a Top Ten rock record list

Despite its reputation for celebrating sins venal and mortal, rock music got its propers from the official Vatican newspaper Sunday.... Read more»1

Friendly skies

Southwest–Kevin Smith PR battle takes off

On Saturday, director and actor Kevin Smith, otherwise known as "Silent Bob," was pulled from a Southwest fight for "security reasons." But Smith says he is not a shoe-bomber; he's just a bigger-than-average guy.... Read more»

Making Rio's Carnaval floats

Workers are putting the final touches on five floats that tell the story of Rio de Janeiro’s oldest samba school, Estacio de Sa. The samba schools — organizations with loyal followings often based in poor neighborhoods — are at the heart of Rio's Carnaval.... Read more»


Give your valentine chocolate and maybe save their life

Showing your love this Valentine's Day buy giving chocolate? That sweet gift also could save a life.... Read more»


Broadway record-breaker 'Wicked' to swoop into Centennial

Local Promoters Broadway In Tucson and UAPresents team up to bring Broadway smash musical 'Wicked' to Tucson's Centennial Hall in Jan. 2011.... Read more»

Music profile

Welcome to the Cadillac Steakhouse. May they rock your face off?

New Tucson band Cadillac Steakhouse has arrived, warts and all. Meet Nikki Rosing and her league of punk gentlemen, in advance of their Saturday benefit show for Free Chukston Radio.... Read more»1


Terminators could soon fight our wars

The spectre of artificial intelligence brings to mind cinematic doomsday scenarios such as "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the "Terminator" franchise. So how close are we?... Read more»

Valentine's Day

Black Cherry Burlesque girls shimmy & shake through 4 years

On Saturday, Feb. 13, Black Cherry Burlesque is staging a Valentine's Day show to celebrate their 4th anniversary. Meet the girls and take a peek into the private world of Tucson's hottest ticket.... Read more»3

Valentine's Day

Looking for a cultural event for your Valentine's Day date?

Looking to expose your valentine to a little culture? Steal a kiss or two at these events.... Read more»

Restaurant guide

Valentine's Day dining specials

Tucson's own Food Dude takes a tour through the many restaurant choices for Valentine's Day.... Read more»

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