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Weekend music

Birds and Arrows fly free of their 'folk chains'

An interview with musical transplants Birds and Arrows, plus a Fourth Avenue block party and some great upcoming shows in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Weekend music

'Getting angry about stupid things': Uncovering Distortionists' fuzzy musical motivations

Tucson rockers the Distortionists may have come together as a punk cover band, but have cranked things up into an original full-tilt act. Plus, an evening with Steve Kilbey & Amanda Kramer, and a rush of local music releases in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Weekend music

Tucson cowpunks the Low Wines say goodbye (for now)

Leave your money in the truck and your tall boys at the bar as Tucson cowpunk/country garage rockers the Low Wines say goodbye (for now) ... Read more»

Weekend music

Remembering Bob Spasm, plus Tucson native Lisa Morales's border-tinged Americana

The Texas-Southwest-blues-rock-Americana of Tucson-bred Lisa Morales. Plus, remembering local punk Bob Spasm, and more listings in your weekly TucsonSentinel.com music roundup. ... Read more»

Weekend music

The gorgeous sonic tsunami that is Lenguas Largas

Tucson's Lenguas Largas is a loud, dynamic psych/hardcore punk/melodic punk/garage/lofi/indie/fusion/border rock/so-many-other-things band whose waves of percussive fuzzy rhythmic noise sometimes visibly radiate off a stage. Plus, Saint Patrick's Day preview, badass lady rock and more in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Weekend music

Spring roundup: Perk up your ears for these Tucson bands

As spring rolls in and bands make their way to and from town as part of the SXSW touring circuit, our local music heroes are beginning to emerge from hibernation and hit stages (and record store shelves) once more. Luckily, your intrepid local weekly music columnist is on the case. ... Read more»

Weekend music

Marianne Dissard confronts old ghosts in new book & performance

Chanteuse Marianne Dissard is back in Tucson, visiting her desert ghosts and putting her heart out on her sleeve with the publication of an intense and deeply personal work. Plus more in your weekend music roundup from TucsonSentinel.com.... Read more»

Weekend music

The heavenly sounds of Little Cloud

Though their music began as a family project, Little Cloud has blossomed into a kind of family of choice, beyond the literal kinship of its two founding members. Plus the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, the first big wave of touring band madness and this week's live music listings.... Read more»

Az Latinx performers: Using stage as a platform to show pride & culture

Five days after the inauguration of President Trump, singer Andria Bunnell and mariachi performer Melissa Marie Medina found themselves creating a six-woman band.... Read more»

Weekend music

For Bryan Thomas Parker, music is a necessary exorcism

Tucson rock troubadour Bryan Thomas Parker on music, writing, building community and peeling back the layers of song. Plus, check out the array of odd and wonderful live gigs across town, in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music update.... Read more»

TailWaggers of the week: Milo & Aslan

Meet a couple of great companions from local rescue In the Arms of Angels: Milo and Aslan.... Read more»

Weekend music

The musical odyssey of Hannah Yeun

Hannah Yeun and her band weave dark, majestic, otherworldly indie pop laced with traces of dark psych, angsty no wave and '60s French yeye. Plus, check your local listings in TucsonSentinel.com's weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Groundhog Day: Same as it ever was

Every Feb. 2, it's time for the obligatory Groundhog Day story. Here in the Sentinel newsroom, we'd rather watch the same old Youtube videos than check whether some rodent is having a bad hair day. Enjoy!... Read more»

Weekend music

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers find their voice

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers play diverse rock and roll that bridges styles - like a good mix tape that's more B-sides than A-sides. Plus, the return of the Monitors, Jillian and the Giants, and Laura and the Killed Men, Baby Gas Mask records gets a new home and new stuff from Katie Haverly in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Border program brings American musicians & Mexican children together

If you travel to the small border town of Naco, the first thing to catch your eye is a small, gloriously colored building that sits fewer than 500 feet from the port of entry. It’s called Studio Mariposa, an idea that began with Bisbee artist Gretchen Baer’s desire to provide a place of free expression through art and music for Mexican children here... Read more»

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