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Weekend music

Saying goodbye to the Flycatcher

This weekend, the Flycatcher hosts its last handful of shows. Sunday night, the Tucson nightclub's doors will close for good. Plus, more rock fan memories and this week's local listings in your TucsonSentinel.com music roundup. ... Read more»

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Buzz kill

Alcohol-related deaths make Tucson No. 9 on 'drunkest' list

Tucson cracked open the top 10 drunkest cities list, staggering in at No. 9, according to Men's Health Magazine.... Read more»6

American Idol

Is King of All Media Stern ready to fill Simon Cowell's shoes?

Early this morning, The New York Post reported that Howard Stern is in negotiations with 19 Entertainment to replace Simon Cowell as the next head judge on “American Idol."... Read more»

Album review

Back to California where it's warm: The Soft Pack's self-titled debut delivers nostalgia, delight

While some listeners might be put off by The Soft Pack's unapologetic nostalgia, the range of their devotion and the skill with which they demonstrate it guarantees that this album will make many best-of-2010 lists.... Read more»

Brad William Henke

Spoiler alert: Ex-UA football player Henke on ‘Lost’

Former University of Arizona football player Brad William Henke was in the cast for the season opener of ABC’s “Lost” on Tuesday.... Read more»1

Sweet deal for Diageo

Lobbyists distill tax break for foreign rum maker

A transfer of billions of dollars in federal aid from public projects in Puerto Rico to one of the world's largest liquor conglomerates over the next 30 years continues to move forward without any objection from Congress.... Read more»1

Dutch crack down on marijuana tourism

After 30 years of high times, Amsterdam continues to attract waves of tourists eager to smoke a reefer or two without having to look out for the cops. However Dutch attitudes are changing. Restrictions on cannabis sales are tighter, while youngsters seem indifferent to the coffee shops' charms.... Read more»

Film review

'The Kids Are All Right:' post-nuclear domestic drama debuts at Sundance

"The Kids Are All Right" is an understated yet entirely apt title for Lisa Cholodenko’s family drama, one of the highlights of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. ... Read more»1

Film Awards

Nominees announced for 82nd Academy Awards

At 5:30 AM PST, Academy President Tom Sherak and actress Anne Hathaway announced the nominees for all major awards at a press conference in Hollywood. ... Read more»3

Comic: Seventeen words for snow

A womb of one's own

Time spent in utero is no picnic for adventure seekers.... Read more»

Gallery review

Firestone Gallery premieres paintings by Brit Andy Burgess

On Jan. 23, Tucson gallery owner Eric Firestone premiered “Get What You Want,” a collection of new collages and paintings by British artist Andy Burgess. ... Read more»

Read our live blog of the Grammys

While you're watching the Grammy awards on Sunday night, keep an eye on your laptop for a real-time stream of snark.... Read more»9

Book Review

Kathy Griffin: 'Official Book Club Selection'

Kathy Griffin carries a pistol in her mouth—a weapon she brandishes in her new memoir, “Official Book Club Selection.”... Read more»


'Dollhouse' shows post-apocalyptic Tucson

Tucson was envisioned as a post-apocalyptic, bombed-out wreck of city in the "Dollhouse" series finale on Friday. ... Read more»1

Music profile

Taiwan rocks: Chthonic is loud. They're angry. They hate the Chinese government.

Chthonic has played Taiwan since the mid-1990s, mixing an "extreme metal" sound, derived from Scandinavian bands, with Asian flavors and a strong pro-Taiwan political stance.... Read more»

Concert preview

'Haiti Reborn' concert to raise relief funds

Looking do more to help victims of the Haitian earthquake? Come out to see some great local music at the Benefit for Haiti Reborn at Club Congress on Sunday.... Read more»

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